Japan Tokyo Mission 8/13 - 2/15

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Onto transfer 2‏

Okay so welcome to Kiryu again!! Ahh I am very excited to be staying here again. I really feel like I can do some serious good work here. So that's just a great feeling. So Sister Taketomi is my companion! AHH :) I am so happy. I love her to death and I have so much I need to learn from her. SO I am so excited to be able to have her as my companion again!! Sister Cheney is being transferred. I think she is happy but sad at the same time just because she has been here for so long. But wait there is more. WE are also getting two other sisters!! Our little place is going to be packed! Kiryu now is going to have 4 sisters. SO I pray that we can really start finding people now!! And one is sister Seamons I am very excited because we were in the same district in the mtc so that is going to be a blast.
OKAY FIRST!! TELL ME ABOUT KATE. thank you so much for sending those letter and their emails I really liked those. I don't have anytime hardly to email so getting those and being able to read them was so great so thank you!! GOSH I am worried for her. It makes me sad because I just think about how much i have here and such... :( its also sad that so many people  where she is at  want the gospel and are so ready for it but there are just not the means to have a church and such. When here I am in Japan and the gospel is all around and there are Temples and everything but NO ONE wants anything to do with it. That's really sad to me. I pray for her every night so I am just going to have to start praying for her even more!! I haven't heard from her in a while I will just have to send her an email!! Tell Cindy I will pray for her and Kate.
Okay this week has been a good one but a sad on. We had two investigators just break up with us.. haha One of them even had a baptismal date for the 22 :( boooooooo Its sad because he believes and he reads and prays all the time he just can't pay his tithing or go to church on Sunday he says... So yeah that was hard and the other one loves reading the book of Mormon she knows so much and her prayers are soooo good they are like better than mine, no joke!! but she said that whenever she goes to church she has a bad experience from it... so yeah. she said she needs a break. SO basically we have no investigators so cool. Tomorrow we have a lesson with a potential investigator so I really hope that, that works out!! I am praying it does.
The other night we knocked on over 60 doors and  we only gave out one book of Mormon and we didn't even talk to them in person they just asked us to put it in their mail box. Here everyone has speaker door bells so hardly any doors ever get opened we just talk to people through their door bells.
We are really trying hard to focus on activating less active members and member referral! They are so important so we are working hard with that. This last week was stake conference. It was weird I have never traveled over 1 hour for stake conference before and it was in like a preforming arts center. haha but it was so great. Even though it was hard to understand things. I was able to learn the things that the I needed to hear the spirit taught me what I needed to hear. Being a missionary I have learned that members play such A HUGE role in finding people and just everything! So since my ward is so few... like the stake president told our bishop that our church is going down to 2 hours now and that the other hour should be spent working with the missionaries!! So when i find more information out about that and when that starts going on I will be letting you know for sure!! Its crazy. But I am so excited because honestly the members know the  ones that are ready to hear the gospel and they are so helpful and getting less active members back to church!!
I have learned so much here on my mission. I don't even know where to start. The main thing that I have realized that the Gospel is all about Jesus Christ everything is centered on him. I also know that the Atonement gives us the power that we need to be successful. I have always thought the Atonement was just for repentance but no. The Atonement gives you the power and strength that you need. The Atonement empowers us!! But yes..
This week has been full of finding and and trying to find people. I am very excited about giving myself to Christ for Christmas!! Christmas is good here I think.. Its nothing compared to AMERICA.. Hardly any Christmas decorations but yeah.. I just love the true meaning of Christmas!!
I hope next week I have some better stuff to tell you about!!
be safe and have fun
Sister Brown
p.s.   What is the recipe for the rice pudding you make for Christmas I am going to try and make it in the rice cooker for Christmas!!

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