Japan Tokyo Mission 8/13 - 2/15

Monday, March 31, 2014

Awesome Week


WHAT AN AWESOME BIRTHDAY PRESENT, LIZZYS MISSION CALL!! I have been trying not to think too much about Lizzy and where she will go... But I think I have decided.. Well there are several places.  1- I really want her to come to japan  2- maybe she will go to Germany so that she can teach Mary and her family or Jenny and her family.  3- but chances are she will go to BRAZIL  so yeah I know that is three guesses but I am a missionary so I get to have that many.. We we see maybe on Tuesday night I will receive different inspiration and write it down in my journal so next week I can know if I am right or not. Haha

So yes this week was sooooo good. There were so many miracles happening here in NAGAOKA.  I am so blessed to be here!! Sooo our latest dendo techniques, are smile dendo and I am Mormon dendo. And let's just say we are seeing the miracles. So many people are coming up and talking to us. Before we use to just try and hand out flyers but honestly that doesn't work at all, like let's be honest when we are walking in the mall and people are constantly at your side trying to hand you things and are bugging you, the last thing you want to do is talk with them, it’s like come on get out of my way I am busy here, can't your see I am with my friends or trying to go someone where... It's hard to find the people that are prepared by doing it that way. But now we are doing it differently and so many people are coming up and talking to us. It’s amazing and these are definitely the people that The Lord is preparing. Like this one guy came up and asked us if we were Mormon and we were like yes. Haha and then he started talking to us about the church. Like no joke that happened several times this week!! It was awesome. One guy when talking to us started digging around in his bag and pulled out this pamphlet about Joseph smith, it was awesome!! He told us that he had read it like 15 times haha. One day he will get baptized, I know it. This other guy started talking to us and he told
us at he believes in god and he feels so bad for Japanese people because they have no knowledge of god and they don't believe in him. Hearing him say that to me truly made me feel so happy to be here in japan. This week honestly was so full of miracles I can't even count them off. When you truly do open your eyes and have eyes to see, you really can see everything that is happening around you. Kids eikaiwa this week went so well. The cites girl came again I can’t remember if I told you about her or not. She is darling. Turns out she is the girl that we met on the street while she was walking home from school one day. Like even though I might only teach like 5 lessons a week. I know that all of those lessons count and are amazing. This past week we went to go find a less active. When we went to her house it wasn’t there. Like it was just a huge parking lot and we were so confused. So we went to the neighbors house and like asked if they knew her. They said they didn't know her but after the big earth quake several houses got really injured so a lot people moved to a new apartment complex.  We asked the name of it and went and found it. When we go there turns out there was like 5 big buildings with over 25 houses in each one.. Let the knocking in doors begin. Finally we found her!! Such a miracle. When she answered she looked like she was going to cry.  Pretty sure no one has visited her since the huge earth quake. We shared a Very powerful doorstop message!! Hopefully she will come back to church again.  This week I have felt the spirit so much!! Like no joke. I think it’s because everyday I am trying my hardest to be obedient and truly be the best instrument for The Lord. Maybe it's because I spend so much time or my knees or that daily repentance but whatever it is. I am so grateful for it. Every time I would open my mouth and testify of something,even it it was just asada Shimai and I talking or whatever,I can feel the spirit so strongly. It's like I truly believe and truly know what I am saying is true. I love being a missionary. I love being able to give the opportunity to people to learn about our divine potential. I am so blessed and honored to be here and be able to share this wonderful message of the
restoration with the blessed people of japan.

I am sorry that it's snowing, but it's good for you. It builds character :) Have so much fun in Disney land!! You should send me something from there!! I am not lucky and would be happy with anything!! :) Happy Easter as well!! Have a great week watching conference. This
weekend I get to go to Niigata and watch the general woman's meeting. I am very excited for it!!  Tell everyone I say hello!! I am so excited for lizzy! Tell grandma I hope she gets better soon!!

This week was awesome.

Sister Brown

Ps maybe for my package could you also send one of those scrub cheese grater things for my feet haha. It's time to get these winter boots off and wear some normal flats haha!! Thanks mom!! I can't think of anything really right now... But if you think of anything just please feel free to send it haha!!

