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Thursday, August 28, 2014

Baptism and Transfer 8/17/2014

*this blog is a bit late due to the editor's vacation 
Mom and Dad
Okay I don't even know where to begin
This week was so amazing
We spent so much time with Jazmin
She is amazing. I can't wait tell she gets baptized. It will probably
be the best day of my life.
This week was her birthday. We went to lunch on Thursday (it was her
birthday) we went to this place called yakiniku. It is a buffet. The
best part about it is, it's basically a meat buffet. There is all this
raw meat. And you can choose which kind you want and then you take it
back to your table and there is like a grill in the middle of the
table and you just cook it right I front of you. Oh my gosh it is so
During lunch Jazmin says, "so I have been praying a lot lately and I
have been asking god when should I get baptized and asking him if this
is the right thing for me." And guess what she got her answer. She
then told us.. "I got my answer and I want to get baptized as soon as I
possibly can. I know that this is the right thing for me to do" oh my
gosh I couldn't believe what I was hearing. I wish I had it recorded
so I could just listen to her say that over and over and over again. I
was So happy!!! Like no one has ever said that to me. That's like the
best you want to hear as a missionary but it just happens so few
times. After she did that there was just like a silent pause. I look
at Clark Shimai and then a Jazmin and them all I could say was
"baptism rocks" haha I had like word vomit it was terrible. I just
blurted out the first thing in my mind. It wasn't like I know this is
what god wants you to do or anything testifying like that. It was just
baptism rocks haha.
This week we have been working so hard and so close with Jazmin we
have seen her every single day of the week haha. She came to church
on Sunday in the pouring rain. I know how much this means to her. She
is amazing. Next week well the 24th after church she is getting
baptized. I am beyond thrilled for her. She has been the biggest
example to me. Even though I am the missionary she is teaching me so
much and setting such a great example for me! I can't wait tell next
week! I can't wait for her to taste a bit of heaven!
The miracles are happening all around me. I am so thankful for that.
Well the news you are waiting for....
So this week I am transferring. I am moving to Urawa it is in Saitama
ken. Haha eve though you don't know where that is... I am so stressed
and heart broken. I have to train a brand new missionary. What a huge
responsibility... I am so nervous it really scares me. I am so
nervous. I hope that my new companion is nihongin. So on Wednesday I
have to move back to Tokyo and them Thursday I will be finding out who
my new companion is. This is all so crazy. I am so devastated that I
am going to miss jazmins baptism. But I know god has the biggest
picture and this is his will!!!
Have fun at Cali! Can't wait for next year!! Love you all so much!!
Sister Brown

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