Japan Tokyo Mission 8/13 - 2/15

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Amazing Week

Mom and Dad
Hey hey hey
Wow this week was amazing. I can not believe the blessings that I have
been given so far on my mission. And they just keep coming. I am so
grateful that Heavenly Father loves me so much to keep blessing me
like this.
Wednesday was probably the best days I have had my entire mission.
On Wednesday we did many things. The day was great. But the best part
didn't happen tell eikaiwa. So we have this investigator Angel. She is
great but the past couple weeks she has just kind of not been around.
Her and her husband are moving to China so she has been busy doing
things for that and we just haven't heard from her. But today she
messaged me and said that she was going to come early to eikiawa
because she needed to talk. My heart sunk. I was worried all my fears
were coming true. She came early and when she came she had a large
bag, and I of course tried to see what was in it. And when I peeked I
saw all the church books we had given her in it. I tried to ignore
what I just saw and talk with her. So we started. I had this video I
wanted to show her about God and science and how they support each
other and everything. And I started off and she quickly interrupted
me. She said "oh, you don't need to show me that video, I already
believe in God." And then she continued on with her experience she had
to come to know that God is real. I was in shock. Then the best part
happened. She looked me straight in the eyes and said "Sister Brown, I
want to get baptized. Pleas tell me all the things that I need to do
so that I can get baptized before I go to china." I literally just sat
there, I think my mouth fell to the ground and I just kind of started
laughing. Angle looked at me all puzzled and asked what was happening.
I told her how excited I was for her and how I want to help her so
bad. So things just went from there. Her baptismal date is for March
14th. That night we talked about all of the commandments and the things
she needs to do to prepare for baptism. And we have just been busy
with that the past days.
I feel so honored and blessed that God has given me such a huge
miracle towards the end of my mission. I love being a missionary it is
That is too bad to hear about Murray. What a tough loss. Next year :)
Maybe I will be the good luck charm. When does the big NCAA madness
start? Mom I hope that your work schedule doesn't interfere with it
too much! And Spring training. Oh baby. that is exciting. I sure
hope that they are playing in Cali when we are there. I will pray for
that! Haha
The weather here is starting to get better. But it's annoying because
one day it will be super good weather and sunny and warm and then the
next day it is freezing cold and windy and rainy haha. But today is
great. And the Sakura are starting to blossom so that is exciting. I
might be lucky enough to see them before I go home!
Hope you have a great week!!
ECherry blossom🐅

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