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Rain Pants

Hello hello

Well guesssssssss what. Guess what I had to wear this week...  Just guess… BINGO my rain pantssssss  Cool right? How about wrong. Just joking they weren't too terrible. I only wore them while riding my bike. The thing that looks crazy is my rain jacket over my coat and my bag haha now we are talking ridiculous haha Guess one more thing. Today I am wearing my hair in a bun!! The first time my whole mission today we rode the bus so no bikes so that means no helmet haha. What a blessing. It was the first time and I am sure that it won't be the last time.

This week was pretty fun, I think. people are thinking it is spring  time here. Which I guess in a way it is. I thought it was done snowing but then on Saturday morning it snowed again but it melted. So it was good. Sunday was the second day since I have been in Nagaoka that I have been able to wear flats!! I am hoping that this trend will be able to last for a few more days haha. I don't want the rain yet.. I like hate it. Haha but oh well. What can you do.. Welcome to dendo Haha as president budge would say. 

So on Friday we had zone conference!! Yes it was so good!! It was what I needed because I have been in such a bad funk lately... Like only thinking about myself and my needs and what I need to do better at and so on. But what I really need to do is STOP IT. like I am here for The Lord I am here for the Japanese people. Like come on, we are talking about eternal life here!!  I just want to be the best tool that I can be for the lord. so yeah. weekly planning and the zone conference were just like perfect timing. very grateful for that.

Nagaoka is hard here. I love it here. But it's hard. Often I find myself murmuring about things. Like when I wake up and it's snowing or when it's just poring rain all day.  I know that's not good and it takes me completely out of tune with the spirit. This week in weekly planning Asada姉妹 and I decided that we were going to be Sam and nephi. No more Laman and Lemuel. We are working so hard and our investigators are progressing so well but at the same time they aren't progressing towards baptism. We are trying to think of anything we can change with ourselves to see the miracles happening around us more. And we decided that the simple no murmuring and turning into Sam and nephi is what needs to happen. Eachmissionary is the mission is different, each missionary has different talents and weaknesses. But that doesn't matters if we are trying to be the best instrument we can be then The Lord will take care of the rest. I often think of the poem, the touch of the masters hand. (The violin poem, I can't remember it's name, mission block) that's how we are. We are being played by heavenly father and can turn us into the most beautiful missionary as long as we do what he asks. So hopefully i will always remember that and truly forget about myself and lose my self in the work and really remember who I am here for and whose work this truly is!!

Have a mentioned that I am learning Russian?? Haha really though, one of our investigators is Russian. We teach her and her kids twice a week. We teach them English and then we try to teach a quick lesson. They have lots of questions. She knows a lot of stuff but none of it is the right stuff. Like we were talking about Jesus Christ and Heavenly Father. She was confused on which one we believe in. We were tried to tell her and then she understood. But then Her son was confused so we tried to explain again but she stepped in and did the explaining. She said god is like Michael Jackson and Jesus Christ is like his fans and groupies. He follows god around and would do Anything for him and what not.   it was so crazy. Like I just sat there and was thinking to myself what is going on. I have never heard it be explained like this before. My face probably looked ridiculous because I was like in shock. Needless to say that night in the apartment we had a pretty good laugh about it. She gives us all this Russian food too. Like cheese and candy haha it a pretty cool. She is constantly trying to get us to drink the Russian tea too... So that is awkward but oh well. I love her and her kids!!

Wow Disney Land!! I want to go. Everyone here talks about it and there are like so many posters and what not set up all around. I mostly just want to work there actually and be a princess for a season or something. Like that would be sooo fun!!!

Oh March maddness!! Gotta love that holiday. I am very glad that I am still part of the family and have a bracket! Too bad I am losing. Next year I will make it home just in time to make one... I really have no idea. Like wow time is going by so fast.. Like it's almost April mom it's almost your birthday and you are almost 51... Awkward. Just joking you really aren't that old.

All the mission stuff is so exciting. Like truly awesome. I love it. I love hearing people get called to places and love hearing from my friends that Are on missions. Going on a mission saved my life and i want everyone who is willing, to go on one!!

I am excited to meet the new stake presidency when I get home!

