Japan Tokyo Mission 8/13 - 2/15

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Yo Yo Yo June 22, 2014

Mom and Dad
Another week in the greatest place ever. This week was full of
growing. We had a mission conference so president and sister budge
graced us with their presences this past weekend. Also we had stake
conference. So cooool beans. Let's just say, this weekend was full of
nonstop Japanese and I am mentally and physically worn out haha. By
Sunday night I was ready to kill over.
The conference was way good. And I learned so much from it and I have
a huge desire to become even better. We talked a lot about diligence
and about accountability. But the best thing truly was we talked about
being up here in Niigata and serving in nagaoka. I need to be a branch
strengthener and a ward builder. And I am truly starting to see some
miracles happen.
This past week, we went and visited a less active. We teach her about
once a week. And she is great. She is probably like four feet tall
haha she is tiny and have a hump back and purple hair haha. She is the
bomb. And like she is so hard. She says she is too old and that she
doesn't remember anything but it's a lie, you are never too old for
the gospel and she does remember stuff. But this week when we follows
up with her, she said yes she kept her commitment. We asked her to try
and pray every day. She said she only prayed once but that's the first
commitment I have ever seen her keep!!! I was so excited. This week we
challenged her to try and pray twice!
The Saturday night session of stake conference was amazing!! It was
truly amazing. President budge asked one of the less active members
from our branch to speak, and just so you know he was less active for
years! The sad thing was he was like a branch president and
everything. Anyways my first Sunday in nagaoka he came back to church
and he has been back ever since. He is so amazing. It breaks my heart
that he use to be less active. But anyways president budge asked him
to share his story about coming back. He gets up and starts talking
and basically he says he got rid of everything related to the church
expect for the Book of Mormon that was given to him by the missionary
that baptized him and he said he tried his best to forget all of the
church doctrine and he said he forgot it all but the promise that the
elder gave him. Which was if I don't see you again in this life, I
will see you in the celestial kingdom. I promise. Those two things he
could never forget or get rid of. So then time went by he worked with
the missionaries and now he is back. Well the whole time he was
talking with out him knowing, the elders worked with president budge
and they got that elder, elder smart to Skype in so he could hear him
talk, and them after they hooked up the iPad to the projector and
everything so that they could see each other and talk. Like I can't
explain to you how amazing it was. The spirit that was there was
soooooo strong. I can't describe the joy and the happiness and the
peaces that felt. Seeing those to men with tears rolling down their
faces, tears of pure joy was one of the best moments of my entire
This past week was truly amazing. I am so grateful and so humbled and
I am so excited for Lizzy to start her mission adventure.
Guess who comes home soon!!!! Garrison. He will be home on the 30th!!
I had a great birthday here! We had district lunch and went to a less
actives members restaurant. And they treated us like kings. They made
me a cake and they made us all this food and had like the table all
set up for us anything. It was great. Then that night the dendo shunin
and his wife came over and gave me some presents. I love being in
other places for my birthday but next year let's celebrate together,
okay? Family is what matters right?!
Sister Brown

Xoxo Sister Brown

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