Japan Tokyo Mission 8/13 - 2/15

Wednesday, April 9, 2014


WOWSmiling face with open mouth and smiling eyes
I am so excited for lizzyyy like really my words can't explain. She is
going to love it and the fact that she will be in the same mission as
Elise is so awesome. She is going to love it soo much, maybe she will
meet Taylor swift... Maybe.. Haha if only she spoke Spanish. And it
will be so cool for josh and lizzy to speak to each other! Haha gotta
love it. I didn't get to see the video of her opening it though... Which
totally is lame. My iPad is dumb and doesn't let my down load the
videos anymore..more problems a lame block they put in this thing haha.
It's crazy how everything for lizzy is happening the exact same
time that happened for me!! Wow so crazy! She is going to love it!!
I am so pumped!!
So how was conference?!! Did you love every minute of it? How
many times did you fall asleep watching it. I missed conference from
the couch this year :( haha and eating all the food you want during
it. But oh well.. Next spring right.. Haha anyways the general
woman's meeting was pretty awesome!! I am glad that I was able to
watch it and yes, I watched it in English so I actually understood it
and was able to get something from it!! Something that I got from it,
like if I have to pick like two or three sentences to describe what I
leaned this is what it is. Stay on the straight and narrow pathway.
Keep my feet planted firmly and walk, do not hesitate do not look
back. I know the example I must follow, I know where the path leads,
just stay on it and follow it. I am not only in this journey I have my
savior and all the sisters of the church. Okay so maybe that was more
then a few sentences but yeah.
This week was awesome though, we saw so many miracles but my favorite
miracle that we saw was this. On Thursday we had lunch with a former
investigator. She had a baptismal date and everything. The reason why
she stopped meeting with the missionaries is because of her family and
that is why she didn't get baptized. She is amazing, she has so much
faith and truly has a desire to know and understand these things. She
talked with her family about the church and being baptized but they
were against it and she didn't want to cause a problem... On Thursday
we were able to meet with her and just see how she was doing and if
she still had the same feelings about the church. We met her and her
son at a restaurant. She said she just found it and she had never been
there before but she wanted to try it. We have never heard of it
before so we were like sweet lets go. We get there and sit down and
order our food. It was a little awkward because we didn't really know
what to talk about and like we were having a very hard time bringing
up the gospel. When the cook walked out of the kitchen and brought us
some food. He looked at asada Shimai and and I for several seconds and
was just like ohhhh hmmm mmmmm ohhhh i see. We both are thinking what
the heck is going on, we don't know him. We figured maybe we said
hello to him or something during smile dendo or what not. He then
brought us some more food we never ordered and we were just so
confused. And then he says to our investigator are you studying about
the Mormons. And we were just blown away. We weren't expecting that at
all. So we had to ask. We asked do you know us? Have we met before? He
said yes I know the missionaries and several years ago I was baptized.
Whattttt we all just looked at each other and didn't really know what
to say. We asked his name and then it all clicked. Turns out he is the
less active member the elders are working with and this is his
restaurant that they always go to. Our investigator was extremely
impressed by how kind he was an everything. She asked is that how
everyone is? Like it was so perfect. That right there was gods hand
creating miracles for both her and him. That week he met all 6 of us
missionaries with out us even planning that. With our investigator we
were able to talk about a lot of things, the main thing was prayer.
She loves how she feels when we are with her and when she prays. She
said she gets so busy with her little son sometimes she feels like she
can never pray. We talk about being able to pray anytime and anywhere.
Needless to say today was full of miracles and it was amazing. At the
end of the day we got a message from her saying she was so grateful
for today and that she learned so much and she felt so much peace and
calm and joy. I am so happy that I can be apart of this work and
helping people just like her really feel gods hand and strengthen
testimonies in these hard times!!
So the cherry blossoming are coming... But yesterday was a blizzard.
So lame.. But I think this time it's finally done snowing haha. Or it
better be at least. There is this really awesome river here and it's
just packed with cherry blossom trees it's sooo cool!! They have like
all these lights stringed up in the trees and everything. I am way
excited for the blossoms to finally come!!
So today was zone pday so guess what that means next Monday is
transfer calls!! Wow this transfer has flown by!! I can't believe it.
Things are finally starting to roll along here. Our investigators and
people are awesome. I don't want asada Shimai to leave but I think she
might... Which is really starting to stress me out, because I am not
ready to be the person who speaks better Japanese in the companionship
because i can still hardly speak at all... I am so nervous like
really. But all I guess I can say is come what May and love it. Oh and
sad news.. Since I am serving clear up in Niigata.... It's too far to
come for temple pday... So I don't get to go. Which is lame but I am
blessed that I had the opportunity to go while be a missionary. So no
complaining, and I am sure that I will get the chance to go again.
Mom I am glad you had a good birthday week, every one deserves that
once in a while!! :) haha anyways I can't wait to try that swing out!!
poor grandma I will keep her in my prayers!  I don't think I even know
who alisa and Riley are... I think I remember those names but I am not
sure. I got a letter from Tanya and Shaun so that was nice! Hopefully 
those two write me.. I mean I am still a live.. I just don't live in 
America or have a cell phone haha. Thank you for getting mad at them.. 
They deserve it haha.  Oh so umm do I have another brother.. I think his 
name is Brandon... But I can't remember or not.  Dad that's so awesome to 
hear about that meeting. I look forward to being able to meet him in one 
year!! Wow that sounds crazy!! Thank you so much for all your prayers and 
support. From you and everyone. I am so thankful for it!!

I am doing so good here!! I am so blessed and so thankful to be
serving here in japan. There is no where else I would love to be.
I love you have a great week!!
Sister brown!!


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