Japan Tokyo Mission 8/13 - 2/15

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

The travel plans are in!‏ Last week in the MTC!!!!

This seems so unreal to me. I have been here at the MTC for like ever but really time has just flown by. I honestly am surprised that I am leaving sosososos soon. I am very excited to go. The gospel is taking off in Japan and I cant believe that I was chosen by the Lord to do his wonderful work!! Its truly amazing. I am so humbled by this opportunity. I am scared out of my mind though.  But I need to have faith in my Lord and I know that I will be able to do the Lords work and be able to do the tasks and feed his sheep and bring them back home to him. Like I can't explain to you what I am feeling. I hardly can speak any Japanese. But I am not feeling nervous about that. I feel nervous about other things. This is the best thing that I could be doing with my life. I need not to worry about things. I need to keep a clear mind and know that I am doing what the Lord wants me to do and that HE is going to be by my side the entire time! He is watching over me, He will lead me to do the things that he wants done in his church. He knows the master plan that I don't know. I don't know but even with how hard this is going to be and how much this is going to stretch me and push my limits I have never been more excited in my life!!

Well here is what everyone has been waiting for!! The Travel plans:  Monday morning at 5:30 we are meeting at the travel office and leaving and driving to the airport! I am going to make my doryo get there at 5:15. Like this will be the only time that I will nag her about being on time. You would be so proud of me. I am pretty much late to everything because she has ZERO sense of time and I dont want to be a jerk and nag her alllllllll the time.... Its been really hard for me.  ANYWAY so leaving at 5:30am monday morning
We are flying from SLC to LAX. We are flying on DELTA flight #1813 to LAX. Our flight takes off at 9:48am and we land in LAX at 10:51.  From LAX we fly straight to Japan the airport is NRT (Tokyo Narita, Japan) We are flying on DELTA flight #283. It takes off at 1:00pm and we land at 4:55pm October 29!!!  Is Kirk Pace going to be working!!?? Tell him to look for me! I would love to see him!! :) I love Kirk and Paula! 

Its so crazy!! I am so excited. I can't even explain it. I am so nervous but at the same time I have such a calm feeling. Its amazing. This week we also get our new name tags. So like sister brown won't be in English any more its going to say bロwンシマイ  My name will be something along those lines. Which is crazy. Good thing I know how to read hiragan and katakana!! and a little romanji!!

Well this past week has been a really awesome week! Last Tuesday night Dallin H. Oaks came to the Tuesday night devotional! He did such a great job. I love the way he talks he is like brilliant!! He talked a lot about the other churches in the world and they made complete sense. That they all have some truths to them and they do good things, ours is just the best out of all of them. It was a very interesting talk but it was very very good at the same time. 

So the other day during lunch this elder came up to me holding a newspaper. I was a little confused and then he pointed to a picture and then asked me if that was me in the picture. Sure enough it was the church news with the choir singing in it and it was me. He then continued to say that him and the elders have been watching me the past days just really wondering if it was me in the picture or not and then one elder was like well why don't we just go ask her. So he did, and then he asked me if i would sign it for him haha it was so classic and so weird hah I loved it!! 

WELL good news I have had like the same 6 zits on the side of my head for the past 8 weeks cool and i am getting knew ones that are moving in and moving out all the time. Its pretty much a great landing spot. I don't know.. I guess its just a great vacation spots for zits or something haha.

Last Wednesday I was also a host for the new missionaries. It was pretty fun!! Like its weird being the one that has been here the longest. In less than a week that will change and I will be the little bean chilling in Tokyo so fresh having no idea what is going on!

Thank you for the package! it was pretty much everything I needed. I will be sending home a package in a couple of days of stuff that I don't really need!! AHHH I love you so much and I cant wait to talk to you on monday :) I miss you so much! Its going to rule!! 

Sister Brown
Temple walk on a rainy Sunday

yay the nihongi are here

last Temple trip of the MTC

Sister Ellis she is so cool!! we love all the same tv shows

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