Japan Tokyo Mission 8/13 - 2/15

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

cooking miracles

Mom and Dad

Things here in Japan are great. First off I can't believe it is
basically Halloween. Soooooo crazy. Anyways!! Right now all of my
investigators speaks Chinese so that is pretty  cool. Beside the fact
that I can't speak Chinese to save my life. I don't know but I have
just been way blessed. I can't really explain it. Right now my mission
is working extremely hard and we are so focused on our purpose and
this Christmas season and what we want to give to Christ for Christmas
and like the miracles are just pouring in. I can't even really explain
it. I came to this area, brand new. My area book literally has tumble
weeds in it. But when you have like 300 cups if faith and about 300
cups of desire and The Lord is the chef, them you know that a miracle
will be cooked, the sweetest thing you will ever taste! I am so
grateful and truly blessed and humbled by this experience. The lessons
that I have learned are going to change my life forever.

So in japan we eat this food called omelette. It's like just egg and
it's kind of sweet and it's about an inch thick. It is really good
actually haha. Anyways!
One of the Japanese girls that I live with told me I could make like
gluten free cake so I decided I wanted to try so it consisted of 5
melted chocolate bars and then 4 eggs. And you mix it all together and
then you put it in the rice cooker. Haha I was very unsure about it.
Haha but I decided to do it. When it was cooked. It looked like
brownies. Like it looked way good. I was pumped. So I started cutting
it and I ate some haha and oh my gosh it was so weird. It literally
tasted like you were eating chocolate omelette haha like just straight
up chocolate eggs haha it was so weird!

This week has been fun and full of adventure! I love it. We have seen
so many miracles and have found several new investigators. Like the
joy I am feeling is so great. And I have such a feeling that this week
is going to be so good as well.

Ma is amazing. She came to stake conference and listened to the whole thing.
She loves Jesus so much and she is so interested in the Book of Mormon
and she believes that Joseph smith really talked with god! Like she is
so prepared. She doesn't yet have a baptismal date but she will have
one soon. We are going to try this week to help her get one. Please
keep her in your prayers. I know with faith, hard work and diligence
we can help ma take that next step into coming closer to Christ. The
best Christmas present ever!!

Sounds like you had so much fun this last week!!
I am so happy for you. The pictures looked like it was a blast. I hate
to brag but I have the coolest parents in the whole world!! I want to
go. And go utes. How cool is that!! I am proud of them. At least one
of my teams is doing good haha.

Are you going to watch the utes basketball team this year? Probably. Haha

Yeah like I don't really know what to say. Next week is transfer
calls. And I will start my 10th transfer next week.. That is really
gross and scary haha.  I only go to 12....
I love being a missionary in Japan

Thanks so much for all of your love and support!!! Lovessssss
Sister Brown!

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Temple day

Mom and Dad
Wow where do I being! This week was a really good week. Things are
really moving here for me and sister Johnson. I am glad I am able to
serve here in Urawa.
So the train picture, that is from when I was able to meet up with
akane. When we were leaving she was on the other side of the train
platform and was able to catch the quick picture of me before the
train left. Haha don't be worried! Things are all good here.
Lizzy sounds cute! I am happy for her. She is already such a great
missionary! It's going to be cool being able to talk about our mission
differences haha. Because there will be lots haha!! She thinks she
walks a lot..please! I have decided I will probably just use
public transportation for the rest of my life, or just ride a bike
everywhere. I have forgotten how to drive I think especially since I
am used to the other side of the road now. I will probably just have to
hire a driver for me. Ha japan is great right now though! Lately it
has been chilly and rainy which I don't really like but it's all good.
All I have to say is... I wish that it was snowing rather than raining
The rain is a pain ha!
So for pday we went to the temple and it was amazing!! We watched the
new video like newest one or something. It was way good!!! Oh my gosh
I think it was my favorite by far!
This week Ma came to church and it was amazing. Ma is amazing. She is
truly searching for the truth. And she knows that we are holding the
answers for her. When We taught her the plan of salvation she was
literally just eating it up! And she is super excited to read the Book
of Mormon as well. She loves when she reads the bible and receives
answers from it and can feel gods love and everything so she is way
excited to have the same experiences from reading the Book of Mormon.
So basically all my investigators right now are Chinese, like no joke
haha! If only I could speak Chinese. Ha on Saturday we had a lesson
with these two Chinese girls we are teaching and they loved it. Like
by the end of the lesson they asked us if they could have their own
copy of the Book of Mormon! It was awesome. I know that once china can
officially and legally and safely have missionaries all over china,
china is going to explode. Like the Chinese people are being so
prepared it is crazy! They all want this gospel so bad! I am so pumped
for that day!!  Also yesterday we were housing and we were at the like
creepy like sketchy looking apartment and I even thought what the heck
are we doing here but it felt right and so we began and nothing
happened. We didn't get anything from anyone. No one was answering
their door until.... This guy answered. We introduced out selves and
asked of he has ever been to church and he was like yeah. And so we
told him where our church was and he was like wait I know that church
and then described that church. He continued on saying how he use to
go there when he was younger! It was way cool! He was loving it. And
he just kept talking about it, we aren't sure if he is a member or not
but whatever happens I know he will be active one day! He and his wife
are really interested in the blood drive we are having on Saturday and
also his wife like, really really loves English and she is going to
come to our english class tomorrow. I am way excited! The tender
mercies of missionary work! 
Dad!! That is so awesome! I am so happy that you followed that
promoting from the spirit. I will be sure to keep him in my prayers!!!
:) it's funny because you would never guess that he isn't a member.
That awesome dad! Being a missionary is the greatest feeling ever! You
and mom will have to try it out some time :)
I am glad to hear that murray is picking it up! That will be exciting
for them! And how about them utes!! Are you getting ready for
Halloween, the the annual scones and soup going on at the brown house
hold again? Haha Those pumpkins are huge! Hey well I gotta run! We
gotta go ride 45 minutes to visit a less active member!! Have a rad
day! Talk to you next week!!
Sister Brown