I love you all so much and I am so grateful that I have your love and support!! Have a great week be safe and love you Remember who you are and where you come from.

sister brown

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Nagaoka Week 2

Hello how are you doing?? I feel like I have been here in nagaoka forever but really it is only my second pday here. Needless to say, the weather is getting better... Well kind of. It is still way cold it isn't really snowing that much it is just super rainy now if it snows it's like a blizzard for an hour or something and then it gets better. But it is still awesome here!!! Today was been great so far blue skies and a little chilly I hope it starts warming up!! I am ready for some cherry blossoms.

I feel like it has been a slow week here though... Like not a ton has happened. I don't know what the deal is. We have investigators but at the same time we really don't. So that is way frustrating. We have a family we are teaching right now, well we are teaching them English and we try to share a little message with them every time we teach some times it goes good but sometimes it's a complete disaster. But the English lessons always go great haha. Nagaoka is just way different than kiryu haha. Like it is so weird having elders here.. And only teach women. Like that is what I loved about kiryu was that we always had to have members present for the lessons because all of our investigators were male. And members are so important in the work. But with that being said I love it here though. Like even though investigators are slim and so are lessons... I know that The Lord is preparing people and I know that people will be converted. It is hard not to compare myself to the other missionaries here. They are all so good at Japanese and are the same tankin as me or just one a head. My Japanese still isn't good haha which is totally lame. I am trying. It's like they have so many people they are teaching they are setting baptismal dates and getting people to come to church and we are having such a hard time with that. But whatever. Gotta keep the faith strong. I have to always believe. Because I need to believe that I can see a baptism in my area each month. I need to talk like I expect it to happen, I need to plan like I expect it to happen, and if I do so, it will happen. Missionary work is awesome but it's so hard. But I am truly blessed and being humbled here. This is what I needed in my life. On Friday we have a two zone conference with president budge and the assistants, so that will be good, I am way excited for that.

This last week we went with an investigator to aerobics class.  It was the greatest thing I think I have done my whole mission hahaha.  It was classic. First off I haven't worked out like that for so long.  But at the same time I wouldn't even call it working out.  Like aerobics in Japanese is so awesome.  Like I have no idea what they are saying at all. Haha and they are sooo genki like it is crazy.  But it was such a great laugh. I told asada Shimai I wish they would come to our apartment and help us work out in the morning.

This week we finally were able to ride our bikes.. But then it was like pouring haha. So cool. But riding a bike is so much better than walking. So that's good. I still like hate bikes but they are better than nothing. Our apartment is so far away compared to the elders. Like we are about 40 minutes away haha and they are only like 7. But people in the branch are so nice and pick us up on Sundays and drive us to church.

BASKETBALLLLL let the fun begin. I love that holiday! Good luck with your brackets!!  I am glad Las Vegas was fun. Trips are always good.

The poor Timmermans. I am way sorry that happened. That truly is heart breaking. Gosh I will be sure to keep them in my prayers, I hate freak accidents like that!!! It just proves again that God has a plan and he knows the bigger picture.

How is all the wedding stuff coming along??
Tell everyone I say hello :)
Sister Brown

This week we had root beer floats!! We found an international store
here and I bought root beer and string cheese and pace salsa

Wednesday, March 12, 2014


Welcome to Nagaoka!!!

Transfers are sooooooo weird. I can't even believe it. My last few days in kiryu were so sad but I am proud to say, This last transfer, I haven't cried once. Not once. That is a big break through for me haha.  My goal was to cry only three times and I didn't cry once hahaha. I think my heart is getting strong again.

Where do I begin:

