Japan Tokyo Mission 8/13 - 2/15

Monday, October 6, 2014


Mom and Dad
How are ya doing?
I am good...
I think
It has been raining a lot. And super windy. I think that there is a
typhoon or something. But it's all good. Sister budge gave us strict
order to are sure that there was cooked rice in the rice cooker and to
cook our meat in case the power goes out and to not leave the apartment
until the skies were blue. We survived needless to say. We cleaned the
apartment really well. We clean it really well every week but it still
smells like elders and we keep finding weird things haha. The other
day sister Johnson found some like old white shirts haha in her desk.
That was weird ha.
It is October already! Can you believe it.
I can't. Soon it will be Halloween. Thank you for the package by the
way. I loves it. And it came at the perfect time. My mission is hard
right now.. Like seriously I don't know why.
But like I said. This week we saw many miracles. We were able to find
3 new investigators this past week! How awesome is that?! Like that
never happens!! I am so pumped. Two really cute Chinese girls and one
really cute Japanese girl. And they all have so much potential. And we
have plans to meet with them this next coming week so I am way
excited!! For the Christmas season is officially underway here in the
Japan Tokyo Mission. Last Christmas we saw so many miracles it was
unbelievable. This year I know we are going to see more!! We have a
goal of seeing 100 baptisms this Christmas season and 2 baptism in
each area. On Sunday we did a mission wide fast, and at the end if my
fast yesterday while I was praying I felt the spirit so strongly. I
knew that this was something that if I put all my heart and soul into
it and tried my hardest, it would be something that we could
accomplish. I felt and I knew that this was gods will for our mission,
I know that if there is a will there is a way. But if there is gods
will there is always a way. I know the Japan Tokyo Mission is for me
and I am here for a reason! I am so blessed to have the companions
that I have had and I am so blessed to be serving here. I love being a
missionary.  So on Sunday we were able to watch the Saturday session
of conference. And I loved it so much!! Let me just say, jörg
klebingat was amazing!! Wow he killed it. Like he is the man. His talk
blew me away. It was exactly what I needed to hear!! I am so grateful
for him! Ha I could listen to him talk all day long but secretly he
was kind of intimidating haha. I think I would be way nervous to have
an interview with him. He makes president budge seem like a nice teddy
bear haha.
Stupid angels. But like they did it on purpose. They were like let's
just lose really quick because sister brown needs to stay focused haha
and next year when she is home we will take it all the way. But the
utes don't seem to care at all that I am missing their season. Haha
how rude lol just joking
Things are good. I am good. All is well. This is the lords work not mine.
Thanks so much for your love and support it means so much to me!
Sister Brown

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