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Monday, June 2, 2014

Raining Miracles

Mom and Dad
It is transfer call Monday here in nagaoka.
This past trasnfer was 7 weeks, and the next transfer is only 5. So
today we got the call and sister ivory and I are staying together in
nagaoka!!! Thank heavens!! I am not ready to leave this place I love
it way tooooo much.
It is raining miracles here.
This past week I learned a few vital things.
1- the power of prayer is real. Heavenly Father does hear and answer
every single prayer I pray.
2- he might not answer it the way I want it to be answered but he will
always answer it.
3- he is preparing people and the prepared people will come.
This past week, it seemed as though ivory Shimai and I were working as
hard as we could but it just seemed as if nothing was really
happening with all of our hard work. Today I learned that no good dead
goes unnoticed. Not to say that I am only full of good deeds but that
the hard dendo we are doing is being noticed. This week we had been
working so hard on getting people to church but by the end of the
week, it looked as though we were only going to have one person at
church. but this week Sunday we saw many miracles.
This week I had been praying so hard for certain people to come to
church. I prayed for them all the time. On Saturday we visited a lady
and she said she most likely wouldn't be coming. Our one person who
said she was coming said she was still coming. So Sunday morning
comes, we get to the church early because whenever irita comes, it is
always way early. But she wasn't there. Around 9:20 we go outside to
see if we can see her, but there is nothing but we see this lady mami.
We met her the other day and talked with her for a while. We had met
once before but didn't really have time to talk. Seeing her come to
the church was amazing! Around 9:50 akane still wasn't here..
Yesterday she said she was going to come. Well I turn around and see
this boy walk in with his sister and his mother. They are the cute
family from eikaiwa. We invite them like every week but they never
come. The elders saw them this morning and invited them to come to
church so they did!! So awesome! Then coming in behind them was
irita!! That women is full of miracles. This past week I prayed so
hard that the elders investigator would come to church so akane would
have a friend at church.. He didn't come but two other investigators
of theirs came. One guy from eikaiwa that has come before and then a
guy they just meet streeting the other day and he said if I have time
I will come.
Heavenly Father didn't answer my prayer the way I wanted to it be
answerd but he answered it in a much better way. Instead of just
bringing a few people I asked for he brought many. Akane had several
friends at church. People from Wednesday eikaiwa and Saturday eikaiwa
and then the new girl mami, but then he also brought the elders
investigators. He didn't bring the specific person I asked for but
instead he brought two others!!
It just shows whose work this really is. I am so deeply humbled and
blessed to be here.
Have fun at the open house this weekend. Sorry I will be missing it,
at least I will kind of be there so that will be good :)) I love you
guys so much!!
Sister Brown

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