Japan Tokyo Mission 8/13 - 2/15

Thursday, January 9, 2014

tooooo much taco‏

So too much taco. taco in Japanese means octopus. I feel like that's all the explanation that i need.

SOOO in japan no one celebrates Christmas, but new years is kind of a big deal here. LIKE it lasts for 5 days, that makes dendo really hard. Needless to say today finally people started going back to work and going to school and now we are able to set appointments with people so hopefully this week brings tons of promise!! I am ready to see some real miracles.

Since New years is so big here president budge made this week a little different than normal. We had one day that was strictly all cleaning. We weren't suppose to go out side or anything just deep clean the whole apartment which was probably really good, just considering that we really needed it. And then the next day was suppose to be dedicated to only book of mormon reading the whole day. We are all pretty sure the reason why we had those was because he wanted to keep us safe and not let us get in bad situations which actually is really nice of him when you think about it.

This week we ate so much food with members it was so great!!! but they fed us a lot of traditional Japanese food... needless to say it was very Japanese and I don't really want to eat it anymore haha. we had it on Wednesday and Friday. haha it wasn't terrible but just very fishy like i ate these little fish probably two inches long and like a cm wide but they were dry and flat its so hard to explain and then the shrimp still had its eye balls and its whole body shell included haha. and just lots and lots of octopus haha So on Saturday we had lunch at the bishops and i was just thinking the whole time please don't have new years food please please please I can't take it. I can't eat that food again.  when we got there i saw what we were eating and I almost cried because i was so happy!! It was like pure costco food!!!! hahah They had costco pizza costco rolls they had croissants they had tortilla chips they had hamburger helper but best of all they have my favorite the thing i ate most of it!!! Rotisserie chicken ahhh it was soo great!! Honestly the best meal ever had. Like I always thought that cutting one of those things seemed really hard but watching bishops wife cut it with a knife and chop sticks blew my mind!!!

there is a lady here in my ward she is the coolest lady ever!! Like I want to hang out with her. She is so awesome and she dresses so cool and I could just go on and on about her, but so you can try to understand her better and see how she cool she is.. like think of pat thomas, she is pretty awesome. If pat thomas was Japanese then they would be pretty similar like i don't even know.  Its really awesome being able to find people that remind me of people. haha 

This next week i don't know if i will be emailing you just because next week is temple pday and like pday is on Tuesday and we have to travel back from Tokyo and just yeah so hopefully i will be able to but if not i am very sorry but with that being said, please please please still write me!! haha it would be sad if i got on and i had no emails

WELLL COOOOOLLL NEWSSSS!!!!!! in this past year in my mission, every area had a baptism except for 2. and in December we had 35 baptisms!! that's almost every area in our whole mission!!! 
The work here is progressing and I am so happy that I can be a part of it!!! 
And finally we have gotten word on the ipads. We will for sure be getting them the first week of February!! I am excited to have another tool help us see more miracles. 

I don't know i feel like i had so much more to tell you but I can't remember anything right now!! :( but oh well. Just know that I love ya!! And have fun with out me!! haha 

tell everyone hello!! 
XOXO Sister Brown

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