Japan Tokyo Mission 8/13 - 2/15

Monday, January 19, 2015


Mom and Dad

So yeah things here are super fun! This last week we had a huge party thing at the church. There is this Japanese food called mochi that every Japanese person loves.
And we had so many of our investigators show up. It was so fun! I will send you a video  of people making it. It's basically like this really soft rice. Ha I have no idea how to explain mochi. I am sorry. Side note. The black guy in the video his name is Brother Biney. He was a world champion boxer haha. But not anymore now he is just a boxing ref. But still now cool is that! 

This past week my companion has had the flu Ha so terrible. I feel bad for her but I felt like I was going to die. I needed fresh air so bad haha and my fingers and eyes were getting tired from staring at my iPad and doing area book on it all day haha and emailing people and calling people on our dorky phone only works for like 50 minutes before your feel like dying haha. Not to be dramatic or anything. 

But yeah. At church we had lots of investigators come so that was way exciting! It's so fun.
We had dinner at the Dorffs house on Sunday night. We ate Hawaiian haystacks. Talk about long time no eat haha. It tastes delicious. They are so kind to and make sure that everything is always gluten free for me. I love them. Anyways we went over with our investigators. Eri came she is so cute. She loves going to church and she loves learning the gospel and she just looks at all the families and everything and sees how happy everyone is and she just talks about how much she wants that. It's so great. Then the Matsuhashi family also came. They are Sonpon, Hinaco, and Yu. President Dorff arranged for this family from another Ward to come over for dinner as well. Sonpon has been wanting to meet them because the dad is from Thailand. And so on it was just really cute. Such a great night! 

I can't believe Kate and Jeff are home. So cute. So exciting haha!! 

I love ya and hope you have a great week. 

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