Japan Tokyo Mission 8/13 - 2/15

Monday, September 22, 2014

Frustrating week

Mom and Dad
Sounds like you guys had a great week. Dad happy birthday! I hope that
you had a good day! Go Mom that sounds like the best birthday present
ever! You two will have lots of fun! Sounds like you guys are going to
start doing really cool things now that it is just you two chilling at
home :) 
So the temple was great. Right now they only have one of the new
movies playing. I guess I should say the oldest new one haha. It's
fun! I love going to the temple so much! But I really want to see the
other new one way bad! I am so blessed to have the temple so close to
me at home. I will have to make sure that I am diligent at going when
I get home!
So this transfer is like over. Next week is transfer calls I can't
believe it!! Time has literally flown right away. This transfer went
by so fast. I think my and sister Johnson will be companions again. I
will probably finish her training next transfer and then who knows
what will happen to me. Next transfer is only 5 weeks long so I think
it is going to fly by!! I am kind of nervous.  Sister Johnson I have
really grown to love her. At first I wasn't sure if I did or not. But
I do love her. She is having a hard time but I hope that I am helping
her and not making things harder for her. She is awesome. She just
needs her confidence I think she still feels really awkward about
missionary work. Ha and it probably doesn't help that I am the most
awkward person alive sooooooo that's cool haha we make a great team
though so that makes me happy. I am blessed for her to be my companion
I love her so much!!
Has the iPhone 6 come out for you guys yet? It is our here. Let's see.
Things are good here... I think I am not sure though! Ha i think on
Thursday and this weekend a storm is going to be coming in like a
typhoon of something I am not sure. I can't watch the news... Haha
This past week was a hard one for me... I am just frustrated.
Missionary work is crazy. Last week I found this amazing investigators
and I was so pumped for our lesson I was studying so hard and getting
so much revelation it was amazing and we got to the lesson. This girl
I had so much faith in her. She had met the missionaries before and
then we were able to meet again. I truly believed that god placed her
in my pathway for a reason. I don't know I can't explain how I felt.
Saturday came and we had our lesson. We met at the eki and it was her
and her mom and I was so excited!! The more the merrier. Haha But then
it quickly turned into a whole other ball park. Here is Japan there is
a religion called kenshokai. It is a crazy religion... And
she ended up trying to dendo me the entire time. I was devastated in
my last area I had to deal with them all the time I didn't think I
would have to deal with it her. She was sooooo nice and soo ready and
like she was such a huge miracle to me, she was my first actually
person I was able to exchange numbers with and set up an next
appointment with in the past 5 weeks. Take about a low blow. Like I
don't know it was so painful. It hurts me more than anything when I am
testifying to some one about the savior and how much it means to me
and they won't listen to me or the make fun or something that I said
or just all that. It hurts so bad. Something that you just truly
believe in with all your heart and having some on tell you no that's
not real. Ouchhhhh I couldn't say anything. I just sat there blank I
didn't want to be that person to her because I hate when that person
does it to me. I just wanted to cry. Like I loved her so much and I
had been praying so hard for her and just everything. Oh man it was
like going against the family or something like that.  I just couldn't
believe it was happening. I mean I have met people from her church
before and they were some of the meanest most pushiest people in the
world. She was so kind and just so prepared. Such a downer. It was
hard to recover from that.
But I did. We still don't have any investigators and we are only
teaching about 5 lessons week... Buts it's all good! I have the faith.
And I know that miracles won't happen unless I put work and effort
into them. I know that the lord is in my side and I know that he will
be there every step of the way with me! I am so grateful for this work
and it means so much to me!!
Thanks for sending me a package I can't wait tell i get it. I love you
so much and I am so grateful for you love and support and example and
Have a great week! Tell everyone hello

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