Japan Tokyo Mission 8/13 - 2/15

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Temple week

Mom and Dad
Dad, I am so happy that you got your letter. I wasn't sure how much it
was going to cost and I was feeling extra lazy, so I just stuck a
several postage stamps on it because I didn't want to ride my bike to
the post office. Forgive me! Haha
Oh yeah happy anniversary! You old love birds.
Another great week here In Urawa. I mean every week here is great.
Not too many things have changed though... We still don't have any
investigators let alone progressing investigators but it's all good!
But I can see the progress coming and I have the faith that sooner or
later things will start happening.
Last night I talked with sister Clark on the phone and she told me
that this man that I found in nagaoka and taught him for a little a
while before we referred him to the elders is getting baptized on
Sunday! Ah such a great feeling. Also she told me that two other
people we found (sister Clark and I) and started teaching, now both have
baptismal dates for the 28th, I am beyond excited. Such a testimony
builder that the work I am doing here really is seeing results. They
might not be exactly when I want them to be, but is know that they
will comes so that is very comforting to me and makes me really happy
being able to know that. I am happy.
So the temple was amazing. I am so lucky to go there. While waiting
for the session to being I was just sitting there and I truly could
feel so much love from god while sitting in there. I love the temple.
Every time I go inside I feel all these burdens lifted off my back and
I feel like I am finally free and truly be at peace. I love it.
Anyways, we worked way hard last week and this week is also looking
promising. We saw lots of progress with less active members last week
and I think we are going to see more progress haha. So I was thinking
and I had an experience last week that made me think haha. Here I
teach people basically straight from the Book of Mormon I don't really
use the bible. Which is kind of a good thing because I don't have a
knowledge or the bible to save my life. Most people dread when people
bring up the bible because it can cause problems and things haha. My
most dread question is when people say, I don't really understand
Jacob 5 at all. Please explain it to me. Haha that happened this week.
Oh my I wanted to die. I had no idea what to say. I just looked at my
companion and cried a little on the inside. Haha i mean come on I
barely just started truly understanding that chapter a couple months
ago. It took me 21 years and becoming a missionary to understand it in
English. Not Japanese Haha so that was a terribly awkward situation.
But I handled it and needless to say this week we are going to try
explain it... Hahaha good luck...
Lizzy is cute. She sounds good! I love her. Send me her weekly emails please!!
Also I can't believe Hayden is all grown up. What happened. All of a
sudden he is a man and on a mission haha. Oh yeah, my apartment has
crock roaches big black ones. It's so gross. I hate it. I want to die.
I am so afraid they are going to like get all over me when I am
sleeping haha. Ewwwww
Everyone sounds so good! I love you so much and I miss you so much.
Thank you for all of your love and support.
I hope the utes win this week. Same with Murray. And go angels. They
better be this good next year!! Ahh have a great week. I think I am
good... Haha maybe. Pray for me please ha. I need it....
Sister Brown

a lovely fountain show in a park that we dendo by!!

me and my companion

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