Japan Tokyo Mission 8/13 - 2/15

Monday, January 20, 2014

the start of transfer 3‏

Well who is ready for the big news...??
for transfer 3, I am going to be staying in Kiryu!!! I am way excited but... at the same time I am also pretty sad, because sister Taketomi is being transferred! I love her, she is the best missionary that I know, I have learned so much from the past two transfers, it has been a true blessing being able to have been her companion!! My new companion is sister Jack. I have no idea who she is but  i think she is like transfer 8 or 9 so she is way experienced and is going to be a very good companion. I am excited. I hope that I can be a great companion for her as well!!! I am happy to be in kiryu for one more transfer though. I have like grown up here, it is like my home so it is great.
Needless to say, a mission is so hard.. I feel like at times if i didn't have a testimony then I would be back home in salt lake. I am so grateful for this gospel. I love it with every oz of my body. I love the temple so much!! Honestly it is probably my favorite place in the whole wide world. I love feeling so free when I go there, that i have nothing holding me back or down, every burden is lifted from my back when I go. So there is a new temple video?? AHHH what the heck. like i mean... the really old one isn't bad, but it just isn't good compared to the new one. They still show the old one here in Tokyo, the new one hasn't been translated yet, I hope they hurry up though because I am ready to start seeing the new one again. 
i am so happy for Emily!! I love her so much, she is so cute!! I actually got an email from her this week, so i emailed her back!! I can't wait until we can go to the temple together when I get home.. I am a little sad I am going to miss Brandon's wedding.  I still can't believe he is getting married I am so exited for him!!!!!! Gosh the whole family is changing so quick, Lizzy could be on a mission by the time i get home and josh and Britt could have a baby on the way haha even Brandon and Haley. but don't you two worry I won't be going anywhere when I get back home. I am gonna go right back to going on dates with you two on the weekends. I can't wait to be third wheel again!!! :) try not to miss me too much!
 This week we have been trying so hard to find new investigators, but we haven't been able to!! but oh well we are still seeing so many miracles here so that is all that matters.  I went on exchanges the other day to a place called oizumi! and like it is where all the Brazilians live.  they only speak Portuguese there, needless to say when I was there I didn't really talk to a single person haha  but it was so fun!  it honestly felt like i was just chilling in Brazil. James and Vivian should mover here because then that way  I could see them. 
Something that I have been trying so hard to work on this week, is being a confident missionary. The past week I have been the senior companion and lets just say it is the hardest thing in the whole world, I am terrible at it!! haha but hopefully i can improve.
Temple pday was great. I love being in the city like honestly it is so fun!! but its like way weird  being around so many people and being a missionary. I want to go there one time when I am not a missionary.  i heard beyonce playing when were were walking down the street same with katy perry and that was just so crazy like what? I am missionary I haven't heard that stuff for so long. It is just so weird being so apart from the world. I am so blessed though because its great being in the world but not being of the world. That is something that I want to still be like when I get home.. but I think that that might be a little hard!!
I am so excited to get the i pads its going to be awesome and going to help out so much!!! but needless to say I think when i get home I am going to be all apple as well!!!
So with the ward we are doing an activity night every Saturday night!! It is way fun. We have done a sports night we played ping pong and soccer!! OH how  miss soccer and then we played like the game where you act things out!
SO to answers some questions.
Kiryu is freeezing cold!!! like sooooo windy!! today we are going shopping because I need to buy some more thermals its so cold here but my clothes are good! I am healthy... I think... but I am doing great. I love being here on a mission!!
Thank you so much for all of your love and support!
Sister Brown

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