Japan Tokyo Mission 8/13 - 2/15

Monday, September 1, 2014

Time flys‏

Mom and Dad
Okay so I never thought that I would ever say this in a million years
but here it goes.
I miss eating gluten free food so much.  I miss eating grilled cheese
on that weird bread. I miss eating the cookies that have a weird
texture. I miss he crackers and the pretzels and the everything.  I
miss it all. I never would have thought I would have ever said that
but here I am saying it. I miss it all so much. My heart will rejoice
in the day of being able to eat gluten free food again. Anyways...
This week was hard.
First off can you believe that it is already September. Today I wrote
the date and I can't believe that it is already the 9th month. What
the heck. My head hurts thinking about it. Time is going by so fast. I
hope they when I get home from my mission time slows down because next
thing I know I will be sitting in a rocking chair at a rest home
drinking a glass of warm milk because my fingers hurt from doing so
much sewing... Ha
So we didn't really find any new investigators this week at all. But
we did do a lot of work. I just am struggling. I don't know what I am
doing here and I feel terrible because I can't help sister Johnson
learn to teach or anything. It has almost been two weeks and we
haven't even taught a single lesson..... Bahhhh it's killing me.
But gotta keep the faith up. This week we have a couple planned with
some less active members so I am praying that we have them and that
they go over great. Sister Johnson is great. She is already such a
great missionary. I feel bad, I think I am probably holding her back
from being a great missionary, so that scares me a little bit... But
oh well. We are both working together really hard to see the miracles
happen here. I know that we will be able to find an investigator one
of these days..
We are trying a lot of different things to find new investigators.
For example. We have been going to these classes where they teach free
Japanese for people who don't speak Japanese. And those have been
pretty good even though by the end of the day I think my brain is
about to ooze out of my ears, we have talked with and met several people
that have a ton of potential. So that makes me happy :)
The ward here is really awesome. It is so big so that is crazy. We are
assigned to different blocks in the ward for a missionary area work
spots. So that's cool which helps things out a little bit. It's not
such a huge question where you want you can go area which really gets rid of
the stress...
Right now we are the closest area that is to Tokyo that isn't in
Tokyo, if that makes sense. It's about a 40 minutes train ride to
ikebukuro eki. (Which is a really big main station in Tokyo)
I am rally excited that you two get to experience having two
missionaries out on a mission at one time. Lizzy will do an amazing
job. I am sorry that it is kind of lonely at the home but in 6 months
I will be home :) so keep your chin up. Can you believe it. So like it
was fun being the 3rd wheel on all of your dates... But I don't miss
it at all... Sorry haha
I much rather be on a mission. The things I have done here and the
lessons I have learned and just everything completely beats all of
I am pumped for the angels and for the Utes!! I miss sports... Haha
Thanks so much for all of your love and support it truly means the world to me!

Sister Brown

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