Japan Tokyo Mission 8/13 - 2/15

Monday, May 5, 2014

Month 8!‏

 Editors note:  I had a crazy week last week, this is E's email from 4/27/2014
Hello how are you doing?
Thank you for the emails again.
This week is another great week her in nagaoka. I am so blessed to be
serving her that is all I have to say. The people here are simply
amazing. The members of church in japan are truly such an amazing
example of believers to me. It would be sooo hard to be a member here,
but they do it and they do it willingly and faithfully. It truly is
such a humbling experience serving the people here.
This week we had interviews with President Budge. Something that I
learned is that we must well I must remember is to always have an
attitude of gratitude, without that nothing will happen. I must always
be thankful for the opportunity that I have to teach people and meet
people. Sometimes the rewards will come right away and some times they
will come a few years later and sometimes I won't see the rewards until
the next world. The work that I am doing here is being noticed and
people are being touched by it. I was reading in the Book of Mormon
and I read 3 Nephi  chapter 13. The work that I am doing is for The
Lord and it is his work. The lord will always reward me and my work as
long as I am doing it his way. I know that I might not always see my
reward right away but it will be there. I know that the work i am
doing will always receive it's reward. That is why I must always have
an attitude of gratitude. For everything I get to do, for every person
I get to talk to. For every person I get to teach for every
opportunity that I have to help someone accept the gospel of Jesus
Christ I must always have an attitude of gratitude.
So right now we are teaching the coolest girl in the whole world. She
is 18 and I love her so much. She came to church with us in Niigata.
We are getting a new president so president budge and sister budge
were there. She was able to meet them and meet so many awesome people.
She loved it. We even stayed for the YSA meeting!! After we were able
to give her a Book of Mormon and she she said was going to read it
before I even asked her to. She then asked me how do you read it. Like
she has so much interest. Oh my gosh I can't even explain how much I
love and how much I know god loves her. She has been feeling the
spirit already and is starting to recognize it. Last night she emailed
me and said she had a great time and she wants to learn more about
Mormons and what we believe and everything. It is truly awesome.
Please pray for her! I know that the gospel is perfect for her and she
is so ready for it!!
It has been great here. I just love love love japan!! So much. You
would love it here. I think so. Have so much fun in Disney land!! I
want to go there. A wedding at Disney land wow that would be amazing.
Oh my Jess also has a ring on her finger!! All my friends are getting
married haha! Crazyyyy. It is almost mothers day so guess what that
means.... We get to call!! Next week I will have all the details for
you!! I am so excited for Hayden!! I think he will go to Jamaica or
the West Indies for his mission!! But hopefully he comes to japan. Oh
and the lame news for the week. Turns out if you are serving in the
Niigata or nagaoka zones.... You don't get to go to the two mission
conference next month. So we don't get to go hear elder cook talk...
Sooo sad...  But oh well. Hopefully we will have like a baptism that
day or something.
Love you so much!! Have a great week!! Have fun in Disney land!! Eat
some cotton candy for me please!!

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