Japan Tokyo Mission 8/13 - 2/15

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Happy Easter

Hello mother hello father
What's up....????
How was Easter.
So I am sure you have already seen the video because of him... But if
you haven't please please please look it up!! And if you have, just
look it up again. Because I love it so much.
I got your package!!! Yessss it came the next day. So Tuesday haha. So
asada Shimai was able to have some of it!! Thank you so much. I loved
everything. It was like the best package ever!! Like no joke I was so
excited over it!! Once again thank you so much.
This week I have really been focusing a ton on church attendance.
Since Sunday is Easter, I thought it would be great for many people to
come to church!! I thought a lot about what I needed to do to see
people at church on Sunday. I did everything I could. By Friday night
I still had no confirmation that people could come. It seemed as
though everyone I asked said they couldn't come. It was getting
frustrating. I invited everyone from kids eikaiwa to come, even the
less active people that were there. On Saturday night I prayed for a
miracle. I prayed so hard that we would have people at church on
Sunday. Church is soooo important. I had put so much work and effort
into getting people at church on Sunday. Ivory Shimai and I asked
everyone to come. But still... No one said they could.
On Sunday Morning, everyone started settling into their chairs for
sacrament meeting to start. There was probably 5 minutes until it
started and still no investigators at church. That's when the elders
came up to me and said go out to the hall people are here. The family
from eikaiwa is here. I got up and went right out. Sure enough the dad
and his two daughters were here.
During the sacrament I was pondering and praying. I was overcome by
the spirit, a feeling  of  validation came over me. It was like
Heavenly Father was  telling me your work is not being wasted. So often
I get caught up in not seeing results right away I get frustrated and
lose hope. I had the feeling that with patience the miracles will
come. I thanked Heavenly Father very much for showing me such an
amazing miracle. And teaching me such am important lesson.  I know
that this is his work. And I know that what I am doing is important. I
know that with diligence and patience I will see this work come to
Right now it is 10:45 am. We are at the church emailing. I am glad we
have wifi here. Very thankful for that. Ahhh I am a little sad I
missed Brandon and Haley. I can't believe that their wedding is coming
up so soon. I am so excited for them. I saw some of their wedding
photos. Well engagement photos.  They are soooo cute. I can't wait
until I get to finally meet Haley!! I am pretty sure that I will like
her. I love hearing all the wedding details. It's needed. Sometimes I
need to give my mind a break and get rid of the stresses of being a
missionary. So never hesitate to tell me any of the goods!! I am glad
it's a hot Easter for you!! Remember last Easter I went to that
baseball game. Haha everyone in japan loves the Seattle mariners. So I
feel cool saying that I have seen them play. I like to think that my
Japanese is getting better. Well for the most part, my understanding
is becoming so much better so that is a major blessing!! I know
Heavenly Father is helping me it every single day.
This transfer is going to be a great transfer I just know it. I know
we can see awesome miracles. And Elder Cook is coming to speak to us
next month so I am way excited about it!! I love serving a mission. I
love it I love it I love it!! Thank you for all of your love and
I love our savior and have come so close to him this time while
serving a mission. Something that I have learned is really how much he
truly loves us and how he is so aware of us. I know that I am never
alone. I know he paid the biggest price for me to always feel this
way. I know that he was so utterly alone at the hardest moments in his
life but because he was so alone and he never stopped and he finished
the fathers will. I never have to be alone ever in my life. I will
always have him there and have a testimony and a knowledge of that is
the biggest comfort and blessing I could ever have!! Have a great
week. I am sorry if I snows for you!!
 Sister Brown.

Ward activity on Saturday. We played soccer ice. Most of these people
are not members but eikaiwa students so fun!!!

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