Japan Tokyo Mission 8/13 - 2/15

Monday, May 26, 2014

Halfway/Amazing Weekend

Oh my gosh can you believe it!!! I am halfway through my mission. I am
dying right now. Like this is going by way tooooooooo fast!
So this weekend was truly amazing. It was just simply amazing. I
needed this weekend so much. So we were able to go to the temple on
Friday night. The coolest part was this time the session was in
Japanese and I had to use the English translation. That was such a
neat experience for me. What I loved about it was that I was able to
understand it. Like I could understand what was being said in
Japanese. That right there was an answer to my prayers. I knew that
Heavenly Father is watching over me and that this is his work and he
will help me. He is there with me every step of the way. It was such a
great feeling. Then on Saturday we had the cook conference. Elder cook
was amazing. What I loved most about this meeting was that I didn't
leave it feeling like I wanted to die and that I was the worst
missionary in the whole world. Which was perfect haha. Elder Cook
really personalized this meeting for us. It was so awesome. Something
I really liked is that he talked about how Japan is such a different
place in the world. He said it's not like other missions. Japan isn't
a Christian country. It's just not. And that gives it different
challenges of its own. Something I like that he said was when we get
our mission calls, we aren't just assigned to a place, we are assigned
to a mission president and a people. I am here for the lords purpose.
Do not under estimate who I am, why I am here, where I am at. Mission
calls are inspired. They have great meaning and they will have great
meaning in the future. I know that a mission is the best decision I
have ever made in my whole life. I know that it is blessing me now and
will continue to bless me for the rest of my life. He is awesome. And
I also got to shake his hand so that is cool. I was a little nervous
because I feel so inadequate shaking an apostles hand, but it was
great. We smiled at each other and made eye contact. Haha
Yesterday we didn't have any investigators at church. So sad. But oh
well. Next week we will have some. I know. Next Sunday Elder Onda is
coming to out branch!! So that will be exciting. He is like a japan
area 70 or something. He was just barely made one. So he is fresh
so I am very excited!!
Well I hope your weekend was just as exciting as mine. It sure sounds
like it was. I am so happy for Haley and Brandon. They are darling. I
am happy for Brandon. I am excited to meet Haley. Wow it looked like
the whole family was there. That is so fun!! It looked like it was
amazing wedding. I am happy for the two of them. They rock!! I am
sorry I had to miss it but I was lucky and got to meet an apostle this
weekend so I think they are both pretty comparable for having an
awesome weekend!! I hope the open house is just as fun :)
Have an awesome week!! I love you all so much.
Sister Brown


Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Slow Week

Mom and Dad
Hi hello. How are you. Sounds like things are moving along!! I am so
happy that lizzy went to the temple. Way to go mom and dad! I wish I
could have been there with her but oh well. I feel so sad for all
those sad baby stories. Gosh that is so scary. I will be praying for
all of them. The yard looks amazing!! I can't wait to see it next
year. I love the pots they are going to be great this year!! It was so
fun talking to you this last week!! I didn't want to  stop talking.. 
Anyways well next December we get to talk! So cool beans. 
I can't believe the wedding is here. That is going to be so
fun!! I am secretly a little jelly... But I get to go to the temple
and see all my mission friends and meet elder cook so I think I will
be fine!! This coming week should be a really good one.
This last week was kind of slow.. But that happens. We had several
lesson. This old lady we meet with her about once every week or
something. Her son is a member and lives in America and he asked us to
teach her. The only probably is she is way old and doesn't really have
interest right now. I think she just really likes our company haha but
I don't know why because we don't understand anything she says and she
doesn't understand anything we say. I feel bad because she will just
sit and talk and talk and talk and we never know what's going on. All
we say is hmmm ahh soooo and what not. It's like the poor lady is
talking to a brick wall.. Haha like she talked about the atomic bombs
all the time and how she is glad japan and America are friends and she
talks about water run off from the mountains how you can tell where
the water came by look at the river and seeing what color it is. She
talks about castles and so many things that I don't know haha. But
it's fun. She is so old and soo cute. We usually can share about a 15
minute lesson with her and usually it's way powerful. She knows all
the perfect questions to ask but then all of a sudden next thing I
know we are talking about something that has happened in japan. It's
This week irita came to church again!! Bless her heart. She has to
come so far and walk so far with her back pack and cane. She is so
dedicated and she isn't even a member. I just wish she would remember
to pray and read her scriptures. Yesterday church was awesome I pretty
much understood all of sacrament meeting!! Wow that was a first. Such
a blessing.
The work here in nagaoka is moving along. Slowly but surely. I am so
blessed and humbled to be working here!!
I love japan!! Have fun at the wedding!! :) send me pictures and such haha!! 
Love ya all!
Sister Brown

Monday, May 5, 2014

It is May!!!!!!

