Japan Tokyo Mission 8/13 - 2/15

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

cooking miracles

Mom and Dad

Things here in Japan are great. First off I can't believe it is
basically Halloween. Soooooo crazy. Anyways!! Right now all of my
investigators speaks Chinese so that is pretty  cool. Beside the fact
that I can't speak Chinese to save my life. I don't know but I have
just been way blessed. I can't really explain it. Right now my mission
is working extremely hard and we are so focused on our purpose and
this Christmas season and what we want to give to Christ for Christmas
and like the miracles are just pouring in. I can't even really explain
it. I came to this area, brand new. My area book literally has tumble
weeds in it. But when you have like 300 cups if faith and about 300
cups of desire and The Lord is the chef, them you know that a miracle
will be cooked, the sweetest thing you will ever taste! I am so
grateful and truly blessed and humbled by this experience. The lessons
that I have learned are going to change my life forever.

So in japan we eat this food called omelette. It's like just egg and
it's kind of sweet and it's about an inch thick. It is really good
actually haha. Anyways!
One of the Japanese girls that I live with told me I could make like
gluten free cake so I decided I wanted to try so it consisted of 5
melted chocolate bars and then 4 eggs. And you mix it all together and
then you put it in the rice cooker. Haha I was very unsure about it.
Haha but I decided to do it. When it was cooked. It looked like
brownies. Like it looked way good. I was pumped. So I started cutting
it and I ate some haha and oh my gosh it was so weird. It literally
tasted like you were eating chocolate omelette haha like just straight
up chocolate eggs haha it was so weird!

This week has been fun and full of adventure! I love it. We have seen
so many miracles and have found several new investigators. Like the
joy I am feeling is so great. And I have such a feeling that this week
is going to be so good as well.

Ma is amazing. She came to stake conference and listened to the whole thing.
She loves Jesus so much and she is so interested in the Book of Mormon
and she believes that Joseph smith really talked with god! Like she is
so prepared. She doesn't yet have a baptismal date but she will have
one soon. We are going to try this week to help her get one. Please
keep her in your prayers. I know with faith, hard work and diligence
we can help ma take that next step into coming closer to Christ. The
best Christmas present ever!!

Sounds like you had so much fun this last week!!
I am so happy for you. The pictures looked like it was a blast. I hate
to brag but I have the coolest parents in the whole world!! I want to
go. And go utes. How cool is that!! I am proud of them. At least one
of my teams is doing good haha.

Are you going to watch the utes basketball team this year? Probably. Haha

Yeah like I don't really know what to say. Next week is transfer
calls. And I will start my 10th transfer next week.. That is really
gross and scary haha.  I only go to 12....
I love being a missionary in Japan

Thanks so much for all of your love and support!!! Lovessssss
Sister Brown!

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