Thursday, transfer day!! I was lucky and I didn't have to wake up early. Just the normal 6:30. Snow Shimai and I traveled to the honbu together to Nakano in Tokyo. It takes about 2 hours and 35 minutes ishhhh. From there we separated she went to Chiba and I started on the journey to Niigata. There were 2 other sisters going to Niigata as well so we just traveled together. We had to ride a bus there. I was asleep and then next thing I know I wake up and I look at my window and it is covered with SNOW. Like I mean 120 minutes ago I was in sunny warm Tokyo and now I am in frozen Niigata. It was pretty much a blizzard driving the whole way up here. Ohhhh it looks so cold. I am pretty sure I am going to die haha like its march haha this can't be real. But secretly I am a little excited to be up here. It is going to be an adventure that's for sure. Hopefully I don't lose any toes or fingers... But at times that is a real fear of mine haha. We finally got to Niigata after like a 5 hours bus ride. In Niigata we were meeting all of our new companions. And there wasn't any snow there it was just really cold. But I mean I can deal with the cold it's the snow and the wet is what makes it hard. We had to stay the night in Niigata because it is a 90 minutes ride to nagaoka. Friday morning we woke up bright and early and got on the train. Nagaoka is amazing. I love it here sooooooo much. It reminds me of park city. But the crappy thing is there is some snow here. So I had to drag my suit case through the snow 40 minutes to get to our apartment. You can send 2 suitcases and your bike. So I sent my bike and my big suit case and a box. Some how I have acquired so many things here haha. So I had to carry my other suitcase with me. It was a little hard but let's just say by the time we got to our apartment I was dead!!!  So in nagaoka there is a branch we don't have a ward because we don’t have enough people for a ward. But there are 6 missionaries. 4 elders and 2 sisters. The ward is great. The branch president and his wife our awesome, but the dendo shunin and his wife are so awesome! I already love them. I love all the people here I love the branch and I love my companion. This is going to be such a great place. The member number is very small but I know it will grow and I know I will be able to see many miracles.

So pretty much every day since I have gotten here it has been a blizzard. Like all day just snow snow snow. It will be sunny and snowing haha so cool. But they have such an awesome system here. Like all the roads and sidewalks have a sprinkler system built into them.  And when ever it starts snowing the turn on and shoot water out of them. And it like melts all the snow it is crazy. But it's so smart I am not sure how it doesn't change to ice but it never does. Utah should consider it because then we would never have to shovel the side walk or the driveways again, the only problem is everything is sooooooo wet. Like so wet. We can't ride our bikes yet so we just walk and walk. But the good thing is I wasn't here during the worst months so it should be getting better soon or later I hope hahaha. Gotta keep a positive attitude.

My companion is sister asada. She is amazing. I love her so much already. I am way excited for this transfer! It's going to be great. I just know it. She is from Kobe. Do you know what area Jake brown is serving in right now? Maybe in her home ward? Haha who knows. It's weird going from 4 girls living together to two living together but I know that it is really going to strengthen mine and asada shimais relationship and help us be more united.

Kiryu was way hard to leave I lot it there so much and I loved all the ward members  and I loved our investigators. I just loved everything about it. In kiryu we have an investigator getting baptized  March 22.  And then his wife and son started meeting tool and they are getting baptized in April. So I way sad I had to leave but I know great things are going to happen here is nagaoka. I have so much faith. I have such a desire to find investigators here and teach the gospel and see lives change. I know it might take a while and it. Ishtar be slow but I know it will happen.

I am doing great though. This is a great place for me to be and I know that I am going to grow so much as a missionary.  Nagaoka is going to be a hard place but I know that it will be so awesome here.

Basketball... I am glad some thing's never change. Mostly mom and Michelle. That is so fun though. Brandon is getting so old....Awkward... The tourney will be fun in Vegas. Do you think the Utes will last? I am glad they are doing better than last year. Poor Murray.  How is Jason. I mean you can't be awesome every year.. Unless you are lone peak....

I hope I answered all of your questions!!!! I love ya!!
Have an awesome week and I will talk to you next week.
sister brown

