Japan Tokyo Mission 8/13 - 2/15

Monday, January 5, 2015

Fun Week

Mom and Dad
This week was such a fun week!!
So since it was New Years and that is the biggest holiday in Japan we
weren't Able to do many things. Most of our investigators were busy
and couldn't meet. New Years here is comparable  to christmas in
America. That's how important it is here. I really like it. People
have like an entire week off of work and just spend time with their
families. It is something much needed in Japan. But because of that
our investigators can't really meet...
So we had on Wednesday a day of cleaning and we literally just cleaned
the apartment all day long. Thursday we had Book of Mormon reading day
and literally just read the Book of Mormon all day long. And Friday we
had a mission conference and guess what... While we were there we got
to watch meet the Mormons.
I was also lucky enough to eat lunch at the Dorffs house on Saturday.
And oh man. They had amazing food. It was like way good Japanese food
mixed with American food! They literally had a huge turkey. So lucky
and they made gluten free brownies for me. So nice. Haha
This week we did do lots with Sonpon and her family. On Monday we had
a huge birthday party for Yu, her husband. That day he went to Costco
with the elders and bought lots and lots of food. It was his first
time and he couldn't believe it. Tuesday we also went to their house
as well. We did a little follow up about Monday.. It kind of ended in
a weird way and yeah... Sonpon wanted us to come over so we did. Then
on Saturday we were with them for a little while as well. We went and
did some purikura with them. So fun. And then had dinner at their
house. Then in Sunday they came to church at ten and stayed basically
until three just trying to get to know the members and figure out why this
whole church thing is important. Sonpon told us that we are part of
her family so she wanted to spend time with us. That made me feel
really loved. I am so thankful for them. Lately we have been talking
about baptism with them a ton. I know that it is something they both
really want. But it's just a matter of when. This week Sonpon told me
that she wants to do this whole church thing the rest of her life. She
talks about how much she loves it and how much it is already changing
her and her life and her family for the good. Now just imagine how
much it will change everything after she gets baptized and sealed in
the temple. Words truly can't describe how much I love them and how
much they mean to me. I know for a fact that we were friends in the
pre-earth life. I know I promised her I would help her if she ever
needed it. I am so grateful that I have taken this opportunity in my
life. I can't believe how much it has opened my heart and my eyes. I
love serving the people here in Japan.
I am so glad that things went good at the wedding. I love Lynn she is
so cute and such a sweet heart! I am happy she is happy. I am glad the
king family party was fun. Sorry it was just you two that went.
Next time I will let ya drag me around all the place haha.
Japan is great, thanks for all our your prayers in behalf of my
investigators. I can feel them working. I love serving the lord and I
love being a missionary!!
Have a great week!!
Sister Brown

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