Japan Tokyo Mission 8/13 - 2/15

Monday, March 31, 2014

Awesome Week


WHAT AN AWESOME BIRTHDAY PRESENT, LIZZYS MISSION CALL!! I have been trying not to think too much about Lizzy and where she will go... But I think I have decided.. Well there are several places.  1- I really want her to come to japan  2- maybe she will go to Germany so that she can teach Mary and her family or Jenny and her family.  3- but chances are she will go to BRAZIL  so yeah I know that is three guesses but I am a missionary so I get to have that many.. We we see maybe on Tuesday night I will receive different inspiration and write it down in my journal so next week I can know if I am right or not. Haha

So yes this week was sooooo good. There were so many miracles happening here in NAGAOKA.  I am so blessed to be here!! Sooo our latest dendo techniques, are smile dendo and I am Mormon dendo. And let's just say we are seeing the miracles. So many people are coming up and talking to us. Before we use to just try and hand out flyers but honestly that doesn't work at all, like let's be honest when we are walking in the mall and people are constantly at your side trying to hand you things and are bugging you, the last thing you want to do is talk with them, it’s like come on get out of my way I am busy here, can't your see I am with my friends or trying to go someone where... It's hard to find the people that are prepared by doing it that way. But now we are doing it differently and so many people are coming up and talking to us. It’s amazing and these are definitely the people that The Lord is preparing. Like this one guy came up and asked us if we were Mormon and we were like yes. Haha and then he started talking to us about the church. Like no joke that happened several times this week!! It was awesome. One guy when talking to us started digging around in his bag and pulled out this pamphlet about Joseph smith, it was awesome!! He told us that he had read it like 15 times haha. One day he will get baptized, I know it. This other guy started talking to us and he told
us at he believes in god and he feels so bad for Japanese people because they have no knowledge of god and they don't believe in him. Hearing him say that to me truly made me feel so happy to be here in japan. This week honestly was so full of miracles I can't even count them off. When you truly do open your eyes and have eyes to see, you really can see everything that is happening around you. Kids eikaiwa this week went so well. The cites girl came again I can’t remember if I told you about her or not. She is darling. Turns out she is the girl that we met on the street while she was walking home from school one day. Like even though I might only teach like 5 lessons a week. I know that all of those lessons count and are amazing. This past week we went to go find a less active. When we went to her house it wasn’t there. Like it was just a huge parking lot and we were so confused. So we went to the neighbors house and like asked if they knew her. They said they didn't know her but after the big earth quake several houses got really injured so a lot people moved to a new apartment complex.  We asked the name of it and went and found it. When we go there turns out there was like 5 big buildings with over 25 houses in each one.. Let the knocking in doors begin. Finally we found her!! Such a miracle. When she answered she looked like she was going to cry.  Pretty sure no one has visited her since the huge earth quake. We shared a Very powerful doorstop message!! Hopefully she will come back to church again.  This week I have felt the spirit so much!! Like no joke. I think it’s because everyday I am trying my hardest to be obedient and truly be the best instrument for The Lord. Maybe it's because I spend so much time or my knees or that daily repentance but whatever it is. I am so grateful for it. Every time I would open my mouth and testify of something,even it it was just asada Shimai and I talking or whatever,I can feel the spirit so strongly. It's like I truly believe and truly know what I am saying is true. I love being a missionary. I love being able to give the opportunity to people to learn about our divine potential. I am so blessed and honored to be here and be able to share this wonderful message of the
restoration with the blessed people of japan.

I am sorry that it's snowing, but it's good for you. It builds character :) Have so much fun in Disney land!! You should send me something from there!! I am not lucky and would be happy with anything!! :) Happy Easter as well!! Have a great week watching conference. This
weekend I get to go to Niigata and watch the general woman's meeting. I am very excited for it!!  Tell everyone I say hello!! I am so excited for lizzy! Tell grandma I hope she gets better soon!!

This week was awesome.

Sister Brown

Ps maybe for my package could you also send one of those scrub cheese grater things for my feet haha. It's time to get these winter boots off and wear some normal flats haha!! Thanks mom!! I can't think of anything really right now... But if you think of anything just please feel free to send it haha!!

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