Japan Tokyo Mission 8/13 - 2/15

Monday, September 29, 2014

Better Week

Mom and Dad
Hi hello.
We missed each other again.
Things are just busy here. My companion likes to have crazy pdays.
Haha so we always go do things. But it's fun so it's all good.
I can't believe that this transfer is already over. So crazy!!
I am happy.
This transfer was hard at the beginning but it changed, or I should
say, I changed.
I came here to Urawa with nothing. And now there are several less
active members we are meeting with regularly that have started coming
back to church. As well as 3 progressing investigators and several
potential and new investigators.
It was hard to see all the success going on around me and my companion
because I was busy focused in what we didn't have and comparing it to
the 8 missionaries here is Urawa. But then I realized that. And after
I realized that I made a change and look, I am happy, I feel
successful, and I truly do know that The Lord is here helping me and
that he does have people here for me to teach. Urawa  was a completely
upside down flip for me. I have never been in a ward this big. I have
never been in a city this big. I have never been around so many
people. I had no idea what I was doing. But when you focus on The Lord
and his will, when you focus on the people around you, and the ward
members, and your companion, when you focus on serving others and
being that example of Christ, that's when things change. It doesn't
matter how many people you know, or how well you know the area, or how
well your Japanese is. When you put the most important things first,
then that's when you start seeing the success and the miracles. Thank
you so much for all if your prayers and your kindness and your love. I
can truly feel it over here!
On Sunday we were able to watch the live broadcast of the general
woman's meeting and it was so good!! I loved all the talks! But I
missed watching it with you mom. Remember when I sang in the choir?
Yeah that was way neat. Next conference. I laugh at how last general
conference I was in nagaoka and I remember how it was just a blizzard
the days we watched  conference ha. Gotta love it. Sister Marriott is so 
dang cute and funny! I loved her talk! I just loved how it was so focused
on the temple. And once again President Uchtdorf did an amazing job.

And yesterday my investigator got baptized!! (From nagaoka)
Me and sister Clark found her.
Watanabe San
One day we decided that we needed to bike like 90 minutes to this town
so we did. We  had no idea where to go but then we knocked on a door
and next thing we know we are teaching this amazing woman. She is the
most amazing. I love her so much! I am so thankful and blessed to have
found her and been able to teach her. And last week my other Investigator got
baptized. Hosokura San. Me and sister asada found him and taught him a
little before we passed him over.
The volcano didn't get us... Luckily. Nah it was pretty far away.
Things are good here in Urawa. But I do have to say I miss ya fools!!!
I love this gospel so much and I am so grateful to have a testimony of
our lord and savior.
Have a great week!! I love you!
Sister Brown

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