My new companion Asada Shimai

Potty break on the long ride up

Tuesday, March 4, 2014


Well it is Monday morning so guess what that means. It is transfer
calls. And guess who is leaving kiryu. This sister. Bahhhhhh I am
crushed. Haha but I am very excited. This past weekend I have been so
stressed. Like I have been praying so hard. I have just had this
feeling that I would be leaving kiryu. It's been so hard because if it
was my will I would want to stay. I love it here. Like more than
Murray. But I have been praying to have the strength and the faith to
know that Gods will is what is the most important thing and that's
what I need to follow. Last night after I said my prayers I laid down
on my futon I just felt so calm and so peaceful and then that started
stressing me out... But i still felt so calm and just everything. It
was weird. Monday morning I woke up. Just waiting for my destiny. I
was trying to think of all of the places that i will be going. In the
shower I had the strong impression I was going to be going to the
Niigata area and the nagaoka area. I just tried to shove that idea out
because I didn't want to go there. So personal study started at 8. I
was trying so hard to stay focused but it was just way hard. Like at
8:40 I finally broke the silence and said I am pretty sure I am going
to Nagaoka. Snow Shimai was like yes please I really hope you are
because that was her first area and she loved it there she was there
for 3 transfers. She was like yes please i hope you do. Well like a
minute later the phone started ringing. My heart fell into my
stomach I know my destiny was about to be handed to me.  I get told I
am transferring. And guess where it is to!! I am being transferred to
Nagaoka. Wahhhhhhhh I can't believe it. I am in shock. I am like dying
haha. Snow Shimai started freaking out. I am so excited but... I am
going to miss kiryu sooo much.. We called the sisters that are there
right now and so my new companion. I don't really know a whole lot
about her. Except she is Japanese and she doesn't know too much
English so this could be good or bad... I am not sure which.
they said that right now it is snowing and it snows or rains like
everyday...... Yes just what I wanted to hear.. I have to buy new
boots that's for sure. But I guess the nice part is right now they
aren't allowed to ride bikes due to all the snow. So I might get a
little break from my bike finally. But I am excited just a little
nervous and I think the worst part is that since my area is so far
away. We aren't allowed to go to temple pday.. So I will probably be
able three or four transfers until I get to go to the temple.. Which
is a little sad. But I am extremely grateful for all the times that I
have been able to go to the temple. What a blessing I have. I mean
most missionaries don't get to even go to the temple. So I have been
so blessed to be where I have been serving.

So this week we have been way busy? We had to pack and clean the
apartment in one day!! It was so hard. Like we had to do all of our
study in the morning and then start packing and then jack姉妹 and I had
to go to a meeting. And that was like almost 4 hours.. So let's just
say there wasn't a lot of packing time. Saturday morning came way to
soon and it was time to leave. The ward was extremely helpful and they
came in and just started taking boxes and desks and everything.
Needless to say moving is stressful but... Moving in another language
is even harder. They were like throwing things, taking things we
didn't want it was crazy. Like it felt like a raid. Like one moment we
had everything and then the next moment it was all gone and just
crazy. So our new apartment is so cool. It's awesome its way big
and way nice. The only problem  is that it's on the second floor and
it was impossible to carry the desks up the stair way. So we had to
like pull it up through the upstairs window. It was crazy. Our
neighbors were probably thinking who are there crazy people moving in.
Like we had desks literally flying through the air. I think my biggest
regret of my whole mission will be not getting this on video because
honestly it was the craziest funniest scariest thing that has happened
my entire mission. One lady from the ward made us all lunch so
everyone was in our apartment eating food. It was so weird having
like men, woman, children, investigators, and elders all in the
apartment. But I love the new apartment.

Sunday was so good. The ward really said how grateful they were for
the sisters and that really made me feel good. Ohh I am just going to
miss everyone so much. I really want you to meet everyone from the
ward. They are so great.

So for pday we went to Brazil. What?!!! So fun. I have always wanted
to go there and I was so glad that I was finally able to go. Haha
there is an area oizumi. It is where like all the people from Brazil
live. Like you really don't feel like you are in Japan when you are
there. Like no joke. So that's cool. I am joking that I am going all
over the world. Like Japan Brazil and Niigata. Haha.

Friday there was a meeting that sister jack and I were able to go to.
It was for the new missionaries in the kiryu zone. I got to go with
her because she is a sister training leader. It was so good. I love
going to those things because it really just  gives me the extra dendo
fire boost that I need. The thing I learned is that god is preparing
people. Like I said last week. I am here doing the lords work. I am
here teaching his investigators. He is preparing people. Everyone
investigator you are teaching right now belongs to The Lord. And he
obviously is making each one of them ready or else they wouldn't have
contact with the missionaries in the first place. Each one of our
investigators is a child of god and god wants each one of them to
return back to him. It doesn't matter if they are progressing fast or
slow. It doesn't matter if you have a lot of investigators or only one
or two. Those things don't matter. What matters is that you have
investigators you have people hat The Lord is preparing. And it is my
job to do everything I can for them. I need to hold onto them and
never let them go. I need to put all my focus on them and help them
enter into the straight and narrow path. I love doing this work. I
love that The Lord trusts me enough to call me to watch over his lost
sheep and bring them back to the fold. A mission is he greatest thing.

