Japan Tokyo Mission 8/13 - 2/15

Monday, March 16, 2015

Final Email

Mom and Dad
Well can you believe it?!
The final email....
This is weird. I wish I could fully explain to you all the feelings
that I am feeling right now. I feel so overwhelmed. I am so excited
but yet, this is the last thing I want to be doing.
This past week couldn't have been any better. We were working so hard
with getting our investigators prepared for baptism. I have never felt
so busy. Getting two people ready for baptism on the same day. What an
exciting thing to experience.
Sunday was seriously a day I will never forget. Since angel and Keiko
both were going to get baptized after the stake conference, they saved
seats for them, clear in the very front. Like we are talking the second
row. So we sat up there with angel and Keiko. Something even cooler.
Keiko's mother and younger brother both came as well!! Her mom flew up
here for the weekend. It was such a surreal meeting. Keiko was asked
to give the closing prayer at the conference. The whole time everyone
was talking if felt like they were just staring at us, In their eyes.
Such a neat experience. When sister Nelson got up and spoke she asked
the people who were getting baptized today to stand up. And then just
look around at everyone who was at this meeting. And then she asked
all the people who are supporting them with their decision to be
baptized to also please stand up. Everyone in the crowd stood up and
then she asked the people who were getting baptized to take a moment
and look around and see everyone that are supporting them. It was so
great. The spirit filled the room right away. It was one of the
coolest things I have experienced.
Angel is truly amazing. She is so prepared. She has been reading and
praying so much and she just has such a strong testimony of God. She
knows that this world has so many problems and the only way to over
come them is through help from God, she use to think that she was the
person that would fix everything. And that it was all her. But now she
knows that that is wrong she knows that she needs God in her life and
she knows that she can and will be able to always have him now. She has
such a desire to share the gospel with everyone she comes in contact
with. She is moving back to China in a few days which is so sad, but I
know it is where she needs to be. I know that she is going to bless
those people in China more than anything and she is going to help so
many people out while she is there.
Keiko. Talk about someone prepared, yesterday was just her time. It
was time for her to get baptized. She has known about the gospel her
entire life. She has seen it bless her  mothers life, her sisters
life, her families life and others. She knows that it is good. She had
some things happen to her in her life lately that were a game changer.
Things that made her become prepared and accepting to the gospel.
Having her mother there was such an treat. I am so thankful for Keiko
and for her example she has been to me. I am going to miss her so
The things I have learned since becoming a missionary are uncountable.
The people I have met are unforgettable. The miracles I have witnessed
are life changing. Being blessed with the chance to serve a mission
for the church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints has blessed my
life. I am so happy with the decision I made to serve.
I can't wait until we get to talk and get see each other on Friday.
Where has time gone. 19 months seems so fast... Like a blink of an
Love you lots

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