Japan Tokyo Mission 8/13 - 2/15

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

santa swagggg‏

So yeah. New transfer wooooo transfer 2 here we go. Hopefully it will be successful this transfer. I am really excited because kiryu has so much potential.. So the two other sisters that are in my place now are super awesome. sister seamons is great. we were in the mtc together and were great friends so its so fun. and sister snow she is darling she is from heber and she is on her fourth transfer so we are all just little babies here in kiryu haha hopefully we don't do too much damage to this place.

On Friday night we went to the bishops house for dinner that was so fun! We had some really good food. The bishop and his family are so cute they need to make a I am a Mormon message haha On Sunday Bishop called like 7 or 8 ward missionaries so now we can get so much more help. the bishop really wants to reactivate less active members which i think is so important and since kiryu has so many less active members like it will be so helpfull. for example the other day we were housing and like we were at some dumpy apartment and like we knocked on the door and i said hi we are the missionaries from the mormon church and his reply was from the church of Jesus Christ of latte day saints hahahah and i was like yeahhh turns out he is a less active member. It just proves that kiryu has so many less active members they are just everywhere 

So like sister Taketomi she is like famous here in Japan all the lds girls here love her. Look her up on YouTube. Nami Taketomi. She is like super good at singing and just way good and has won like several competitions. its awesome, so with that being said she is always volunteering us to sing and do concerts.(https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SEpGXwNCHtE) . which i kind of hate haha due to the fact that I can't sing at all and just everything I feel uncomfortable like it's just not me. you understand right?? Well on Saturday night we have a huge Christmas concert and like we are singing all these songs and I have to learn how to play the harmonica for it and i am a harmonica solo... like what the heck?? it is going to a disaster. So she thought it would be a great idea to do caroling... yeah...... my favorite thing in the whole world. So we go out at night and sing songs for people wearing our santa hats and passing out fliers and trying to teach lessons. hahahaha.... real cool needless to say. i will be a little happy when i can't go caroling anymore...

Well my language skills are still terrible... cool.. I don't think I am ever going to be able to speak or understand Japanese... hahaha awesome... just joking.. I mean its improving i can read the book of mormon so that's awesome. I have no idea what its saying but i can read it. I just can't ever remember anything. 
So for Christmas..... I am not sure at all what the plan is. We have a zone meeting on Thursday so hopefully that is when we will be told everything. Next week when i email you I will be sure to tell you all the details because I don't want to mess anything up and not be able to talk to you. so yeah I am not sure if we will be skyping or talking on the phone. I guess it all just depends I will  get all the details next week. and I really hope that i get to do a pre-call haha that would be awesome!! i will let you know so  no worries. 
I have my Christmas package!! I got it on Saturday I am super excited to open my presents!! AAHHHh thank you so much for it.. I will miss you all so much this Christmas, I am very glad to be here and i wouldn't want to be anywhere else. 

I am so glad that the Utes beat byu oh what  a great day!! I hope that the utes can do pretty good this year in basketball that would be really fun.
The Savior is amazing and the fact that it took me so long to become close to him really kind of breaks my heart. i wish i would have gained this kind of a relationship with him a while ago but at the same time I have never really needed him the way that i need him now. but with that being said I always need him and I will always need him!!!! Something that i love about the Savior is that he is always there for you. Over and over again in the book of mormon it says that he has his arms stretched out towards us and that he wants us to come to him. I think that is something some of us have a hard time with. no matter where you are in your life. he will always accept you. Just go to him. it doesn't matter what you bring with you. he will clean you and make you the person you want to be. The Lord doesn't ask us to be perfect he doesn't expect us to be perfect he just wants us to try out hardest. The Savior paid for all of our heartaches and sins and sorrows and trials the least we could do is give them to him. I mean if you when to  a car dealership and bought a super nice car like a ranger rover or something and you paid in cash for it but then they wouldn't hand you the keys you would be a little sad. That's how i like to think about the atonement. the Savior wants ALL of our burdens our trials and ours sins. having an understanding of that really helps you focus and realize the true love the Savior has for all of us... I love the Savior!!!!!

I love you all and I cant wait tell i get to talk with you for Christmas!! Have a great week!! remember I love you remember to always thank the lord for everything you have!!!

Sister Brown

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