Japan Tokyo Mission 8/13 - 2/15

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Late Night Emailing 2/25/14

Wow the wind has been crazy!!! Like I thought it was a bad last
month.. This month is crazy!!! The wind is crazy!!! We went to eikaiwa
on Monday night and literally the wind just pushed us the entire way
home I think I only peddled when we were going up a hill. We had to
walk our bikes cross the bridge though.. Due to the uncontrollable
wind that catches your helmet and lifts you into the air off of your
bike. Even with walking our bikes the wind still about blows you
over.. That almost happened to me and put it in top of walking on the
ice.. Let's just say I have a nice winter coat and a helmet to catch
me if I fall... But it is so fun!! It's like playing fear factor.
Being on a mission in japan and probably anywhere is actually like one
huge game of fear factor. But I love it because we have The Lord to
help us out!! So you cam never lose because the Atonement is 100%
always there for you!!
So a few of the miracles that I have seen this week are..
We had a self referral contact us. His name is Abe. He is awesome!!!
We had our first lesson with him on Saturday. He use to be a pro boxer
haha. He has a wife and a son. I guess he came to the church sometime
last week but no one was there... Whoops... We were able to talk with
him about the gospel of Jesus Christ. We talked a lot about the
atonement and how you can become a new person through it and baptism.
He thinks that sounded amazing. It was really awesome. Like we didn't
formally invite him to be baptized, he like asked when could he get
baptized. He is so awesome. He started reading the Book of Mormon and
praying, he came to church on Sunday for all three hours and said that
he loved it. Please pray for him. I don't want satan to tempt
him, even though I know he probably is. pray that he can withhold
satans temptations and receive baptism in March!!
We met with this kid who is 18. He loves service and everything about
it. He is so awesome, he has like so much figured about life already.
I really admire that. He made me remember youthlinc and Shriners
hospital. I miss doing that kind of service. Even though I know that
this is the best service that I could be doing with my life. I miss
doing that kind of service!
The temple today was so great, I just love it. You two need to come to
it. The celestial room is amazing. It is so beautiful. I miss going to
the temple as often as we did and I miss going with you. But I am so
happy that I am able to go.
Poor grandma I am so sorry that she is having to have surgery again. I 
will be sure to pray for her so much. I am so sorry for her. Tell her to 
stay strong and to keep up the faith. She will be fine, I know she can
recover from all these things.
Thank you for the package!!! I loved it. It is just what I needed. I
love the sweater!!! It is darling. I have been wanting one like that!!
And candy hearts you know those are my favorites. And let's be honest
hugs are so much better than kisses :)) thank you so much for it.
So I got a package from gran. That was so nice of that cute couple
missionary to send me that. They sound like they love their mission. I
am so happy for them. I emailed gran a video... So please make sure
she checks her email so she can watch the video. It's from my iPad and
she should open it on her iPhone so she should have no problem with
watching it!! Just please make sure she can see it! ありがとうございます。

I love you so much :)

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