Japan Tokyo Mission 8/13 - 2/15

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Rain Pants

Hello hello

Well guesssssssss what. Guess what I had to wear this week...  Just guess… BINGO my rain pantssssss  Cool right? How about wrong. Just joking they weren't too terrible. I only wore them while riding my bike. The thing that looks crazy is my rain jacket over my coat and my bag haha now we are talking ridiculous haha Guess one more thing. Today I am wearing my hair in a bun!! The first time my whole mission today we rode the bus so no bikes so that means no helmet haha. What a blessing. It was the first time and I am sure that it won't be the last time.

This week was pretty fun, I think. people are thinking it is spring  time here. Which I guess in a way it is. I thought it was done snowing but then on Saturday morning it snowed again but it melted. So it was good. Sunday was the second day since I have been in Nagaoka that I have been able to wear flats!! I am hoping that this trend will be able to last for a few more days haha. I don't want the rain yet.. I like hate it. Haha but oh well. What can you do.. Welcome to dendo Haha as president budge would say. 

So on Friday we had zone conference!! Yes it was so good!! It was what I needed because I have been in such a bad funk lately... Like only thinking about myself and my needs and what I need to do better at and so on. But what I really need to do is STOP IT. like I am here for The Lord I am here for the Japanese people. Like come on, we are talking about eternal life here!!  I just want to be the best tool that I can be for the lord. so yeah. weekly planning and the zone conference were just like perfect timing. very grateful for that.

Nagaoka is hard here. I love it here. But it's hard. Often I find myself murmuring about things. Like when I wake up and it's snowing or when it's just poring rain all day.  I know that's not good and it takes me completely out of tune with the spirit. This week in weekly planning Asada姉妹 and I decided that we were going to be Sam and nephi. No more Laman and Lemuel. We are working so hard and our investigators are progressing so well but at the same time they aren't progressing towards baptism. We are trying to think of anything we can change with ourselves to see the miracles happening around us more. And we decided that the simple no murmuring and turning into Sam and nephi is what needs to happen. Eachmissionary is the mission is different, each missionary has different talents and weaknesses. But that doesn't matters if we are trying to be the best instrument we can be then The Lord will take care of the rest. I often think of the poem, the touch of the masters hand. (The violin poem, I can't remember it's name, mission block) that's how we are. We are being played by heavenly father and can turn us into the most beautiful missionary as long as we do what he asks. So hopefully i will always remember that and truly forget about myself and lose my self in the work and really remember who I am here for and whose work this truly is!!

Have a mentioned that I am learning Russian?? Haha really though, one of our investigators is Russian. We teach her and her kids twice a week. We teach them English and then we try to teach a quick lesson. They have lots of questions. She knows a lot of stuff but none of it is the right stuff. Like we were talking about Jesus Christ and Heavenly Father. She was confused on which one we believe in. We were tried to tell her and then she understood. But then Her son was confused so we tried to explain again but she stepped in and did the explaining. She said god is like Michael Jackson and Jesus Christ is like his fans and groupies. He follows god around and would do Anything for him and what not.   it was so crazy. Like I just sat there and was thinking to myself what is going on. I have never heard it be explained like this before. My face probably looked ridiculous because I was like in shock. Needless to say that night in the apartment we had a pretty good laugh about it. She gives us all this Russian food too. Like cheese and candy haha it a pretty cool. She is constantly trying to get us to drink the Russian tea too... So that is awkward but oh well. I love her and her kids!!

Wow Disney Land!! I want to go. Everyone here talks about it and there are like so many posters and what not set up all around. I mostly just want to work there actually and be a princess for a season or something. Like that would be sooo fun!!!

Oh March maddness!! Gotta love that holiday. I am very glad that I am still part of the family and have a bracket! Too bad I am losing. Next year I will make it home just in time to make one... I really have no idea. Like wow time is going by so fast.. Like it's almost April mom it's almost your birthday and you are almost 51... Awkward. Just joking you really aren't that old.

All the mission stuff is so exciting. Like truly awesome. I love it. I love hearing people get called to places and love hearing from my friends that Are on missions. Going on a mission saved my life and i want everyone who is willing, to go on one!!

I am excited to meet the new stake presidency when I get home!

I love you all so much and I am so grateful that I have your love and support!! Have a great week be safe and love you Remember who you are and where you come from.

sister brown

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