Japan Tokyo Mission 8/13 - 2/15

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Another Great Week

Mom and Dad
So this week was another great week here in Nagaoka!!
Wow I truly have seen so many miracles this week. We have met so many
awesome people and have had so many awesome lessons. On Sunday we
should be hopefully having a baptism here. I am so excited. Please
please please keep irita in your prayers, I know that Satan is going
to be working extremely hard on her right now and she needs all the
strength that she can get right now.
This week has been so rainy. It's been raining almost every single
day. Which is not cool one bit. But what can you do. Haha I guess you
could say I just love my rain pants (��_��)........
This week we have interviews with president budge. I am nervous
haha. I always get nervous. And then on Sunday president and sister
budge will be at nagaoka church. So the pressure is on! I hope that we
can have many people at church so we can show him how hard we are
This week I have learned that when you are working your hardest the
lord will show you the miracles he promises. But something I have
learned that timing is so important to god. To always remember gods
time not your time. God has a huge plan and he has everything figured
out I just have to help with the timing.
Lately one of my favorite scriptures is 2 Nephi 32:5.
I just love that scripture I think I love it the most because of the
gift of the Holy Ghost. Lately with investigators we have been talking
about that gift so much and my testimony has grown so much of the Holy
Ghost. I know that just because I will probably never see Heavenly
Father or Jesus Christ in this life, I know that I can feel their
Thanks for sending me a package!! I really Am happy. I should
hopefully get it this week!! Yay!
Haha typical flaming gorge. But I am sure that it was fun! I want to
go next year. Kate and mike will be home so that could, be fun with 
them there!! I can't believe it's already like the 24th. Time is flying by
here.  Like seriously it is so crazy!!
Sister Clark is an amazing missionary I am so pumped to be companions
with her. She is from the o.c. But she went to byu and lived in
Japan for several years because of her dad's work.
Ahhhhh the angels. I am glad that are killing it, if only I could be
home to watch them! I am sorry that you won't be able to see any of
their games while  you are there.. Next year when we go, we need to
make sure that we get to see a game or two haha. Please
It's crazy to think that life is still chugging along back home when I
am here.
I am so excited for lizzy!! She is going to be an awesome missionary, tell 
her there is no reason to be stressed right now. Don't get stressed before your
mission because you basically are stressed everyday of your mission so
save yourself and enjoy your self right now, while you can haha. Yay
for missions!!
Love you guys so much!! Keep having fun!
Sister Brown

Here I am in my 7/11 raincoat

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