Japan Tokyo Mission 8/13 - 2/15

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

June 29, 2014

Mom and Dad
So no I still haven't gotten my hair cut... I am still a little
affected by your comment mom.... Jeez..thanks. I didn't think it
looked that bad, just joking. I forgot to ask my friend where is best,
but next week! Next Monday if I transfer I will get one and if I don't
transfer I will get one. So don't worry.
Th cabin sounds fun!! Ahh you just need to ride your bikes in the
rain. Don't be whimps. Come on I do it in the pouring rain while
wearing a skirt haha :) I am excited to go there and ride bikes with
yalll very soon! I can't believe you had no shakes! What is a trip to
the cabin if you don't get a treat...l how sad :(
It's crazy like all my friends missions are coming to am end! Wow Kate
and mike have been gone for one year!! Time is flying by, like for me,
ten months seems soooo long ago but it's going so fast. It's crazy! I
can't believe it.
Geeez dad I know I remember last 4th of July perfectly. I wonder if
that's the reason why he never called me again... Haha I guess that's
the way to tell if there is any potential haha :) obviously there
wasn't. Good to know. I hope I don't run into that same problem this
year! Have fun at the party at Gordon and tiffs! That's always a
party! I bet it will be so fun. Don't forget to take your swim suit so
you can go down the water slide! Tell them I say hello!!
So Facebook? It's was crazy. To be honest I completely forget my
passwords so it was a challenge trying to log on and figure it out but
I was finally able to! So that was good! Anyways yeah so I still have
the same fb but I just had to take some pictures down and stuff and
like my news feed I keep having to clean it so I don't get distracted
by what's going on in the world around me. Which is good because it's
so easy to get distracted on it! I mean I haven't been on it for 10
months, and I forget that the world around me in changing and people
are changing. I forget that keeps happening. But it's going to be such
a great tool and I know that it will help out so much in staying in
contact with our investigators. So please,feel free to comment and
like my things. We want the world to know that Mormons are just 
normal people. They are crazy weird people. We just believe in Jesus
Christ and are striving to become like him everyday!
This week has been good but kind if hard and dumb. So many people are
anti Christ out here. Like we can have a great conversation about
things and totally get to know people and as soon as we start talking
about Jesus or they read our name tags or see out flyer's. It's like
everything shuts down and we are with a brick wall haha. But it's all
good. There are people all around here that do talk to us so we just
need to do all that we can to help all those people that are being
I love you guys so much! Have a great week

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