Japan Tokyo Mission 8/13 - 2/15

Monday, December 29, 2014

Happy 2015

Mother and Father!!
Hey it was so good talking with you the past couple of days!
So fun!!
Let's Skype every week haha
Just joking.
Well happy 2015!! Can you believe it. I surely can't believe it at all.
But I know the year 2015 will bring much joy and happiness for all of us.
This Christmas season was great. I love the feeling of it. Even though
I live I Japan and hardly anyone celebrates Christmas I still felt the
Christmas spirit. Such a blessing.
Sorry this letter is so short!! But we just talked and not to much has
happened here.
Dad that's cool about the temple! Yeah like that would be awesome but
talk about a lot of pressure haha here are so many other people who
speak such better Japanese the i do. But if the lords wants me to do
it. Then I will :)
Sonpon came to a baptism that the elders had on Saturday night. It was
such a great experience for her, I think. She really enjoyed the
baptism. She said it was shorter than she expected. But it was good.
She really felt the spirit while she was there. It was cool because on
Thursday this past week we talked about baptism with her. We started
going through the gospel pathway. When she first looked at the little
picture of it, she was like well I already have faith in Jesus Christ
so let's move to the next step. Repentance, she told us that she is
working on her repentance process. she also told us that she hasn't
really studied baptism. Which in my mind was a good thing because at
meant now she is curious and will start researching it. And sure
enough she did, she came on Saturday and talked about the things she
The work is moving a long here and miracles are happening all over
the world. Thanks for all of your love and support I love you so
sister brown

Friday, December 26, 2014

Almost Christmas

Mom and Dad
Hey!! Well I am pumped to talk with YA!! Yeahhhhhh
Anyways I will send another email with those details in it for you later.
So now it's just Sister Combs and I, here in Urawa. At first it was
kind of weird like being in the apartment and such but now it's good
and fun. But we have seriously been so busy this past week!! We have
all of the sisters investigators plus ours now. And the sad thing is,
transfers and everything happened so fast this week we hardly had time
to figure things out with the sisters and get the down low on their
investigators. So that kind of was dumb. This week we hit almost every
single one of our weekly goals and the mission standards of
excellence. So that rocked! I know they if sister combs and I continue
to to stay focused and diligent and obedient we will be able to see
many more miracles unfold this week.
I can't believe that it is Christmas week. I love being a missionary
at this time of the year. Like I have said before though. It's hard to
realize that christmas is on Thursday just because christmas is hardly
celebrated here in Japan.. But it's all good. I love being here. I
love being with my family at Christmas but this year Christmas is
different. Last year my first mission Christmas was great, but I know
for a fact that this year is going and is already better.
On Saturday night we had our ward Christmas party and it was a huge
hit. So many of our investigators and friends came. It was so lucky!!
But I just have to talk about her again. Sonpon. Mom I wish you could
meet her. She is truly so amazing. She told me that this year
Christmas is the best Christmas she has ever had. She told me she is
so lucky because god is blessing her with so many blessings and Santa
has given her lots of presents. Sonpon literally has changed my life.
She told me, "I use to be shy and nervous when you and sister combs
would tell me that you love me, but now I am not, because I can feel
your love and I love you two." I can't truly explain how grateful I am
for her in my life. Words won't do it justice. I know that the reason
I am here right now is so I can help her!
I am glad to hear that the utes are doing great! That's fun that they
won their football game. What a way to end the season. And who would
have thought utah basketball would be doing so good this year. That
makes me happy! Haha
Sorry this is so short and sweet!
I love ya lots and I am super excited to talk with you on Thursday!
Love ya lots!!
sister brown

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Can you believe it that christmas is next week?!‏

Can you believe it that christmas is next week?!
I can't believe it at all. I am excited. Well actually I don't know.
All I know is that there is going to be so much more going on here. I
am a little nervous haha
So sister combs and I will both be staying here in Urawa for the
Christmas season!! Yes. I am way excited. But here is the catch. We
are now both sister training leaders. So that will be fun. But one
more thing. There is now only two sisters here in Urawa. Me and Sister
Combs. So we are going to be taking over all the sisters
investigators. Kind of scary. So many people now. We are going to be
so busy all the time. It should be lots of fun. But way nervous. I
think I am most nervous about my lack of Japanese. Like we are really
going to have to step it up with the Japanese now which is way
stressful. I hope we don't ruin any of their prep greasing
investigators. So scarrryyy!!!
This week was such a busy week for us. We were able to find three new
investigators so that is awesome!! This coming week and the weeks to
come should be really exciting.
I am glad to hear things at home are doing well and everyone is
staying busy! Gotta love the holidays! I am a little sad to be missing
all those things but let's be honest I rather be here in Japan so no
complaint from me!
I am happy to hear that murray basketball is doing good. As well as
the utes. It's about time they start killing it. Number 13th in the
USA  we haven't had that for a long time. Hopefully march madness will
be good :) haha I hope they utes will always be able to win football.
What are your plans for Christmas? Are you going to do things with J
and B? What about Brandon and Haley? Are you excited to skype with me
and Liz?! Ha speaking of liz, she needed a full time car... Haha to
classic. She doesn't even know. Haha just joking, she is one of the
lucky few. She has an iPad and a car. Living the missionary dream
My investigators rock right now. Sonpon is killing it. Like I know her
and her husband are going to get baptized this trasnfer. Please pray
for the Matsuhashi family. I am going to start saving as soon as I get
home from my mission so I can go to their temple sealing in a year. So
if you want to come, you better start saving as well. Haha
This week we went a visited this lady. She took us back into her back
room and said one second. So we just sat down and were just talking
and then all of a sudden we heard this door like slum shut. Haha then
like 5 or so minutes the lady still wasn't back. We were way confused.
Haha then we heard the door slam again and then we hear someone like
running down the hallway. This darling lady had ran all the way to the
store just to hurry and buy us some ice cream and some milk she could
warm up for us to drink. It was soooo kind!! Like I can't even
explain. Melted  my heart that's for sure!!
Anyways I am so grateful for the people here in Japan they are so kind
and hey mean the world to me.
Thanks mom and dad for everything you do for me. I love ya!!
Sister Brown 