Where has this year gone!! I literally can't believe that it is May
already. Brandon is getting Married this month. It is josh and Brits
wedding anniversary and lizzy turns 19. Wow I can't believe it. And
mission time is flying by!! It makes no sense to me.
So this past week has been a good week. Let's just say it's been a
harder week then most. All the stresses or mission work have been very
present this week. This week we didn't get any one to church. Which is
a completely bummer. But what can you do. As long as I am doing all
that I can and all that is asked of me, that's all that really
matters. This week we had 26 people at church so that was cool. It is
more than we have had in a long time.  I read a scripture the other
day and it gives me much comfort. I read D&C 123:17. It
really helps me out on the hard days. It says "Therefore, dearly
beloved brethren, let us cheerfully do all things that lie in our
power; and then may we stand still, with the utmost assurance, to see
the salvation of God, and for his arm to be revealed." Such a great
scripture. This week we were able to get in contact with a former
investigator. It was way awesome. She is an old grandma. She is
amazing. The missionaries haven't been able to contact her in over 4
months. This week Ivory Shimai and I went and found her house. When we
knocked on her door and she answered and saw who was at her door it
was like a light flashed in her eyes. She remembered who we were and
who many of the ward members were. She invited us in. She was very shy
and couldn't believe that we were at her house. She was so surprised
and so shocked but it was like a good thing not a bad thing. We talked
for a little while and set up an appointment for next week. I am very
excited to meet her. She has so much potential. It is amazing. I know
that The Lord has been working on her and that he is working on her
right now as well!!
This week I am pretty sure for about 5 nights now I have been dreaming
about Mexican food. Oh my goodness I want a cheese quesadilla and a
taco soooo bad right now. There is no such thing as Mexican food here
in japan. What a heart breaker. I am dying. Like I wish I could eat
27 del taco tacos right night hahah.
I am so glad Disneyland was fun. It looked so fun!! Oh the beach I
love it so much, this week we also saw the beach too. I will send you
a picture of it! I am glad to hear things are moving along. Poor
grandma that breaks my heart. I will be sure to pray for her. The
wedding looked so fun. I can't believe that you two danced let alone
let someone film you dancing. Haha oh so classic. I won't delete that
video ever. Haha I might even post it on Facebook. Haha just joking
that is mean. I am excited to see you all this week! Thank you for all
of your prayers and you love and support!!
The Beach

Riding my bike

Month 8!‏

 Editors note:  I had a crazy week last week, this is E's email from 4/27/2014
Hello how are you doing?
Thank you for the emails again.
This week is another great week her in nagaoka. I am so blessed to be
serving her that is all I have to say. The people here are simply
amazing. The members of church in japan are truly such an amazing
example of believers to me. It would be sooo hard to be a member here,
but they do it and they do it willingly and faithfully. It truly is
such a humbling experience serving the people here.
This week we had interviews with President Budge. Something that I
learned is that we must well I must remember is to always have an
attitude of gratitude, without that nothing will happen. I must always
be thankful for the opportunity that I have to teach people and meet
people. Sometimes the rewards will come right away and some times they
will come a few years later and sometimes I won't see the rewards until
the next world. The work that I am doing here is being noticed and
people are being touched by it. I was reading in the Book of Mormon
and I read 3 Nephi  chapter 13. The work that I am doing is for The
Lord and it is his work. The lord will always reward me and my work as
long as I am doing it his way. I know that I might not always see my
reward right away but it will be there. I know that the work i am
doing will always receive it's reward. That is why I must always have
an attitude of gratitude. For everything I get to do, for every person
I get to talk to. For every person I get to teach for every
opportunity that I have to help someone accept the gospel of Jesus
Christ I must always have an attitude of gratitude.
So right now we are teaching the coolest girl in the whole world. She
is 18 and I love her so much. She came to church with us in Niigata.
We are getting a new president so president budge and sister budge
were there. She was able to meet them and meet so many awesome people.
She loved it. We even stayed for the YSA meeting!! After we were able
to give her a Book of Mormon and she she said was going to read it
before I even asked her to. She then asked me how do you read it. Like
she has so much interest. Oh my gosh I can't even explain how much I
love and how much I know god loves her. She has been feeling the
spirit already and is starting to recognize it. Last night she emailed
me and said she had a great time and she wants to learn more about
Mormons and what we believe and everything. It is truly awesome.
Please pray for her! I know that the gospel is perfect for her and she
is so ready for it!!
It has been great here. I just love love love japan!! So much. You
would love it here. I think so. Have so much fun in Disney land!! I
want to go there. A wedding at Disney land wow that would be amazing.
Oh my Jess also has a ring on her finger!! All my friends are getting
married haha! Crazyyyy. It is almost mothers day so guess what that
means.... We get to call!! Next week I will have all the details for
you!! I am so excited for Hayden!! I think he will go to Jamaica or
the West Indies for his mission!! But hopefully he comes to japan. Oh
and the lame news for the week. Turns out if you are serving in the
Niigata or nagaoka zones.... You don't get to go to the two mission
conference next month. So we don't get to go hear elder cook talk...
Sooo sad...  But oh well. Hopefully we will have like a baptism that
day or something.
Love you so much!! Have a great week!! Have fun in Disney land!! Eat
some cotton candy for me please!!