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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Nagaoka Week 2

Hello how are you doing?? I feel like I have been here in nagaoka forever but really it is only my second pday here. Needless to say, the weather is getting better... Well kind of. It is still way cold it isn't really snowing that much it is just super rainy now if it snows it's like a blizzard for an hour or something and then it gets better. But it is still awesome here!!! Today was been great so far blue skies and a little chilly I hope it starts warming up!! I am ready for some cherry blossoms.

I feel like it has been a slow week here though... Like not a ton has happened. I don't know what the deal is. We have investigators but at the same time we really don't. So that is way frustrating. We have a family we are teaching right now, well we are teaching them English and we try to share a little message with them every time we teach some times it goes good but sometimes it's a complete disaster. But the English lessons always go great haha. Nagaoka is just way different than kiryu haha. Like it is so weird having elders here.. And only teach women. Like that is what I loved about kiryu was that we always had to have members present for the lessons because all of our investigators were male. And members are so important in the work. But with that being said I love it here though. Like even though investigators are slim and so are lessons... I know that The Lord is preparing people and I know that people will be converted. It is hard not to compare myself to the other missionaries here. They are all so good at Japanese and are the same tankin as me or just one a head. My Japanese still isn't good haha which is totally lame. I am trying. It's like they have so many people they are teaching they are setting baptismal dates and getting people to come to church and we are having such a hard time with that. But whatever. Gotta keep the faith strong. I have to always believe. Because I need to believe that I can see a baptism in my area each month. I need to talk like I expect it to happen, I need to plan like I expect it to happen, and if I do so, it will happen. Missionary work is awesome but it's so hard. But I am truly blessed and being humbled here. This is what I needed in my life. On Friday we have a two zone conference with president budge and the assistants, so that will be good, I am way excited for that.

This last week we went with an investigator to aerobics class.  It was the greatest thing I think I have done my whole mission hahaha.  It was classic. First off I haven't worked out like that for so long.  But at the same time I wouldn't even call it working out.  Like aerobics in Japanese is so awesome.  Like I have no idea what they are saying at all. Haha and they are sooo genki like it is crazy.  But it was such a great laugh. I told asada Shimai I wish they would come to our apartment and help us work out in the morning.

This week we finally were able to ride our bikes.. But then it was like pouring haha. So cool. But riding a bike is so much better than walking. So that's good. I still like hate bikes but they are better than nothing. Our apartment is so far away compared to the elders. Like we are about 40 minutes away haha and they are only like 7. But people in the branch are so nice and pick us up on Sundays and drive us to church.

BASKETBALLLLL let the fun begin. I love that holiday! Good luck with your brackets!!  I am glad Las Vegas was fun. Trips are always good.

The poor Timmermans. I am way sorry that happened. That truly is heart breaking. Gosh I will be sure to keep them in my prayers, I hate freak accidents like that!!! It just proves again that God has a plan and he knows the bigger picture.

How is all the wedding stuff coming along??
Tell everyone I say hello :)
Sister Brown

This week we had root beer floats!! We found an international store
here and I bought root beer and string cheese and pace salsa

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