Japan Tokyo Mission 8/13 - 2/15

Wednesday, March 12, 2014


Welcome to Nagaoka!!!

Transfers are sooooooo weird. I can't even believe it. My last few days in kiryu were so sad but I am proud to say, This last transfer, I haven't cried once. Not once. That is a big break through for me haha.  My goal was to cry only three times and I didn't cry once hahaha. I think my heart is getting strong again.

Where do I begin:

Thursday, transfer day!! I was lucky and I didn't have to wake up early. Just the normal 6:30. Snow Shimai and I traveled to the honbu together to Nakano in Tokyo. It takes about 2 hours and 35 minutes ishhhh. From there we separated she went to Chiba and I started on the journey to Niigata. There were 2 other sisters going to Niigata as well so we just traveled together. We had to ride a bus there. I was asleep and then next thing I know I wake up and I look at my window and it is covered with SNOW. Like I mean 120 minutes ago I was in sunny warm Tokyo and now I am in frozen Niigata. It was pretty much a blizzard driving the whole way up here. Ohhhh it looks so cold. I am pretty sure I am going to die haha like its march haha this can't be real. But secretly I am a little excited to be up here. It is going to be an adventure that's for sure. Hopefully I don't lose any toes or fingers... But at times that is a real fear of mine haha. We finally got to Niigata after like a 5 hours bus ride. In Niigata we were meeting all of our new companions. And there wasn't any snow there it was just really cold. But I mean I can deal with the cold it's the snow and the wet is what makes it hard. We had to stay the night in Niigata because it is a 90 minutes ride to nagaoka. Friday morning we woke up bright and early and got on the train. Nagaoka is amazing. I love it here sooooooo much. It reminds me of park city. But the crappy thing is there is some snow here. So I had to drag my suit case through the snow 40 minutes to get to our apartment. You can send 2 suitcases and your bike. So I sent my bike and my big suit case and a box. Some how I have acquired so many things here haha. So I had to carry my other suitcase with me. It was a little hard but let's just say by the time we got to our apartment I was dead!!!  So in nagaoka there is a branch we don't have a ward because we don’t have enough people for a ward. But there are 6 missionaries. 4 elders and 2 sisters. The ward is great. The branch president and his wife our awesome, but the dendo shunin and his wife are so awesome! I already love them. I love all the people here I love the branch and I love my companion. This is going to be such a great place. The member number is very small but I know it will grow and I know I will be able to see many miracles.

So pretty much every day since I have gotten here it has been a blizzard. Like all day just snow snow snow. It will be sunny and snowing haha so cool. But they have such an awesome system here. Like all the roads and sidewalks have a sprinkler system built into them.  And when ever it starts snowing the turn on and shoot water out of them. And it like melts all the snow it is crazy. But it's so smart I am not sure how it doesn't change to ice but it never does. Utah should consider it because then we would never have to shovel the side walk or the driveways again, the only problem is everything is sooooooo wet. Like so wet. We can't ride our bikes yet so we just walk and walk. But the good thing is I wasn't here during the worst months so it should be getting better soon or later I hope hahaha. Gotta keep a positive attitude.

My companion is sister asada. She is amazing. I love her so much already. I am way excited for this transfer! It's going to be great. I just know it. She is from Kobe. Do you know what area Jake brown is serving in right now? Maybe in her home ward? Haha who knows. It's weird going from 4 girls living together to two living together but I know that it is really going to strengthen mine and asada shimais relationship and help us be more united.

Kiryu was way hard to leave I lot it there so much and I loved all the ward members  and I loved our investigators. I just loved everything about it. In kiryu we have an investigator getting baptized  March 22.  And then his wife and son started meeting tool and they are getting baptized in April. So I way sad I had to leave but I know great things are going to happen here is nagaoka. I have so much faith. I have such a desire to find investigators here and teach the gospel and see lives change. I know it might take a while and it. Ishtar be slow but I know it will happen.

I am doing great though. This is a great place for me to be and I know that I am going to grow so much as a missionary.  Nagaoka is going to be a hard place but I know that it will be so awesome here.

Basketball... I am glad some thing's never change. Mostly mom and Michelle. That is so fun though. Brandon is getting so old....Awkward... The tourney will be fun in Vegas. Do you think the Utes will last? I am glad they are doing better than last year. Poor Murray.  How is Jason. I mean you can't be awesome every year.. Unless you are lone peak....

I hope I answered all of your questions!!!! I love ya!!
Have an awesome week and I will talk to you next week.
sister brown

My new companion Asada Shimai

Potty break on the long ride up

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