Japan Tokyo Mission 8/13 - 2/15

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

MTC Week # 6

Another wonderful week at the MTC!! Its crazy I only have two more pdays left!! WHAT THE HECK!! Soon enough I will actually be living in Japan, That is blowing my mind!!

This week was hard. Like maybe it was the fact that it was conference and that made me a little home sick or maybe it was the fact that I am realizing that I am gong to be in Japan really soon and I don't know if I feel very well prepared to be there. Like I am feeling pretty confident in my gospel vocabulary. I still need to learn some notes, I am doing good but like I have  no idea what people ever say to me and if it's not about the gospel then I just am so lost. Like the other day when we were teaching our investigator he said that he hated it when it was freezing cold and raining. And I had no idea what he said so I just said yea, I love it. haha What the heck?! No one in their right mind likes when it is freezing cold and raining. And I just find myself nodding my head and said yes or no trying to not look to confused. Even when people say a statement or ask me a question that obviously needs more than a yes or no answer. So in Japanese to say that you don't understand you wakarimasen. Well this is what I find myself doing. I nod my head like I know whats going on and like I am understanding but then I also say wakarimasen. Its pretty funny. Well its funnier in person I guess and its probably funnier when you actually speak Japanese.  I guess that my sleep talking has gotten out of control. I am talking all night long, but I do have some help in learning Japanese, I am sleep talking in Japanese... haha so thats always a good thing.

So conference. Lets see. I actually watched every single session and I didn't fall asleep once. So that was really cool. I am really glad that I was able to watch it here. Like this conference was really amazing. The whole time I felt like it was talking to me directly!! I am so excited to be doing the Lords work. My favorite talk was by Richard G. Scott. I liked how he talked about you can't let satan get to you. He tries and will bring back memories of past sin and past guilt. That is something that can be so hard for you and something that can make the mission seem almost impossible. It just makes you feel inadequate and I have been feeling that a lot lately.The over all message that I got from conference is that I need to come unto Christ. Not just when I need help or when I am struggling or when I need to repent, just come to him like he is there in person with you and you can talk to him about anything. I have really been having a hard time doing that, I have all this pride in me and it's been my biggest struggle letting go of it and going to Christ, but I can  say that I am improving with that every day!   Day by day I am getting better so that is really great. I can feel Gods love for me and that's a great feeling.  I am go grateful to have had conference at the time it was, I really needed it and really has changed and helped me out so much in the past couple of days, I am very excited for the future and what can happen now.

I am sorry that the flowers are freezing, they kind of start looking crappy at this time of the year anyways. I love fall, that's something that I am missing for sure. Like I just love it.  My district has come up with this awesome musical number though... hahaha we sing I am trying to be like Jesus to the tune of Harry Potter. It's pretty much the coolest thing in the whole world. haha The things we do to stay entertained in the mtc
Thanks for sending my pic and address to James and Vivian. I love them!  They are so cute and I miss them!  Every time I meet an elder or a sister who is going to Brazil I think about them. I am so excited for Katie, hopefully she has a girl! That would be so cute!!! :) I remember her and I were making jokes about her getting pregnant like when she moved hahah awkward.. So I finally figured out Kate's email and I emailed her last week, and she wrote me this week! OH what a cutie!! I told her we are basically going to be neighbors in about three weeks.

I love you so much and thank you so much for all of your support and everything you do for me!! I love you lots.

Sister Brown.

Brown bag lunch with the district
My district in front of the Temple on Sunday.. what a bunch of keepers

Me and Elder Redd!! or known as Mormon. He was in my youthlinc group and we went to Mexico together so it was fun having him in my branch.  We always talked and such, it was great!!

The two nihongi, they are so cute and they left on Monday!! They told me they love the way my voice sounds... haha awkward because I sound like a man..

Weekends at the mtc are pretty slow so I have resigned to taking pictures of myself hahaha
I couldn't find that mtc sign so I took this picture  instead.

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  1. E, You. Are. Darling!! I love how your write "like" in your letters. It makes me fee like we are just having a conversations. Hang in there girl. Can't wait to see the "selfies" in Japan. Love ya.