Japan Tokyo Mission 8/13 - 2/15

Monday, December 29, 2014

Happy 2015

Mother and Father!!
Hey it was so good talking with you the past couple of days!
So fun!!
Let's Skype every week haha
Just joking.
Well happy 2015!! Can you believe it. I surely can't believe it at all.
But I know the year 2015 will bring much joy and happiness for all of us.
This Christmas season was great. I love the feeling of it. Even though
I live I Japan and hardly anyone celebrates Christmas I still felt the
Christmas spirit. Such a blessing.
Sorry this letter is so short!! But we just talked and not to much has
happened here.
Dad that's cool about the temple! Yeah like that would be awesome but
talk about a lot of pressure haha here are so many other people who
speak such better Japanese the i do. But if the lords wants me to do
it. Then I will :)
Sonpon came to a baptism that the elders had on Saturday night. It was
such a great experience for her, I think. She really enjoyed the
baptism. She said it was shorter than she expected. But it was good.
She really felt the spirit while she was there. It was cool because on
Thursday this past week we talked about baptism with her. We started
going through the gospel pathway. When she first looked at the little
picture of it, she was like well I already have faith in Jesus Christ
so let's move to the next step. Repentance, she told us that she is
working on her repentance process. she also told us that she hasn't
really studied baptism. Which in my mind was a good thing because at
meant now she is curious and will start researching it. And sure
enough she did, she came on Saturday and talked about the things she
The work is moving a long here and miracles are happening all over
the world. Thanks for all of your love and support I love you so
sister brown

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