Japan Tokyo Mission 8/13 - 2/15

Monday, February 3, 2014


I can't believe that is is already February!! I love sister Jack she is so awesome. We were just talking this morning and this week we are doing out weekly planning and we will be planning week 3 already and each transfer is only 6 weeks! wahhhh it is so crazy... but i love it
Well cool news on Thursday we get our ipads!! yessss I am so excited!! Some people from the mtc are coming here and we are getting a big training on them. I am really excited it is going to help us be such better missionaries. Like we will be able to accomplish so much more... But sad news..... last Thursday we lost our phone... We left it on the train and it hasn't been found yet.. which totally sucks and makes everything so much harder. like following up with investigators and just calling people and waiting for people to call us.. It is just kind of a burden but what can you do.. I am praying that it is found but its hasn't been yet.. we go to the train station everyday looking to see if they have it yet. Hopefully we can find it soon!!! i like hate it. being in the mtc was great i didn't have to worry about having a phone and all those problems that come up with one but now i am in the field and its like we depended so much on our phone haha 

So last Thursday, the same day we lost our phone.. We had a mission conference. Elder Whiting came for the day and he taught us all day long. It was SO GOOD!! I loved it. I just have been feeling like I am not the best missionary and I want to improve so much and I want to really focus on my investigators and know what they need and what I can do for them.  Elder Whiting answered all of my questions that i had!! It was so great!

Mission work all comes down to diligence. If we are not diligent we won't see the miracles that we need to see. If we aren't diligent in being obedient then we won't see miracles. if we aren't diligent on focusing on the work and our investigators we won't see miracles either.  Like so many things come from being diligent. But also with diligence, we need to have the attitude that we want to be here. Nephi is such a great example to me. He was so diligent. He also had such a good attitude about whatever came his way.  His dad was always commanding them to do things like move to the wilderness, go back and get the plates, move again. Just all these different things but he never complained he just diligently obeyed and he diligently did what the lord asked of him. The lord knows each one of us, he loves each one of us and he wants each one of us to be happy. We can show how much we truly love the lord when we diligently follow and obey him.  heavenly father is diligent to us so the least we could do is be diligent to him. Our investigators depend on us so much. they need us so bad and when we are diligent to them, we can teach them or help them progress the way that they need to.

That is basically a summary of what i learned! I am learning so much every day I love it here, I am so glad that I can be here on a mission. 

So jack shimai is great. We get a long really well. I like her because in the morning she will get up with me and go running. SO that is awesome. I need to do that. it makes me feel better. ha so my health i think it is pretty good. I am just tired but that is so normal! and yeah I am trying my hardest to eat gluten free.. but it is hard.. but I am doing the best that i can. That car seems pretty awesome!! I love it.  please save me the white car... haha no thanks when I get home i am only going to use public transportation and a bike.... just joking, well kind of. I don't know what it is, but i am just not used to riding in a car at all. So whenever I have to, i get super car sick and I just get like a really bad head ache its terrible haha needless to say, i don't really like riding in cars anymore.. and like its backwards here they drive on the wrong side of the road...

So how are all the wedding plans and what not? I love weddings. haha Is there anyone else that is getting married anytime soon?

I love the ward here!! They are so awesome and they support us is so much. I love being here on a mission. I love freezing my butt off. I love having my hands be so cold that sometimes it is hard to pull my brakes on my bike. I love riding my bike in a skirt and having it get caught in my wheels i love crashing on my bike. I love having to carry the food home from the store in my basket. I love having the whole world see what kind of toilet paper we buy. I love being like the only American people in my city. I love getting chased by dogs. I love reading my book of Mormon. I love coming closer to Christ. I love feeling his spirit all the time. I love being able to serve him and give him my all. I love serving a mission.

I can't believe spring training is start up!! what the heck that is so crazy!! Time is just going by so fast. All I have to say is that the angels better be good this year and mike trout better be good this year too!!

MOM get better already!! and tell grandma that I love her!

Thank you for all of your love and support!!!


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