Japan Tokyo Mission 8/13 - 2/15

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Last Transfer

Mom and Dad
Transfer calls were today! I am so happy. My new companion is sister
stitch. She should be lots of fun. She is coming from nagaoka. I am
way excited.
This last week has been hard but way good so yeah. This week we have
had lots of appointments and lessons so that was way cool! But
probably the coolest thing that happened was on Wednesday. We have a
mission tour and a general authority came. Elder Aoyagi. He came and
it was so great. It is really awesome being a missionary because you
get so many amazing opportunities to have a general authority come and
speak to you!! We talked about how we much be not only authors of
faith but also finishers of faith so that was something I really
thought about. How we started this work and and now we need to make
sure that we can end it as well, if that makes sense. I learned many
things from him. But my favorite thing I learned was about obedience.
That whatever calling we receive in this life we need to fulfill it
with full obedience. As missionaries, and church members, and parents,
as Sunday school teachers, and calling you receive, it doesn't matter.
And the blessings that come from doing that will be uncountable. So
that was a good day on Wednesday. This week we also met with this lady
angle. She is from a China and is so funny!! She speaks like perfect
English and Japanese and Chinese. She is moving back to China in march
so that is sad. We had such a great lesson with her. We talked about
prayer. And she asked us, "do you really think that prayer works" so
we had an awesome lesson about prayer. Then we talked about God. And
she asked, "how do you believe in God, if you believe in science?" It
was so amazing, she just kept asking the perfect questions. She told
us she wants to keep meeting Until she goes to China and then when she
gets to China she will meet with the missionaries in China and go to
church there. It was just really cool lesson with her. This week we
had lots of cool lessons. Also this week it snowed! Like it actually
snowed. On Friday morning we woke up and the snow was just coming down
and it came down probably tell about noon. But it was so great like,
it actually stayed on the ground for a while and everything. I
secretly miss the snow.
Something that I have been thinking about lately is this, being a
missionary and a member of the church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day
Saints, I often forget that bad things can happen in life. We are
blessed with a special knowledge, and the promise of many special
blessings. The words of our church promise that if we follow Jesus's
example and keep the commandments that we will be blessed. So it's
that thinking that I forget bad things can happen to us as human
beings. I know that everyone receives their own set of challenges in
life. And I know that God doesn't leave us alone with those
challenges. He will also be there for us. I think that is something we
more often forget in life. I know that God loves each and everyone of
us. I know often we think why me, this isn't fair. But that is when we
need to remember the special knowledge we have and the promised
blessings that are waiting for us!
Sounds like things are good back home. Sorry dad that mom keeps having
all this fun... Not cool haha mom keep having lots of fun. It is crazy
the weather has been so nice haha. It's cold her but it could be a lot
colder so no complaining the thing that makes it most cold is the
wind. Ha
Things here In Japan are great!!!
Sister Brown

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