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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

MTC Week #7

This week was the bomb!! It was probably the most eventful week I have had since coming to the MTC.. well besides singing in conference. So last Wednesday we did this thing call TRC. We do it every week and it's where you have lessons with members. Well this week we did a skype TRC and we skyped with members from Japan!! It was so awesome!  But it was really hard haha I just realized over and over again how bad my Japanese really is... Oh well. I think I was able to get my point across for the most part. So at the start I was introducing myself. I told the lady I was skyping with that I had 10  older brothers... whoops. She laughed and was like well that's okay to have 10 older brothers because we are Mormon.  When I told her I was sister Brown she laughed and said Chairo Brown funny funny... not really...I guess I better start getting use to that joke now. Well then she asked me what I liked to do I told her that I love to play soccer!! and she looked at me and said what are you like a man or something??! hahah. OH man that was terrible.. And then I tried to pray with her and she asked me if I had memorized that prayer... and of course I had to tell her the truth and said yeah... awkward. It was all fun and games talking with skype. I shared a scripture with her and I talked to her about repentance. It was really good. I can't wait to do it again!! 

So this whole week I had been feeling like I was going to get called on to speak on Sunday. So when we go to Sacrament meeting everyone has to prepare a talk on the theme that we are speaking on. And then after the Sacrament that's when they call on people so you have no idea if you are speaking or not... Well on Saturday night the people in charge of getting people to say prayers asked me if I would pray and I said yes. So I was thinking okay perfect I am saying the prayer I won't get called on to talk... but then again all week I had been feeling like I was going to be giving a talk. So I had no idea what was going on. Well sure enough after the Sacrament they announce the speakers and I am the very name that they say.. and then he finishes announcing the rest of the program and was like we will also have a closing prayer by Brown shimai. All I have to say is that is was the Brown show in Sacrament meeting. I also made a fool of myself too haha because everything is in Japanese. I only had to say one verb right the whole time and everything would be okay but I messed that up. So at the end of my talk when you are saying in the name of Jesus Christ amen, it's a little different than in English. I said O-inori ( and that's what you say in a prayer) when you are saying a talk or like testifying you say Akashi. haha ughh  I messed that up so bad.. It was too classic. 

Well now me and Jake Brown have class right next to each other. They made us all switch class rooms last night. All of west campus is going to be Spanish speaking. So its just a huge mess over here.  So we had to move out of our building and move to a different one. It totally sucks because we used to have the top floor of a building and it was just us in it.. it was amazing and now we are on a floor with all the other Japanese speakers which is probably a really nice thing, but its packed and super loud and it smells funny so that's annoying.  At least it will only be for a few mores days because I am leaving SOON!!! AHHHH 

GO UTES!! I am so proud of them for winning!! I bet it would have been an awesome game to  be at!! And lame the picture of Josh on ESPN didn't work it was like an email of just a huge link and yeah.. which sucks hah I am just happy they won!! Sarah Bell emailed me and she sent me a picture of her and Kamille at the game! It looked so fun!
Only one more Pday here before I go to Japan. I am so excited!!  We should hopefully be getting our travel plans on friday :) weird!!!! I can't believe that its actually time for me to go!!! 

The church is true and there is no other place that I rather be at than here serving the Lord!  I cant wait to share the gospel with the people living in Japan. 
Brown Shimai

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