Japan Tokyo Mission 8/13 - 2/15

Saturday, November 30, 2013

Another week here in Kiryu!

Another week here in Kiryu! It is so beautiful here. I am going to take some pictures and send them to you. Its weird because Its almost December and like the leaves are just barely changing colors. Kiryu is awesome it's like in the mountains but it's weird because it's not like the mountains that we have in Utah it's just beautiful.  if you get the chance look it up on google maps and you can look at the kiryu ward house my church is pretty big actually!!

Well lets see. The weeks are going by so fast but I feel like they are so long. SO I know exactly what you mean when you say that mom. I miss you all so much. Its weird not being home for thanksgiving. I am actually kind of missing you all. It doesn't even seem like the Holiday seasons. I doesn't even seem like Christmas is coming up. Its just weird, I don't know its hard to explain it. I bet Brandon and Josh can kind of understand it a little. But I just have to keep telling myself to focus on what things are important. Thank you so much mom and dad for your advice I really needed to hear it. Tomorrow we have our interviews with president budge so that is going to be good. I am really looking forward to those.

The mission conference was great! It was just what I needed it really made me think about somethings and made me feel so much better about that I am here doing and what not. Some thing that I have been trying to focus on is my prayers. Some of the things I learned are:  Am I really praying with real intent and I being thoughtful in my prayers. am i praying for things that i really should be praying for. With that being said I have also been working with my faith. And knowing that god is listening to me and he does hear the things that I am praying about. and having faith and hope that he does answer my prayers. One of the hardest things to do in a situation is to trust in the lord. Ether 3:11 "And the lord said unto him: Believest thou the words which I shall speak." The words which I shall speak." Do I have faith in the lord, enough faith to not only believe the words he says now but the things which he shall speak.

Also I learned that Its important to serve the lord but in doing so. Don't ask for more time to serve for example coming home from a mission don't say I wish I had more time or things like that. ALWAYS ask for more service.  When you are serving the lord and serving him according to his will the lord will be with you at all times he promises you that and that there will always be ways to do more. 

SO now that I am a missionary i look at how i attended church and participated in things. I was a terrible ward member. I am sorry. Please do all that you can to help out the missionaries. The most successful way to gain new members is through member referrals. Having members help is so important!! We cant do it on our own.

GUESS what I spent my Saturday morning doing?? Yep that's right I spent all Saturday morning doing service here in kiryu. I put up Christmas lights up for over 3 hours haha needless to say. I have a few ideas for things that we can do when I get home! hahaha 

So food wise I eat lots of yogurt and fruit and RICE so much rice i am getting some cute rice cheeks. we do like a stir fry for almost every meal so i am doing pretty good with eating i think. I really miss peanut butter they don't have that here. we have oatmeal but i haven't really eaten that. I am trying so hard not to get sick. But i have been very blessed the lord is watching over me that's for sure. AHH I drink so much hot chocolate.

OHH one more thing next week is temple pday!!!! we are going to the temple on Tuesday. so we will be staying in shibuya again on Monday night but we are going later that night. not so early pday is technically Tuesday. SO i am not really sure how emails are going to work out and if i will even get the chance to email. So yeah I am very excited to go to the temple :) and yeah. SO please email me still and hopefully I will be able to email you!! :) I love you so much and I am so glad that I have been called to serve here!! Japan is amazing and I can't wait for all of you to finally come here too!!!

Stay warm this thanksgiving tell the Fosters I say hello!!!
I love you all so much and the church is true

And yes i can ride a bike. Do you even know how to walk??

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