December 7, 2014

Mom and Dad
This past week was such a good week! I had so much fun and saw so many
miracles and yeah, it was just perfect.
Next week is transfer calls and I am getting a little stressed. I
literally can't leave Urawa. I can't leave Sonpon and her husband. I
love the Matsuhashi family so much! They mean the world to me. I am
going to be so sad when I have to leave them. I want to see their
baptism. Ha I just want to spend the rest of my mission teaching them
the gospel and learning the gospel together. But next week we will
find out. I also hope I don't transfer due to the fact that like its
Christmas. Talk about sad.. Transferring to a new area right at
Sounds like you have been busy lately. How was the progressive
dinner?! What did you eat? Is there going to be the Santa Clause Party
this year? What about Christmas Eve and grandmas? Ha it's so weird
being a missionary in Japan at Christmas time. Even though everyday I
am trying to talk with people about Christmas, I still forget that it
is Christmas time. I can't believe it has been so warm for you! Brrrr
it is getting cold here! It's way sunny so when you look out the
window you think oh it's going to be such a nice day, but as soon as
your step outside that cold wind starts blowing in you wow. Haha
riding in a car will be a treat when I get home, or I will just hate it
and ride a bike everywhere. I haven't decided yet.
This week we had lots of fun lesson and went and did lots of fun things.
We had a lesson with this lady and her brother. They were so cute and
so amazing. We found out that they use to go to Sunday school when
they were growing up. The sister, "Kei" she is so cute. She loved
learning about Jesus Christ while growing up. And when we started
talking about Jesus Christ, the look in her eyes like like a this is
what I have been missing look. This week they weren't able to come to
church because they had something already planned on Sunday but I
think that next week they will be at church. This week we were also
lucky enough to have several really good lessons with Sonpon and her
family. I love the a Matsuhashi family so much. And I know that they
are the reason why I am here in Urawa. I can't wait until I get to be
there standing at their baptism and being able to share that memorable
event with them. Sonpon doesn't have a baptismal date yet, but she is
ever so close to have a specific date. She has told us that baptism is
something  That she wants and she is going to pray and study so that
she can know whether or not it is right for her. Every time we teach
her I am blown away by her diligence and her love for these things.
Sonpon is the most amazing investigator I have ever had. She is so
serious and wants to know the truth so badly. It truly is amazing.
This week we had an amazing experience with her, at least I thought it
was good. In Japan I have noticed that then you are teaching someone
that isn't Japanese and you go out in public with them and you see
some of their friends they sometimes beat around the bush that you are
missionaries from a Christian church. But Sonpon didn't, she was
straight up honest with them and everything. I was actually kind of
surprised. It made me so happy and I really showed me how much Sonpon
truly does love us and how much this church and Jesus Christ thing
truly does mean to here.
I love being a missionary. Sister combs is the Bomb. She cut my hair
today so that was kind of her. My hair needs to be cut so bad but it
will Just have to wait tell I get home in America, where I can speak
English to the hair cutter people. Ha
We ate dinner at the bishops house the other night and it was way fun!
Anyways I hope that things are going great! I miss YA but have a great day!!
Sister Brown


