Japan Tokyo Mission 8/13 - 2/15

Tuesday, March 4, 2014


Well it is Monday morning so guess what that means. It is transfer
calls. And guess who is leaving kiryu. This sister. Bahhhhhh I am
crushed. Haha but I am very excited. This past weekend I have been so
stressed. Like I have been praying so hard. I have just had this
feeling that I would be leaving kiryu. It's been so hard because if it
was my will I would want to stay. I love it here. Like more than
Murray. But I have been praying to have the strength and the faith to
know that Gods will is what is the most important thing and that's
what I need to follow. Last night after I said my prayers I laid down
on my futon I just felt so calm and so peaceful and then that started
stressing me out... But i still felt so calm and just everything. It
was weird. Monday morning I woke up. Just waiting for my destiny. I
was trying to think of all of the places that i will be going. In the
shower I had the strong impression I was going to be going to the
Niigata area and the nagaoka area. I just tried to shove that idea out
because I didn't want to go there. So personal study started at 8. I
was trying so hard to stay focused but it was just way hard. Like at
8:40 I finally broke the silence and said I am pretty sure I am going
to Nagaoka. Snow Shimai was like yes please I really hope you are
because that was her first area and she loved it there she was there
for 3 transfers. She was like yes please i hope you do. Well like a
minute later the phone started ringing. My heart fell into my
stomach I know my destiny was about to be handed to me.  I get told I
am transferring. And guess where it is to!! I am being transferred to
Nagaoka. Wahhhhhhhh I can't believe it. I am in shock. I am like dying
haha. Snow Shimai started freaking out. I am so excited but... I am
going to miss kiryu sooo much.. We called the sisters that are there
right now and so my new companion. I don't really know a whole lot
about her. Except she is Japanese and she doesn't know too much
English so this could be good or bad... I am not sure which.
they said that right now it is snowing and it snows or rains like
everyday...... Yes just what I wanted to hear.. I have to buy new
boots that's for sure. But I guess the nice part is right now they
aren't allowed to ride bikes due to all the snow. So I might get a
little break from my bike finally. But I am excited just a little
nervous and I think the worst part is that since my area is so far
away. We aren't allowed to go to temple pday.. So I will probably be
able three or four transfers until I get to go to the temple.. Which
is a little sad. But I am extremely grateful for all the times that I
have been able to go to the temple. What a blessing I have. I mean
most missionaries don't get to even go to the temple. So I have been
so blessed to be where I have been serving.

So this week we have been way busy? We had to pack and clean the
apartment in one day!! It was so hard. Like we had to do all of our
study in the morning and then start packing and then jack姉妹 and I had
to go to a meeting. And that was like almost 4 hours.. So let's just
say there wasn't a lot of packing time. Saturday morning came way to
soon and it was time to leave. The ward was extremely helpful and they
came in and just started taking boxes and desks and everything.
Needless to say moving is stressful but... Moving in another language
is even harder. They were like throwing things, taking things we
didn't want it was crazy. Like it felt like a raid. Like one moment we
had everything and then the next moment it was all gone and just
crazy. So our new apartment is so cool. It's awesome its way big
and way nice. The only problem  is that it's on the second floor and
it was impossible to carry the desks up the stair way. So we had to
like pull it up through the upstairs window. It was crazy. Our
neighbors were probably thinking who are there crazy people moving in.
Like we had desks literally flying through the air. I think my biggest
regret of my whole mission will be not getting this on video because
honestly it was the craziest funniest scariest thing that has happened
my entire mission. One lady from the ward made us all lunch so
everyone was in our apartment eating food. It was so weird having
like men, woman, children, investigators, and elders all in the
apartment. But I love the new apartment.

Sunday was so good. The ward really said how grateful they were for
the sisters and that really made me feel good. Ohh I am just going to
miss everyone so much. I really want you to meet everyone from the
ward. They are so great.

So for pday we went to Brazil. What?!!! So fun. I have always wanted
to go there and I was so glad that I was finally able to go. Haha
there is an area oizumi. It is where like all the people from Brazil
live. Like you really don't feel like you are in Japan when you are
there. Like no joke. So that's cool. I am joking that I am going all
over the world. Like Japan Brazil and Niigata. Haha.

Friday there was a meeting that sister jack and I were able to go to.
It was for the new missionaries in the kiryu zone. I got to go with
her because she is a sister training leader. It was so good. I love
going to those things because it really just  gives me the extra dendo
fire boost that I need. The thing I learned is that god is preparing
people. Like I said last week. I am here doing the lords work. I am
here teaching his investigators. He is preparing people. Everyone
investigator you are teaching right now belongs to The Lord. And he
obviously is making each one of them ready or else they wouldn't have
contact with the missionaries in the first place. Each one of our
investigators is a child of god and god wants each one of them to
return back to him. It doesn't matter if they are progressing fast or
slow. It doesn't matter if you have a lot of investigators or only one
or two. Those things don't matter. What matters is that you have
investigators you have people hat The Lord is preparing. And it is my
job to do everything I can for them. I need to hold onto them and
never let them go. I need to put all my focus on them and help them
enter into the straight and narrow path. I love doing this work. I
love that The Lord trusts me enough to call me to watch over his lost
sheep and bring them back to the fold. A mission is he greatest thing.

I am so excited for lizzy, this literally is just like last year, can
you believe it was just a year ago already. What the heck. Lizzy will
be a great missionary, I hope she gets called to the Tokyo Japan
mission. Haha but really though, 6 months, it seems like forever since
I have been home but can you believe it, it is already March!! This is
crazy! Soon it will be Mother's Day and we will be able to talk. Sorry
dad that I don't get to call you on Father's Day.

I am excited for all this wedding stuff. I love weddings please be
sure to send me pictures of it all. I am every excited for Brandon. He
is going to be an awesome husband and father some day. I can't wait
tell I get to meet Haley. I am a little jelly you get to go to Arizona
for the wedding I have always wanted to be apart of a wedding in
Arizona. That just seems like such a great place for a wedding haha. I
know.. I am a freak.

I am sad to be leaving sister jack. She is great and I learned so much
from her!! We had such a great transfer and we saw so many miracles
together. But cool news guess who is coming and taking my spot if you
call it that. Sister Edwards!! Yanno aunt Cindy's friends. She is so
cute!! I am super jelly she is coming here because I have wanted to be
companions with her. She is great. Whenever we had to go to the honbu
we always stayed in Shibuya with her. I like to say we are friends. But
I guess this might be as close as we get to being companions. Kiryu
will love her. I trust her enough to leave her with the ward and the
I am glad you had fun in Vegas mom. Dad have fun with the boys. I am
glad you get to have a trip with Brandon before he gets married.!!

I miss you all but I rather be here in japan!! Be safe love ya
Me and Sister Snow

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