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Chinese investigators

Mom and Dad
How are you doing?!
I hope you had a good weekend. I am glad you were able to talk with
Lizzy. I hope she is doing good. I am so excited for her!! I think
about her all the time!
This week. Wow.
Such a learning week. Hahaha
I hate that I have to have weeks like this considering the fact that I
am so old in mission life. Ha it just proves that the learning never
stops. Ha
So here in Urawa we are seeing miracles happening. Right now all of my
investigators are Chinese haha. So that is cool. Expect for the fact
that I don't speak any Chinese. But we can communicate with little
English and little Japanese and good thing the church has so many
Chinese resources. So that is way helpful.
This last week I was able to meet up with akane. She is one if my
investigators from nagaoka. She was in Tokyo because she had to take
an English test and she was staying with her aunt in Saitama so we
were able to meet up!! That was amazing. It was so good to see here
again. I think she will start meeting with the missionaries again.
Hopefully at least.
Sounds like things back home are crazy. Oh the Ross family. Bless
their hearts! And alisa.... Who does she think she is. Like I thought
we were friends... Haha she is right I will forgive her but I mean I
like hearing from my friends haha.
So the weather here is getting colder.. So that is good but now that
means hopefully the mosquitoes will stop biting me. For some reason
they were addicted to my skin and nothing would keep them from biting
I am grateful for sister Johnson. She is such a great missionary and I
so thankful for all the things she has taught me. If only she could
teach me Japanese. It is so awkward when the trainee speaks better
Japanese then the trainer when the trainee isn't even Japanese ha. I
can't believe that it is mid October. Where is time going?!
My email is really dumb I am so sorry.. Next week i promise to make it
better. Next week we are going to the temple! So I will be emailing
you on Tuesday not Monday.
But cool we found a new investigator this week. Her name is Ma. Please
pray for her. She is from china. We met her on Saturday. The elders
investigator brought her to the church. He couldn't stay but he said
she doesn't really do a lot so he asked her if she wanted to come to
the church and she said yes haha. She watched some general conference
with her and turns out she is being so prepared. Back in china she used
to go to church but not really because it was against the law so they
would meet in KFC and talk about church things. She was asking so many
questions. She asked how can i find out if this is the true church! So
amazing and then she asked questions about life after death because he
father has passed away and she just wants so many answers! I am so
pumped to meet with her this week. She also said she will be coming to
church on Sunday. But please pray for her and for my investigators. We
don't have any baptismal dates yet... :( blahh so sad but it's all
So yeah that's about my week in a nut shell!!
I hope things are going good! I miss you so much but I love being here
in japan! Thanks for everything!
Have a great week!!

Monday, October 6, 2014


Mom and Dad
How are ya doing?
I am good...
I think
It has been raining a lot. And super windy. I think that there is a
typhoon or something. But it's all good. Sister budge gave us strict
order to are sure that there was cooked rice in the rice cooker and to
cook our meat in case the power goes out and to not leave the apartment
until the skies were blue. We survived needless to say. We cleaned the
apartment really well. We clean it really well every week but it still
smells like elders and we keep finding weird things haha. The other
day sister Johnson found some like old white shirts haha in her desk.
That was weird ha.
It is October already! Can you believe it.
I can't. Soon it will be Halloween. Thank you for the package by the
way. I loves it. And it came at the perfect time. My mission is hard
right now.. Like seriously I don't know why.
But like I said. This week we saw many miracles. We were able to find
3 new investigators this past week! How awesome is that?! Like that
never happens!! I am so pumped. Two really cute Chinese girls and one
really cute Japanese girl. And they all have so much potential. And we
have plans to meet with them this next coming week so I am way
excited!! For the Christmas season is officially underway here in the
Japan Tokyo Mission. Last Christmas we saw so many miracles it was
unbelievable. This year I know we are going to see more!! We have a
goal of seeing 100 baptisms this Christmas season and 2 baptism in
each area. On Sunday we did a mission wide fast, and at the end if my
fast yesterday while I was praying I felt the spirit so strongly. I
knew that this was something that if I put all my heart and soul into
it and tried my hardest, it would be something that we could
accomplish. I felt and I knew that this was gods will for our mission,
I know that if there is a will there is a way. But if there is gods
will there is always a way. I know the Japan Tokyo Mission is for me
and I am here for a reason! I am so blessed to have the companions
that I have had and I am so blessed to be serving here. I love being a
missionary.  So on Sunday we were able to watch the Saturday session
of conference. And I loved it so much!! Let me just say, jörg
klebingat was amazing!! Wow he killed it. Like he is the man. His talk
blew me away. It was exactly what I needed to hear!! I am so grateful
for him! Ha I could listen to him talk all day long but secretly he
was kind of intimidating haha. I think I would be way nervous to have
an interview with him. He makes president budge seem like a nice teddy
bear haha.
Stupid angels. But like they did it on purpose. They were like let's
just lose really quick because sister brown needs to stay focused haha
and next year when she is home we will take it all the way. But the
utes don't seem to care at all that I am missing their season. Haha
how rude lol just joking
Things are good. I am good. All is well. This is the lords work not mine.
Thanks so much for your love and support it means so much to me!
Sister Brown