Japan Tokyo Mission 8/13 - 2/15

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

New Companion

This week has been a week of fun.
Sister Sticht is way cool and way fun. We have tons of fun together
and we are already seeing lots and lots of miracles together.
I am glad she is my companion.
She has so much desire to work hard and see miracles and baptisms.
This week we set a baptismal date!!  So excited!
It is for Eri. It is for April 5. So about two months away which is
the perfect amount of time. She is way nervous but way excited so
please pray for her so that she can get baptized on that date! It was
weird saying goodbye to sister combs, but like normal at the same time
because like I feel like I will see her again so it is all good.
For transfers marina Dorff drove us to the mission home so that we
didn't have to ride the train. It was fun talking with her. She has so
many funny mission stories. I can't wait tell I get to tell you all
about mine haha.
This week we went with our Chinese investigators Han to a really good
Chinese place. Like it was so Chinese. The people there like all spoke
Chinese and everything was just Chinese even all the customers. At
this place you could order blood soup. Gross. Or you could order
roasted butterfly cocoons. Don't worry I didn't eat any of that.  Cool
news, this transfer we found out that two apostles will be coming to
our mission and doing a conference. Elder Ballard in February and
Elder Nelson in March. I am way excited for that.
On Sunday we went to visit a less active member. And like normally we
just meet her at like a food place or something. But this time we went
to her house and just knocked on the door and guess what! She was home
and she even invited us in. It was so cool. I was like oh my gosh this
never happens! Like so surprised ha. So we went in snd had this way
huge lesson with her about so many good church thing. But it like
makes me so sad because she told us basically when it came down to
getting married it was like either choose to marry someone not mormon
and be kind of judged by all the members or just don't get married. I
guess there weren't many options for her to choose from. Options being
men... So she chose to marry someone not mormon and that just kind of
started the ball rolling. It was crazy though. She told us all bout
her favorite parts of the Book of Mormon and everything. Like she
remembers so much.. But it like breaks my heart because she knows of
the truthfulness of the gospel and the joy it brings in life and she
just doesn't have it now and now she has a daughter and just like is
holding her back from the knowledge. Like she hasn't taught her
daughter any of it or anything, so I just have to say thank you mom
and dad. Thank you for raising me in a house where the gospel is.
Thank you for giving me a chance to learn and grow and gain my own
testimony. I am so grateful for it. It is something I will hold and
cherish forever.
Japan is great and the people here are great as well. I love being a
missionary so much!
Have a good week!


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