Japan Tokyo Mission 8/13 - 2/15

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Slow Week

Mom and Dad
Hi hello. How are you. Sounds like things are moving along!! I am so
happy that lizzy went to the temple. Way to go mom and dad! I wish I
could have been there with her but oh well. I feel so sad for all
those sad baby stories. Gosh that is so scary. I will be praying for
all of them. The yard looks amazing!! I can't wait to see it next
year. I love the pots they are going to be great this year!! It was so
fun talking to you this last week!! I didn't want to  stop talking.. 
Anyways well next December we get to talk! So cool beans. 
I can't believe the wedding is here. That is going to be so
fun!! I am secretly a little jelly... But I get to go to the temple
and see all my mission friends and meet elder cook so I think I will
be fine!! This coming week should be a really good one.
This last week was kind of slow.. But that happens. We had several
lesson. This old lady we meet with her about once every week or
something. Her son is a member and lives in America and he asked us to
teach her. The only probably is she is way old and doesn't really have
interest right now. I think she just really likes our company haha but
I don't know why because we don't understand anything she says and she
doesn't understand anything we say. I feel bad because she will just
sit and talk and talk and talk and we never know what's going on. All
we say is hmmm ahh soooo and what not. It's like the poor lady is
talking to a brick wall.. Haha like she talked about the atomic bombs
all the time and how she is glad japan and America are friends and she
talks about water run off from the mountains how you can tell where
the water came by look at the river and seeing what color it is. She
talks about castles and so many things that I don't know haha. But
it's fun. She is so old and soo cute. We usually can share about a 15
minute lesson with her and usually it's way powerful. She knows all
the perfect questions to ask but then all of a sudden next thing I
know we are talking about something that has happened in japan. It's
This week irita came to church again!! Bless her heart. She has to
come so far and walk so far with her back pack and cane. She is so
dedicated and she isn't even a member. I just wish she would remember
to pray and read her scriptures. Yesterday church was awesome I pretty
much understood all of sacrament meeting!! Wow that was a first. Such
a blessing.
The work here in nagaoka is moving along. Slowly but surely. I am so
blessed and humbled to be working here!!
I love japan!! Have fun at the wedding!! :) send me pictures and such haha!! 
Love ya all!
Sister Brown

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