Japan Tokyo Mission 8/13 - 2/15

Monday, January 27, 2014

Sister Jack

Thank you so much for my package! Probably one of the best packages ever.. but really though. Thank you so much for it. I got it in one week too!! That is pretty fast!!

So I am in kiryu again. Party! I am ready to see some miracles this transfer. I know that there are going to be many. So Sister Jack is the bomb. I love her so much. I mean i was really nervous at the start just because  I wanted her to think that i was a good missionary and I wanted her to know that I am willing to work hard and i just wanted to make a good first impression on her. I was sad to see sister taketomi leave.. but I am so grateful for her. I know that sister Jack and I will work so great together this transfer. She is on transfer 8. Pretty much one of the oldest sisters in the whole mission. Her Japanese is so good and she is soo cute!! She is from Payson i believe.. i just kind of forget.. she went to Salem hills high school. She graduated in 2010 so she is one year older than me. 

on Friday night we had a lesson with a member present and the lesson was a complete disaster, like the guy isn't interested at all so it was like a terrible pity lesson, so i was super embarrassed because my Japanese was so bad and the lesson just went like no where at all... I am really frustrated with that. Today we have such an important lesson and I am really excited for it because the investigator she has so much interest in eternal families that it is just going to rock, but we are having a member present and I am afraid that she is just going to think we can't teach and will just over power the lesson.. Please pray that our lesson goes good and that it can and will be successful.

So Kate haha oh my gosh she is crazy i love her so much. She honestly is such a great example to me. Bless her heart.. I pray for her all the time. I hope she doesn't have to go through anything like that again. the other day i like almost cut my finer off on a piece of glass but it is fine and i was all worried about it and then i read kates letters... and i was like sweet... maybe my finger isn't as bad as her foot... She is going to be so strong when she gets home.

Sorry life hasn't been too exciting for you lately..I am sorry you have been sick..no one likes that. 
Kiryu is cold and windy haha living the dream. Riding your bike is a nightmare.. haha but i just have to do it. This week should be a good week but a busy week. We have the Elder Whiting conference so that is going to be awesome and then next week we get our ipads...  YAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYA

I am so sad that amberly is moving. Will you ask her to fly to japan so that I can get my hair cut one last time.... haha I need a cut so bad but I am too nervous to get it cut here... haha  but i will probably man up and do it.

I love serving the lord 
I love being his servant
I love this gospel so much!
When times are hard I just always have to remember
you can apply that anywhere. I am so grateful for my amazing family their love and support it means the world to me!!


Sister Brown

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