Japan Tokyo Mission 8/13 - 2/15

Monday, August 4, 2014


Mom and Dad
This week has been so crazy!! I have seen so many miracles.
So yesterday Irita received the gift of the Holy Ghost! Yay! It was
such an amazing experience. I wish I could truly express to you over
this email how much this lady truly means to me.
Today we saw so many miracles. We were actually able to teach more
than 10 lessons this week!! Yes! That's like 3 weeks in a row! I guess
when you are working as hard as you can The Lord truly provides
miracles. Also this week we found 2 new investigators! We have been
praying hard and we have been working hard to find new investigators
and we did!
This weekend was way hard to dendo. Nagaoka had a huge festival! And
when I say huge I am talking like double the population of nagaoka was
here. A little over half a million people. So it was crazy seeing and
being around so many people but the problem is, no one wants to talk
to you and it's just so crowed it's way to hard to dendo. But it's all
good. We still worked hard and tried to see miracles. On Saturday and
Sunday night there was a huge firework show! The biggest in japan and
one of the top 3 largest in the world!! And we were lucky enough to
watch it! On Saturday we went with a member and sat way close and
watched them and then on Sunday we went up in the mountains to watch
with a member. It was extremely amazing. Like it was hard to tell how
big they truly were up close but up in the mountains it was crazy!! I
was so lucky to be able to experience that as a missionary.
I am so excited for lizzy!! I can't believe that August is already
here and next week is here farewell. That seems unreal to me. I am so
excited for her. She is about to begin the best journey of her entire
life!! :))
My heart is broken. Oh my gosh. The Ross's I am completely devastated
for them. I can't believe that they are going through this. Let alone
Carson. :( the poor kid. Goodness I can't stand it. I know that they
are so strong. Please give me their address and information so that I
can write them a letter. Dylan. The poor kid. It's so hard because as a 
missionary you are promised those extra blessings upon your family. And
I am sure for him and for everyone even for me, how could you think this 
is a blessing. But with that we can't lose hope! We have to find that faith
and the trust we have rooted down deep in Heavenly Father and our savior
Jesus Christ. And know and believe and trust him like we never have
before. I will be sure to keep the Ross's in my prayers. I know that
they are so strong and I know Carson will be a fighter! Please send
them my love.
It's crazy how blessed we are in our lives. The things that I have
learned the most from my mission are
1- god truly is our Heavenly Father
2- he loves us more than anything
3- he has created this perfect plan for us
4- and I know that the atonement of Jesus Christ is real and because it is
real we should have no reason to fear only reasons to rejoice
5- this life is such a short life, such a small portion of our test.
What may seem like an eternity is truly only blink of the eyes
I love you and I feel so humbled and blessed to be here serving The Lord!
Sister Brown


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