Japan Tokyo Mission 8/13 - 2/15

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

More Miracles

Can you believe it.... Next week.... I am going to come home.
I really am excited to see you all....  But I think part of me is
going to die. Not to be Dramatic or anything.
For example: on Thursday night we had exchanges. So I have been living
in Urawa since August. And I haven't slept in another apartment since
September 9th or something like that. Well last week I was staying in
Koshigaya. It was way fun. The girl I didn't exchanges with is so cute
and the apartment is great. But that night I just felt so sad.... Like
something was wrong. I layed down in my futon that night and just felt
so sad. finally I realized what it was. Home sickness.... I was
seriously homesick for Urawa... Like I missed it. It's my home there
and I was gone. So I am a little nervous to come home.
So big news!!
On Sunday elder Nelson is going to Saitama stake and there is going to
be a special stake conference. It's going to be held at my church here
in Urawa. So that is going to be so neat. I have never been to church
with an apostle before so I am excited. Also that day we have a
baptismal service. Angel is going to get baptized them. She is great!
She is doing so well. Progressing very well and is so excited to be
baptized. She already had her interview and passed and everything. So
happy. But please keep praying for her.  But the best news is... Not
only is angel getting baptized but so is our other investigator
Keiko!!!! Last Tuesday we had a lesson with her and we asked her to
get baptized and she said yes! So we started talking about when sh e
should and she actually told us that she has been thinking about it
and wants to get baptized on the 15th! Oh my gosh, needless to say we
have been super busy here. We are preparing two people to get
baptized. So busy here. I am so excited for Keiko. So is so amazing.
Such an example to me and so great. I feel so blessed that Heavenly
Father has given me such an amazing miracle towards the end of my
mission. Please please please keep Keiko in your prayers she needs all
the strength and the help she can get!!!
That's About all that is going on for me here. I love you all.
Thanks literally for everything you do for me!
I did get the package from elder and sister brown. So happy and so
thankful for it!!
Just getting warmed up for some pingpong


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