Wednesday, December 3, 2014


Mom and Dad
Sounds like thanksgiving was great for all of you!
I am also glad that you all went and did the 5k. It was good for
you. I am a little surprised that you two were the only ones that
walked it... Like does Brandon even know how to Run!? Haha
Boooom Roasted. Just joking brandon, love YA!
Anyways thanksgiving here was great. We went to this place called
yakiniku. It's was so good. It's basically all you can eat meat. Haha
you like just get plates of raw meat and you just grill it on the
little grill at the table haha. It's a blast, but you could never have
a place like this in America. So lunch was amazing. For dinner we went
to Sonpon's house. We cooked for her. She wanted american
food and the most easiest, cheapest american food we could think of
was breakfast for dinner. We made some way good scrambled eggs and
potatoes and French Toast. She was kind of nervous about eating our
food so she made a big pot of curry just in case... I think she was
mostly worried that her husband wouldn't like it and he would get home
from work and have nothing to eat. Haha but the good news is, she
loved it!
This week was full of great things, except for one thing.. I was
robbed haha. All my money got stolen out of my bag. Talk about a let
down. We went to get on the train Wednesday morning to go to zone
conference and I needed to put money on my train card so I open my
wallet and nothing was there. All it was gone. Sad news. I have
narrowed it down and I think it happened while we were at the church
because my bag was in another room behind closed doors so I figured it
was fine, it has always been that way in the past, but not this time.
But it's all good. This week was full of miracles so I can't complain.
On Sunday it was the Primary Program. Sonpon and her family came to
church. It was so great. Hinako participated in the primary program.
Sonpon loves coming to church because she says that everyone is just
full of so much love. Her husband even had such an amazing time at
church. After church Sonpon invited us over to lunch at her house. And
that is where seriously all the magic took place. We were able to hear
lots from her husband and what not. And he seems way into this stuff.
Like super interested in the gospel. Sonpon told me that having
eternal families is すてき and that she wants that too. I am so proud of
how diligent she is in her studying and her praying right now. She was
telling us all of the things she has been studying and it's truly
amazing. Her husband was also very surprised as well. His face and his
reaction to all this was like, "hey you have been doing all this with
out me." I think he actually felt a little left out. The best is when
she asked her husband, "what do you think the meaning of Christmas
is?" Then she told him all the things that we had taught her and
testified about it. It was amazing. Leaving their house today I knew
that this is gods plan. I know that I am meant to be here in Urawa
with Sister Combs teaching and helping Sonpon and her family. I love
them more than anything, and I can't wait for the day that they get
I can't describe my feelings of gratitude as a missionary. I never
have been so grateful in my life. My life is truly so blessed and I
feel terrible that it took so long for me to realize the amazing
blessings that I have in my life. I am so humbled and so grateful for
coming on a mission. I am so grateful for every single person I have
met, every single person I have helped come closer to Christ through
this gospel. I am so grateful for this gospel and for a loving savior.
Thank you mom and dad and everyone of you for everything thing you do
for me!
Sister Brown

Amazing week 11/22/2014

Mom and Dad
How are you doing?!
This week has been so amazing.
I have seen so many miracles happen this week.
This week was a week full of hard work and fun. Sister Combs and I
were blessed with many amazing lessons.
For starters things are going kind of hard with Ma. We talked with her
the other day and she mentioned how she became very busy and probably
won't be able to meet until December, which doesn't seem far but when
you are trying for baptism it is such a long time away. But despite
that happening this week hasn't slowed down at all. Sonpon, my
favorite person ever has been amazing. We see her about 4 times a
week. She has the cutest daughter, hinako. I love them with my whole
heart. This week Sonpon really changed, and I am so excited for her.
We had some really special lessons with her this past week. She is
seriously being prepared right In front of our eyes. She loves feeling
the spirit. She knows that church is great and she knows that it is
important. She has being think about a lot of things lately and has
been so curious as to why Jesus Christ is so important and she is
finally realizing why. It is so amazing seeing the change that is
happening to her. I have so much faith in her. I know that she is
going to receive that witness that God is real and God loves her and
Jesus Christ is here to save all of us. This Christmas season is
bringing in so many miracles. It's actually mind blowing.
Happy thanksgiving by the way!!
I can't believe that thanksgiving is here. I wish I could go Black
Friday shopping.
But I am a missionary and I live in Japan. Today we are having a zone
activity. Everyone is coming and we are all making food and having
thanksgiving feast. So hopefully it will be good! It should be fun. But
let be honest it won't touch real American home cooked thanksgiving.
Sister combs and I are planning on going to a steak house for
thanksgiving haha.
So sister combs is from Washington. We are the same age and she goes
to BYU Idaho. She is the bomb. I love being her companion. We are the
same age mission wise. But she is going to go home a transfer early
because of school. So in Tokyo you see tons of American people. But
there are more that I see here. When we went to sky tree the other day
we ran into this guy. He came up and asked me what mission I was in.
He said that his niece is in the Sendai mission. So yeah it happens.
Either the people we see don't like Mormons or they are like on
vacation or something. But I don't even care. I like seeing other
white people haha. I have never seen military people. Yeah I don't
know if I will ever see them. I love serving in Japan. Tokyo area is
like such a huge melting pot and there are just people from all over
the world here!!
It sounds like there are lots and lots of things happening there at
home. I am happy for you. I am sorry the utes lost. That is dumb. But
oh well.. Haha such a missionary comment..
I am sorry to hear about Megan coordey and Gayles brother. That is way
hard. I am so grateful for this gospel. It means the world to me!
Lately I have been so blessed with amazing weather. The sun has been
shinning and so beautiful and the leaves are looking amazing but today
it is really cold... So I think the bad weather is coming.. But I mean
it is practically December so no complaining!!
I miss ya all! I hope you have good thanks giving! Love ya lots!!
Sister Brown