Japan Tokyo Mission 8/13 - 2/15

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

happy throw up?

Mom and Dad!! 

What's up?! 
How are things going?! I hope all is well.
Things here so so great!! 
I love sister combs so much.
She is so great! 
You have to meet her.
We are like the same person so it is so fun!! 
We are seeing so many miracles together. 
Last week we found 3 new Investigators and we taught 16 lessons! How rad is that! Those are some awesome stats. I am pretty happy our goal next week is to  get 20! 
Here is a pretty funny story from last week. Last week we were with this lady Stacy. She is great. We were at the train station and we met these two black jazz artists from New York City.  Stacy is way cute and way funny so she started talking to them. So then we all introduced ourselves to each other. She said "hi I am Stacy " then my companion said "hi I am combs" and then I said "hi I am brown" yeah.... That was really really awkward. Haha I wasn't sure what I was thinking. I wish I could have just taken those words and put them back in my mouth. Even though I am still a missionary I am still so extremely awkward. 
This week we had an awesome lesson with Ma. She is so great!! I know that she can get baptized soon one day! I hope before Christmas. The only problem is the language. Like if I spoke fluent Chinese she would be baptized already... But I don't so that makes things kind of hard.
Oh I am also learning Japanese sign language.  Sister combs is teaching me! She knows it and can like translate Japanese into sign language. It is way cool. 
Today we went and visited an investigator. She and her daughter are so cute. Her daughter had been sick so we went to take her some treats. When we rang the doorbell and they saw that it was us they started screaming and it was so cute and they ran to the door. While there we helped her clean up her house a little bit and we played some fun games with her daughter.  Then I think we made her daughter throw up on accident. She was so excited to have us over. And she started jumping up-and-down. And then she started coughing. And then she threw up. It was actually kind of funny. I thought Sister Combs was going to die or just maybe throw up. 
 But the mom wasn't mad. She just laughed and thought it was funny. The little girl felt fine though it was cute then the mother made us some really delicious food I love Sonpon and Hinako. (That is their names) 
I really do love Urawa this place rocks!! I can't believe that it is almost thanksgiving. So crazy to think that. Like soon it's going to be Christmas! I forget that because here is japan Christmas just isn't a huge deal. We bought some candy canes and are going to figure out a fun way to do missionary work with them. 
I am sorry this email is lame. We did lots his week but it was lots and lots of teaching, which rocked!!! I love YA so much! 
I can't wait to here from you next week!! Keep it real
Go Utes!! 
Sister Brown


Monday, November 10, 2014

Sky tree

Mom and Dad

Well today has been a great day! 
We did a lot of fun things!! 
We went to sky tree and then on the way back we accidentally went to this really big shrine here, it was way cool and a lot of fun!! 

Anyways Sister Combs is the bomb!! I love her so much. We get a long so well. It's fun because we are the same doki. So we have been on the mission for the same amount of time. It's fun because we both know how a mission works and what needs to be done and what not. It is also nice because we don't have to worry about someone being the senior companion or something. We are both equal and it rocks I love it! Anyways!! She is the bomb!! ISO basically everyone in the entire mission has been thinking this same question lately... "What was president Budge thinking putting Sister Brown and Sister Combs as companions?"
But I think it was a great decision. I am so blessed to have had the opportunity to train Sister Johnson. I really hope I helped her out and was able to teach her many things.

So this past week we saw to really awesome miracles!! On Thursday we met this awesome Chinese lady and we were able to set up an appointment with her for Saturday night. We went and ate dinner together. We also named her Karen. It's really interesting working with her because she has never once been to church she has never believed in God she has never prayed or just anything. Like it's just weird. But she is great. After dinner we went to the church and did a church tour it was tons of fun!! I loved it. There was actually a ward party going on and Karen was being to funny. She was talking with everyone and making jokes and it was great!! 

