Japan Tokyo Mission 8/13 - 2/15

Tuesday, April 15, 2014


Wow I can't believe that this transfer is already over!!! What the
heck, I thought I just got here!! It's crazy. I saw so many miracles
this transfer. I am so blessed to be here that's all I have got to
say. I don't know if my speaking a little improved a whole lots this
transfer... But I know my hearing did and I understand so much now.
Well at least I think haha.. I love asada Shimai so much. She is
awesome. I am so blessed to have been her companion last transfer. I
know The Lord really is in charge of all of this stuff and he places
us with certain people for certain reasons... So yes. My new
companions is sister ivory! She is so cute, we served in the same zone
while in kiryu. We have done exchanges together before. I am way
excited for her to be my new companion!! She is transfer 6 and I am
transfer 5.
So general conference was so good. There were so many talks that I
really loved. I really liked the Sunday morning session the best
though!! I thought all of those were really good! I forget that how
blessed we are and how we get to be home in the couch watching
conference on the tv. Like everyone has to go to the church to watch
conference. We went to the church in Niigata to watch it. It's awesome
seeing people how dedicated they are because they can't sit at their
home to watch it so the travel over an hour to the church to watch it.
Like that is so awesome to me. Because come on we sit on the
couch in our pjs watching conference. Haha
This week the biggest thing that I learned is no matter what is
happening with your investigators you must always keep faith and keep
them in your prayers. I know that Satan is working very hard on God's
investigators. He doesn't want them to join the church. He doesn't
want them to receive the message of the restoration. It is so hard
seeing people use their agency in a negative way. I know Heavenly
Father would do anything for his children to come back to him but he
won't take away one of the most precious gifts he has given us, our
agency. Preach my gospel says "When people do not accept the gospel,
do not be discouraged. You have raised a warning voice. You have given
them a clear choice. Disciples of Christ feel sorrow when people
choose not to repent, but they maintain a vision of who they are and
what they are doing. They continue to diligently move forward." I
believe that statement 100%. I know that I have to move on and keep
working my hardest. I know that sometimes my faith is the most
important thing. I mission is full of ups and downs. I know that this
is heavenly father's work not mine. I know that as long as I follow
heavenly father's will I will see miracles happen here in Nagaoka. I
am so blessed that he trusts me to help bring his lost sheep back to
him. I know that sometimes our investigators don't use the agency the
way they should but I also know that there is a seed being planted in
their hearts. So if not now someday they will receive the message of
the restored gospel of Jesus Christ.
So nagaoka is famous for all of their fireworks like they have a huge
firework show!! And it's August 2 and I really want to see it... But
chances are that I won't be here in august. Today we went and watched
a little movie of them oh my gosh, they were so good!! They are best
show in japan. Like I was so moved haha the fireworks were so moving
like they were so good I almost wanted to cry hahaha.
So spring has sprung!! It's so great here!! Oh my gosh I love it, I
wish spring would last forever. The sky is blue it's nice and warm
with a light breeze and the Sakura are amazing. Oh my gosh soooo great
Easter is nonexistent here. It's so sad. I love Easter. Such an
important time for us to always remember our savior. I know that this
week we will be able to see many miracles. Thank you for sending me an
Easter package. I am very excited. Well since I live in the North Pole
who knows when I will get it... Lizzy sent me a letter over two weeks
ago and I still haven't gotten it. Hopefully this week or next week.
But I will be sure to share that candy with asada so she can feel
another joyful part of Easter haha.
I love my mission so much. I love seeing all the miracles, I love
seeing how the gospel can change lives. I love seeing people after
they have accepted the gospel. I know that being a member of the
church is hard and I know that we aren't all perfect but that's why we
have the atonement. The hardest part of the mission is those days when
you feel like you can't do anything. When people have problems that
you want to help them with but you just simply can't. And you just see
them slip away. Seeing people slip away from this gospel is the
hardest thing to see.
Have a good week xoxox
Sister Brown 


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