Japan Tokyo Mission 8/13 - 2/15

Monday, November 18, 2013

Going to the city!!‏

Ahhh Things sound so good back home!! I sure miss you all. I am pretty sure mom that you have been in my dreams the past several nights! haha let me just say.,. ever since I have been on a mission my dreams have been crazy. Like really I am always dreaming about weird things and I always remember them in the mornings too.. and like I guess I sleep talk almost every night.. Also I feel so bad. One of my companions snores sooo loud every night and she has been a little sick too like coughing and such and like it makes it impossible to sleep. Well I don't remember this but I guess the other night I sat up and was like will you be quiet! and I said it all loud to her and I sounded all mad... awkward.
I hope that the snow works out and you get everything worked out so all the lights can be up! I am going to miss seeing them. Yesterday we were on the train and drove past a stop and it has some of the coolest Christmas lights, so hopefully I will be able to see some this year. I am not going to lie... its hard this time of the year. I miss you a ton but.. the people here are so nice, that makes it all so much better. I am really glad that I am serving a mission. The only thing that would make it better was if I could talk to someone. haha.
I am glad for granny and grandpa. A mission is awesome and the mtc is pretty great too!! I miss it there hahaha. They are going to be great missionaries. How long are they called for?? Tell them I say hello and I wish them all the best of luck!!
Sounds like its going to be fun over Thanksgiving!! Ahh thats going to be so much fun. I love Brad and Sam and Audrey!! Sam and Brad are so cute. It will be fun not having the house be so lonely and empty :) haha Tell the whole Foster family I say hello and hope that all is well.
Well this past week, went by pretty fast but at the same time it seemed like it took forever. I  think time flies when things are going good and are not too hard. So my bike..... awkward. I think its fixed now.. or its even more broke I haven't decided yet.. only time will tell. So the other day I crashed on it. which was super embarrassing like I wanted to die. haha I almost did die but after I got up from crashing on it.. like my chain wasn't doing that stupid thing anymore and it seemed to be working better. It still is having a little hard time with changing gears but it seems to be doing better haha. Well even though my Japanese is still terrible I finally memorized the first vision so I am pretty proud of that! wahooo hah its like forever long in Japanese. Its starting to get pretty cold here, The wind it is terrible. Its like being back in Cedar City. Its so hard to ride your bike in the wind. oh and cool story.. not really though. guess who has already gotten two skirts stuck in her bike so now they have stupid little holes in them. Yep you guessed right. THIS GIRL. So annoying haha I am so over this whole bike already.. good thing I still have like 15 months of it left... 
We had zone conference last Friday and that was cool.  I got to see Owens shimai. so that was great! I miss her so I am glad that I got to see her!!  Well housing this week was funny we knocked on one door and they answered, turns out they were having a funeral..... at another door we asked a guy if he wanted the book of Mormon he said yes and then as soon as we were handing it to him he slammed the door shut in ours faces haha we were getting on our bikes one night in a little street and this lady comes out telling us to come to her house and she seems super excited I am like so excited because I have never seen this lady before so that was awesome and we go over to her house and like start walking in and she has a picture of the Temple and the Prophet and I am just like thinking. Oh this is going to be awesome!! she has just been waiting for missionaries for so long... hahaha nope turns out she is an active old lady in our ward it was just dark on the street because there are like no street lights and I didn't recognize her until I saw her face in the light. 
So the train ride to Tokyo isn't on a super fast train :( It's like just a normal subway train and we have to like stop and change trains like 3 or 4 times. Hopefully I can attempt to talk to some people while on the train. hah we will see how that goes... hopefully it goes well. it probably won't considering the fact that I don't know how to hold a conversation with anyone... Oh so I played the piano in church on Sunday... THAT WENT TERRIBLE. I am so bad at it like really. I screwed up so much i vow never to do that again because it was so bad.  Like I'm never going to forget that moment....
Thats about all that i can think about right now that happened this week! I am very excited to go to Tokyo today and I am excited for the mission conference!! I miss you all so much But I am also so happy to have all of your love and support!! I hope you had such a great week and be sure to email me :) I love you!!
Sister Brown
(Name that movie quote) hahaha

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