Then we also saw another huge miracle on Sunday! On Saturday night after planning we didn't have anyone coming to church. It was a completely bummer. We prayed really hard that someone would come tomorrow. We invited almost everyone that we know so we were hoping for a miracle. On Sunday during sacrament meeting it happened. Our Investigator Sonpon and her daughter hinako came to church. She said that they had been at the doctors and were right by the church so they decided that they would come by. Sonpon loved it too!! She really loved sacrament meeting. She listened so intently and really enjoyed it. She said that she felt such a great feeling. Then we went to primary for hinako chan. During that we talked about Jesus Christ. And Sonpon started telling us how she remembers learning about Jesus when she was in school. And she knew so much about him. It was so amazing. We talked a lot about him and we were able to show her the because of him video in Thai so she could understand it. Today we also gave her a Book of Mormon in Thai. She is way excited to start reading it. She is so interested in it. She also loved how everyone was so kind to hinako and how they taught her such great things. She was a little bummed that we only have primary once a were because she wants hinako to learn more and more. I am pretty sure that next week they will come again because of how great this week was! 

This week we weren't able to meet with Ma. She was going out of town and she couldn't come to church on Sunday. But no worries. I know Ma. And she is great and she wants to start meeting more often so that makes me way excited!! 

Thank you so much for caring so much about me and my investigators. It really means a lot to me. I know that this transfer is going to bring so many good things I am way pumped for it!! I love it. 

Sounds like Arizona was way fun! I am sorry if my email this week sounds way dumb. We just got a little behind and yeah... I don't have lots of time!! 
I love you so much and I am so thankful for everything that you have been doing for me!! Thanks for being great! 

Sister Brown

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Staying in Urawa


Transfer calls just happened.
And I am staying here in Urawa. But I am kind of nervous haha.... 
I need Johnson Shimai.
Her Japanese is so good... I hardly talked. She did all the talking sooo I mean she grew a lot and learned a lot... So she will do great in her next area. Please pray haha! 
So my new companion is sister combs. Me and her are the same trasnfer. She is so funny and way nice! I am so excited to be companions with her but I am going to miss sister Johnson. She is going to Joetsu. I am secretly way jelly. It is right next to Nagaoka. She will love it, but it will be way cold!! Ha 

Anyways things here in Urawa are great! They are so amazing. We keep seeing miracle after miracle. I know that Christmas season is seriously right Round the corner. It is such an amazing feeling being able to to be a missionary at this time! I am so happy and thankful for it. 

So we had an awesome Halloween party on Saturday night! It turned out way good! We had tons of non member people come so that was great. And my new favorite family came to. They are so cute. The mom is from Thai and her husband is Japanese. They are amazing. I can just picture them being strong members! I really hope something awesome happens with them. 
Also Ma. She didn't come to the Halloween Party on Saturday but she did come to church on Sunday. And this time we were able to have a friend translate it into Chinese for her and she enjoyed it so much more!!!! So that was a blessing. She said even though  she doesn't understand everything she still knows that it is so important because she can feel something different when she comes to the church! Please keep her in your prayers so that she can get baptized before Christmas. 

Halloween looked so lonely this year... Bahh that is so sad. Don't worry hopefully next year there will be more people over! Halloween is great on Japan because seriously you don't have to worry about getting fat from eating to much food or getting cavities from candy because there is like no candy here for Halloween. All they eat is like jello cups so that is kind of weird ha. I am excited for some really Halloween candy next year! 

I am sorry to hear about the utes. That is the worst! But I am still proud of them!! 

Lizzy sounds like she is doing great. She is awesome! I think she is perfect where she is at. It is crazy how sometimes we think the situations God puts us in are just 100 percent wrong and that we know better. I know I have felt that way before but ever since becoming a missionary I have learned other wise. We might not right away see the purpose behind things and might be confused but we have to have patiences and faith and hope and then that's when we learn and realize why God has us where we are in our lives. 

Thanks for all of your love and support! I love you all.
Sister Brown