Japan Tokyo Mission 8/13 - 2/15

Monday, November 11, 2013

Cat Pizza Restaurant

Well lets see my week has been so good and so so crazy! I am glad that you were able to hear from the mission president! Him and his wife are so dang cute!!

Last week we went to this sushi place!! Yay the first sushi I have had in Japan! Its great. Dad you would have died and probably you would too mom. SO like you sit down and the sushi is on a revolving table and the food just comes around and around and you just pick what sushi you want haha and if you want something special you can just order and then like 5 minutes or something here it comes down the littler convaier belt to your table! (sorry my spelling is really terrible...) We also went to dinner at a pizza place too!! ahh it was sooo good. The pizza crust was like a brown rice crust so it was gluten free and it was delcious!! The only thing that makes it crappy... The lady that owns the restaurant has 3 cats that are in the resteraunt while you are there and like they are all over the place they are up on the counters and such, like one of the climbed over and got on our table!! IT WAS CRAZY. Besides the fact that that was really gross... haha the food was really good. 
So the bathroom at my place is awesome and so are the ones at the church they have this thing called the warmlet!! haha like a heated toilet seat. Pretty much the greatest thing in the whole wide world.  Usually I am so opposed to having a warm toilet seat, like usually it means someone just got off of it and had been sitting on it for a really long time! but this is different. It feels amazing and I love it so much!! haha nothing better then waking up on a freezing cold morning and sitting on a nice warm toilet seat. And yes they have squatters here but I haven't used them yet. They had them at the train station and they had them at the cat pizza restaurant haha. and the shower is like a room haha its so awesome. I am really lucky and have such  a cute nice little apartment. We have a bedroom and a kitchen and a little living room. We eat every meal on the floor kneeling or something.
SO I am a disaster riding a bike.  It is terrible you only have like 12 inches of space to ride here.  Mom, you and Karen would have some serious problems.  My bike already is broken it's so annoying. Hopefully we can get it to the back shop to get fixed. its something with my gears and such it like stalls and catches when ever you peddle its scary when you are going up a hill. I'm pretty sure we biked up a hill that was like going to Brighton ski resort. 
The other day we visited with an investigator that reminded me just of grandpa Wayne it made me miss him.  Please pray for Nakayamasan. He is so close to baptism he is a self referral. We met him my first Sunday I was here and he is amazing he has a date for baptism set for Dec.1. He has researched so much about the church and what not and its awesome. He is so strong and he like teaches us so much! and yesterday at church we had 4 investigators and one less active member come. There is so much potential here!
So we are cool and now twice a month we are doing a radio eikaiwa lesson. So we are teaching English over the radio here for about 20 minutes two times a month. Its 77.7hm Kiryu radio haha its also on fm radio  I am not sure what the exact dates and times are though.
The other night we were trying to find a house and we couldn't find it and it was starting to get really dark. and then all of a sudden this car came down the road and it was a lady from our ward and she asked us what we were doing and we said we were trying to find a certain house and she said well I can show you were it is, I am heading there right now! its was such a tender mercy. we needed that help for sure!  I really like housing  because you never know what you are going to get. the other day a lady answered the door in a towel haha and we went to an apartment complex and pretty sure everyone that lived there spoke a different language and Japanese was not a language that was spoken.
BRANDON AND HALEY  how cute I hope all is well with them. I love everyone. I am so glad that Lizzy helped with putting the Christmas lights up! I want to see some pictures. Its starting to get really cold here!! but its all good!  I am so grateful for everything that you are doing for me!! I love you so much!  I would actually really like to have a conference ensign please send me one and also I sent home those gym pants the black ones.. maybe could you send me those.. I don't need them for the winter but I am going to want them for the spring so no rush. I just would love like anything in the mail! haha anything from you would be awesome! Maybe some candy or something the food here is good and I have been trying to be really good with eating the right things. All the candy has like cookies in it.. and they don't have anything with peanut butter in it haha so no good stuff but i stilll love it here!! 
WE go to the temple every transfer :) we go the week before transfers and next week we have a huge mission conference with the Tokyo south mission.  Some huge person is coming to talk to us on the 20th or something.  Next Tuesday we are going to Tokyo. So hopefully i get to email next Monday.  It will probably be really early though because we are leaving here like 8 or 9 because its 3 hours on train to Tokyo and we want to spend our pday in Tokyo!! well I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH. the mission is really hard but I am very glad to be here serving the Lord!!
SIster Brown

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