Japan Tokyo Mission 8/13 - 2/15

Thursday, August 28, 2014


Mom and Dad!
Wow let's just say this week has been one to always remember....
I don't know, I just loved nagaoka so much, it broke my heart to have
to leave it.
Urawa is amazing though, the ward here is huge! There are so many
members and so many little kids. It's great hearing noise again during
sacrament meeting. Lizzy you would die...
But it's hard here.
We live with two other sisters. They are way cute! But it's hard
because it's like we basically know nothing at all. We have no lessons
planned, we have no investigators, we have no potential investigators.
Everything is just big fat zeros. And to top it off I have no idea
where anything is. And just asking the other sisters questions is just
painful because its like I am trying to take one of their
investigators when I ask how do you get to the grocery store. So cool
beans. The Lord has blessed me though. He has really helped my eps
become so much stronger. I can remember roads and directions so much
better and so fast now. Thank you Heavenly Father. But it's a
struggle, I feel terrible because we have nothing and my poor new
companion all we do is ride our bikes and find people and go housing.
We haven't even taught a single lesson yet... Great.... But I am so
thankful for my companion. She already speaks better Japanese then me
haha which is kind if embarrassing but whatever. She went to high
school here on an exchange and has been studying it basically for her
entire life. So yeah she is way good. She is nice. She is from
Washington D.C. Her name is sister Johnson. She is 19. I am such
an oldy in the mission right now. Haha I am even older than all of the
elders and I am I only 21.... Haha I pray that this week can and will be
better. I am trying to be the best companion but I am not doing so
good. I feel terrible because I just feel like an idiot because we
have basically nothing. But all is well. Gotta keep the faith up! The
Lord will consecrate my efforts and will provide us with miracles! I
am really excited for this transfer.
It's hard though. At times I wish I could just cry and scream and tell
those sister what's on my mind and tell them they need to help us and
blah blah blah. But I am seniors companion so I need to be strong for
my trainee.. It's hard. But I am grateful for this experience. She is
a great missionary so all I have to do is set a great example and show
her the ropes!
Can you believe it. I have been on my mission for 1 year. I am like
going to throw up I can't believe it. So much has happened and time
has gone by so fast!! And now Lizzy is going on a mission. It will be
great. Mom and dad you can be sad. I will be home is like 6 months so
you better start planning some fun things we can all do together
haha!! (Like go on vacation or something fun)
I am so happy to be a missionary. It's hard going from place to place,
but missionary work is missionary work and it is the same everywhere and
there will always be people waiting to hear the gospel from me! Please
pray for me.... Haha I need the prayers right now....
And Jazmin was baptized. Even though I was in Urawa and she was in
Nagaoka, I am beyond thrilled for her! She means the world to me. I am
so thankful for the opportunity I have been given to teach her and get
to know her!
Looks likes everyone had fun at the beach! I can't wait until next year
when we get to go! I am so excited for Lizzy! Bahhh!! I just miss you
fools so much
It's been so hard these past days! So I am so happy that I was able to
email with you today! I miss ya!
Sister Brown

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