Japan Tokyo Mission 8/13 - 2/15

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Chinese investigators

Mom and Dad
How are you doing?!
I hope you had a good weekend. I am glad you were able to talk with
Lizzy. I hope she is doing good. I am so excited for her!! I think
about her all the time!
This week. Wow.
Such a learning week. Hahaha
I hate that I have to have weeks like this considering the fact that I
am so old in mission life. Ha it just proves that the learning never
stops. Ha
So here in Urawa we are seeing miracles happening. Right now all of my
investigators are Chinese haha. So that is cool. Expect for the fact
that I don't speak any Chinese. But we can communicate with little
English and little Japanese and good thing the church has so many
Chinese resources. So that is way helpful.
This last week I was able to meet up with akane. She is one if my
investigators from nagaoka. She was in Tokyo because she had to take
an English test and she was staying with her aunt in Saitama so we
were able to meet up!! That was amazing. It was so good to see here
again. I think she will start meeting with the missionaries again.
Hopefully at least.
Sounds like things back home are crazy. Oh the Ross family. Bless
their hearts! And alisa.... Who does she think she is. Like I thought
we were friends... Haha she is right I will forgive her but I mean I
like hearing from my friends haha.
So the weather here is getting colder.. So that is good but now that
means hopefully the mosquitoes will stop biting me. For some reason
they were addicted to my skin and nothing would keep them from biting
I am grateful for sister Johnson. She is such a great missionary and I
so thankful for all the things she has taught me. If only she could
teach me Japanese. It is so awkward when the trainee speaks better
Japanese then the trainer when the trainee isn't even Japanese ha. I
can't believe that it is mid October. Where is time going?!
My email is really dumb I am so sorry.. Next week i promise to make it
better. Next week we are going to the temple! So I will be emailing
you on Tuesday not Monday.
But cool we found a new investigator this week. Her name is Ma. Please
pray for her. She is from china. We met her on Saturday. The elders
investigator brought her to the church. He couldn't stay but he said
she doesn't really do a lot so he asked her if she wanted to come to
the church and she said yes haha. She watched some general conference
with her and turns out she is being so prepared. Back in china she used
to go to church but not really because it was against the law so they
would meet in KFC and talk about church things. She was asking so many
questions. She asked how can i find out if this is the true church! So
amazing and then she asked questions about life after death because he
father has passed away and she just wants so many answers! I am so
pumped to meet with her this week. She also said she will be coming to
church on Sunday. But please pray for her and for my investigators. We
don't have any baptismal dates yet... :( blahh so sad but it's all
So yeah that's about my week in a nut shell!!
I hope things are going good! I miss you so much but I love being here
in japan! Thanks for everything!
Have a great week!!

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