I am so excited for lizzy, this literally is just like last year, can
you believe it was just a year ago already. What the heck. Lizzy will
be a great missionary, I hope she gets called to the Tokyo Japan
mission. Haha but really though, 6 months, it seems like forever since
I have been home but can you believe it, it is already March!! This is
crazy! Soon it will be Mother's Day and we will be able to talk. Sorry
dad that I don't get to call you on Father's Day.

I am excited for all this wedding stuff. I love weddings please be
sure to send me pictures of it all. I am every excited for Brandon. He
is going to be an awesome husband and father some day. I can't wait
tell I get to meet Haley. I am a little jelly you get to go to Arizona
for the wedding I have always wanted to be apart of a wedding in
Arizona. That just seems like such a great place for a wedding haha. I
know.. I am a freak.

I am sad to be leaving sister jack. She is great and I learned so much
from her!! We had such a great transfer and we saw so many miracles
together. But cool news guess who is coming and taking my spot if you
call it that. Sister Edwards!! Yanno aunt Cindy's friends. She is so
cute!! I am super jelly she is coming here because I have wanted to be
companions with her. She is great. Whenever we had to go to the honbu
we always stayed in Shibuya with her. I like to say we are friends. But
I guess this might be as close as we get to being companions. Kiryu
will love her. I trust her enough to leave her with the ward and the
I am glad you had fun in Vegas mom. Dad have fun with the boys. I am
glad you get to have a trip with Brandon before he gets married.!!

I miss you all but I rather be here in japan!! Be safe love ya
Me and Sister Snow

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Late Night Emailing 2/25/14

Wow the wind has been crazy!!! Like I thought it was a bad last
month.. This month is crazy!!! The wind is crazy!!! We went to eikaiwa
on Monday night and literally the wind just pushed us the entire way
home I think I only peddled when we were going up a hill. We had to
walk our bikes cross the bridge though.. Due to the uncontrollable
wind that catches your helmet and lifts you into the air off of your
bike. Even with walking our bikes the wind still about blows you
over.. That almost happened to me and put it in top of walking on the
ice.. Let's just say I have a nice winter coat and a helmet to catch
me if I fall... But it is so fun!! It's like playing fear factor.
Being on a mission in japan and probably anywhere is actually like one
huge game of fear factor. But I love it because we have The Lord to
help us out!! So you cam never lose because the Atonement is 100%
always there for you!!
So a few of the miracles that I have seen this week are..
We had a self referral contact us. His name is Abe. He is awesome!!!
We had our first lesson with him on Saturday. He use to be a pro boxer
haha. He has a wife and a son. I guess he came to the church sometime
last week but no one was there... Whoops... We were able to talk with
him about the gospel of Jesus Christ. We talked a lot about the
atonement and how you can become a new person through it and baptism.
He thinks that sounded amazing. It was really awesome. Like we didn't
formally invite him to be baptized, he like asked when could he get
baptized. He is so awesome. He started reading the Book of Mormon and
praying, he came to church on Sunday for all three hours and said that
he loved it. Please pray for him. I don't want satan to tempt
him, even though I know he probably is. pray that he can withhold
satans temptations and receive baptism in March!!
We met with this kid who is 18. He loves service and everything about
it. He is so awesome, he has like so much figured about life already.
I really admire that. He made me remember youthlinc and Shriners
hospital. I miss doing that kind of service. Even though I know that
this is the best service that I could be doing with my life. I miss
doing that kind of service!
The temple today was so great, I just love it. You two need to come to
it. The celestial room is amazing. It is so beautiful. I miss going to
the temple as often as we did and I miss going with you. But I am so
happy that I am able to go.
Poor grandma I am so sorry that she is having to have surgery again. I 
will be sure to pray for her so much. I am so sorry for her. Tell her to 
stay strong and to keep up the faith. She will be fine, I know she can
recover from all these things.
Thank you for the package!!! I loved it. It is just what I needed. I
love the sweater!!! It is darling. I have been wanting one like that!!
And candy hearts you know those are my favorites. And let's be honest
hugs are so much better than kisses :)) thank you so much for it.
So I got a package from gran. That was so nice of that cute couple
missionary to send me that. They sound like they love their mission. I
am so happy for them. I emailed gran a video... So please make sure
she checks her email so she can watch the video. It's from my iPad and
she should open it on her iPhone so she should have no problem with
watching it!! Just please make sure she can see it! ありがとうございます。

I love you so much :)